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Media evaluation activity 1


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AS Media Studies, film opening evaluation no.1

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Media evaluation activity 1

  1. 1. The story plot the story of Charlie is all about a little girl who after her brother "pushes" her awakens from death only to haunt the rest of his life and any other person who dares to venture into the treehouse. The film opening was an insight as to how it all happened. like a prologue of a book. it tells you key information relevant to the rest of the story. The opening scene is of the character Rosie peering in on Charlie's life, she continues to follow him without his knowledge, thus signifying to the audience of how she is always within his life even when he is unaware of it. Another part of the opening that signifies her impact on his life is when she scares Charlie with a “boo”, this literally shows the rest of the film but in less horrifying circumstances.
  2. 2. Music and special effects The music and special effects used helped us to convey our genre and emotions within the film opening. For example Set It Offs the Haunting’s lyrics “dirty secrets hidden memories and broken harts across the floor.” signifies the lies and the heartbreak Rosie causes the family to suffer after her death. Another use of sound as a special effect was the ‘drone’ noise. The noise is heard when the character Charlie is leaning over the side of the treehouse to see the dead/not dead body of his sister. The drone symbolises the thought process of Charlie, he’s in horror of what he just did/witnessed and so the noise symbolises that time has stopped for him and his mind is trying to process what just happened.
  3. 3. Props and costume The props used were for bens character only, this was his headphones, they are used to symbolise how he distances himself from the world and others around him. They also help is to incorporate the music into the film opening smoothly. The costumes for Rosie and Charlie are supposed to be polar opposites to symbolise their characters differences, Charlie’s clothes were to be black and dark, his makeup was pale and the eyes and cheekbones were shaded to make them more pronounced, whereas Rosie's clothing was bright and childlike with patterns and splashes of bright colour, her scarf in particular was especially bright. These clothes were supposed to symbolise how she appears innocent but like a poison apple she has the power to kill deep within her. Totally looks like.
  4. 4. Shot 1 The first scene we see of Charlie (ben) is of him having a family dispute with his mother, he is the stereotypical ‘distressed teen’ dark clothes, malnourished and a tendency to shout a lot. I based this character on ‘Dominik’ from a film called ‘the suicide room’. Both hold a darker more evil side, it makes the character appear nasty, however there is also a side of them that is happy and less evil, this is what I believe leaves the audience confused on whether Charlie pushed his sister or tried to save her. Within the suicide room the characters dispute with his parents leads him to do horrible things to himself and others. Much like the character of Charlie.
  5. 5. Shot 2 Introducing the character of “Rosie”, we first see her with a close-up shot of her peeking through a door. Showing the characters thirst for knowledge of what is going on, she is nosy and intruding on a private conversation, the worried expression also shows us that she is aware of her broken family. This is used in films such as the first harry potter movie. Harry is seen spying on a conversation between his aunt and uncle, this helps the audience understand more about his nosy character, he wishes to learn more about the world around him. The shot of him peeking though a closed door like our character “Rosie” suggests that they are wishing to be a part of another life.
  6. 6. Shot 3 The low angle shot of “Rosie” following "Charlie" to create tension and to create a smooth transaction between two settings. he’s being followed but because we cannot see her face, it is slightly disturbing. The same effect is used in many horror movies where the character is hiding and a foot shot is used to establish that they are not alone. For example in the walking dead a young girl is seen hiding from the zombies, but all we see is the zombies feet.
  7. 7. Shot 4 The camera used is a hand held, this choice of camerawork was decided when Taylor and I were looking at thriller movies and discovered the better thrillers were the ones that involved you in the suspense of the scene. This effect was created by using a handheld camera, it is because the wobbly film effect it bring the audience closer because it feels as though they are running along with her. This effect is used in many thrillers for example within James bod they use over the shoulder shots in many if all of the car/vehicle/chase scenes.
  8. 8. Shot 5 Low angle shot of the treehouse to give the audience a sense that something bad is about to happen. And to show the location of the action. The low angle shot does this to show how high the treehouse is, and also personifies it by giving it a feeling of power. We chose the location of a treehouse because it symbolised innocence, however this specific treehouse is rotting away, its dying and so it gave of a sinister atmosphere. It is also pathetic falisy in reference to ““Rosie””. Low angle shots of buildings and locations or objects are used to show the audience that it is important within upcoming events and it holds power over what will happen next. For example: low angle shot of harry potter with his new wand, showing us that the wand is a powerful object in terms of the story. This is also relevant in hotel Transylvania
  9. 9. Shot 6 The dark shadow, silhouette of Rosie and the stairs. Forebodes the character literally climbing to her death. It also implies that later on in the movie she is an evil character. The silhouette lighting signifies the characters evil intentions this is also evident within the film psycho –shower scene- the darkened figure represents an evil presence. The shadow and dark colours in the shot signify the evil about to happen. We tried to shoot as much as possible with dark lighting and clothes to also help to represent this.
  10. 10. Shot 7 Our Genre is a thriller, and the opening suggests this in a subtle way. For example at the end of the film opening we see the character of Rosie fall off a treehouse and survive, thus symbolising she is something more than a normal human child. She survives the fall and whispers the name of her brother telling the audience her victims name and also who we will be following within the film, many thrillers will base themselves around one character and their story of either how they die or how they survive. Charlie is a thriller and we use the opening to suggest this by making it clear to the audience that we are not dealing with a normal little girl. The film psycho uses the same shot to show the audience the slow death of the character.
  11. 11. Shot 8 the title of Charlie appears at the end of the opening credits rather than at the beginning this is because we wanted to make clear the scene the audience had just witnessed had been a past event. The credits are on a white backdrop symbolising Rosie heading ‘towards the light’ after death. The actual title is of the character Charlie's name, the reason behind this is because he is the main reason for Rosie's revengeful ghostly appearances. The lettering was bold and the motion was for it to shake much like many other horror/thriller films opening titles, the shaking effect of the lettering symbolises the theme of fear within the genre of horror and thriller. The film seven (based on the seven deadly sins) uses this shaking effect on the lettering to symbolise the same thing.