GQuery a jQuery clone for Gwt, RivieraDev 2011


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Talk given at the rivieradev conferences Oct-2011

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GQuery a jQuery clone for Gwt, RivieraDev 2011

  1. 1. GwtQuery:A jQuery clone for GWT, and much more ... Manuel Carrasco Moñino @dodotis
  2. 2. About me● Apache James ● HUPA● GWT ● Gquery & Gquery-plugins ● GwtExporter ● GwtUpload ● Chronoscope● Jenkins ● Performance plugin ● Emma plugin● Linux ● LXP a light and visual window manager based on icewm
  3. 3. Contents● What is GWT● What is Gquery● Learning Gquery – GQuery, $(), Function – Collections & grabbing Values – Selectors – Traversing the DOM – Method Chaining – CSS – Events – Effects – Ajax – Data binding – Plugins● Js Size● jsQuery
  4. 4. What is GWTJava to Javascript Compiler, Linker, Optimizer and Obfuscator One compiled js per browser (like c++ one exec per processor) Is a full SDK. Not a Js Framework Not a Js Library Not a new language Not a Web Framework
  5. 5. Advantages of using Java.● A high level language allows that the developer doesnt get lost with low level details: DOM, Ajax, Cross-domain, Compression, Obfuscation, Dependencies, Browser differences, etc.● Huge Java ecosystem: IDE, Re-factoring, Debug, Code assist, Maven.● Metrics, TDD, CI, Reusing (libraries)● Patterns, Builders …● Type safe, syntax checking, reduce errors.● Separate code maintenance from the effectiveness of the executable.● Normally, the compiler would produce better js code than the code we could write by hand (less code, compressed, obfuscated, remove dead code, etc).
  6. 6. What does the Gwt SDK provide● Generators, Compiler, Linker, Optimizer, Obfuscater.● Client side libraries: DOM, XML, JSON, RPC, RF, I18n, MVP, Widgets● Server libraries: RPC, RF● Eclipse plugin● Multi-browser Dev mode● Unit testing and Debug tools.● Performance tools (speed tracer)● Compiler Statistics● Everything is open sourced (Apache v2.0)
  7. 7. GWT Eclipse Java Code (IDE) Plugin Java Server Java Client Side Side Toolkit (SDK) GWT development GWT Compiler Debug/Hosted/Test JRE Emulation Browser libs GWT server Widgets libs RPC/RF Test Runner FF/IE/Ch-Plugin 3ª Party 3ª PartyServer libs Client libs JavaScript. GQuery J-Byte Code Bundles (css, sprite). JSON/XML/HTML/TXT JSON/XML/HTML/TXT RPC/RF Browser Any Backend JVM App-Server (php, ruby, ...)
  8. 8. What is GQuery● A library for GWT● Provides jQuery API and syntax (small differences)● Entirely re-written in java, not a wrapper, optimized for Gwt.● Has many features not available in jQuery. – Data binding generators – Type-safe structures – Compile selectors● It is a useful complement for Gwt. – CSS selectors – Widget finders – Light weight collections – DOM and Widget enhancers.● Can be used as an alternative to traditional Gwt developing (progressive enhancement)● Performance in mind, Unit tested.● Extensible via Plugins
  9. 9. Easy to getting started● Use the gquery maven Archetype. mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=com.googlecode.gwtquery -DarchetypeArtifactId=gquery-archetype -DarchetypeVersion=1.1.2 -DgroupId=fr.rivieradev -DartifactId=hello -DprojectName=HelloWorld● Maven Ready (see README.txt). mvn clean package mvn gwt:run
  10. 10. IDE Friendly● Eclipse, IntelliJ, Netbeans● Run, Debug, Test● Code Assist● Re-Factoring● Software Metrics
  11. 11. The GQuery Object● Like in jQuery ... ● Selectors return an object ... ● Which represents a collection of Elements ... ● And each has plenty of useful methods. ● Most methods return the object itself so you can chain them. ● Other methods return a value of the first element GQuery g = $(""); g.attr("src", "/default.png"); String color = g.css("color"); int size = $("").css("border", "none").size();
  12. 12. The Dollar $() Method● As in Javascript, the symbol $ is legal for methods and classes.● But The Gwt Compiler disallows it for class names, So we use GQuery. // Import GQuery utility methods statically // it should be ...client.$.* but the compiler complains import static*; // The $ method always returns a GQuery object GQuery g; // Use $ to create new DOM elements g = $("<div>hello</div>"); // Use $ to select DOM elements g = $("div:hidden"); // Use $ to wrap existing elements g = $(document); // Use $ to wrap Gwt widgets Button button = new Button(); g = $(button); // $ can handle other arguments: // Function, Event, Element[], NodeList ...
  13. 13. Functions● java hasnt got closures.● We use Function inner class to emulate javascript function● Override the appropriate f() to write your code
  14. 14. Collections and Grabbing Values GQuery Java. jQuery JavaScript.// Returns a GQuery object // Returns a jQuery objectGQuery g = $("div.section"); var g = $(div.section);// Returns a nodelist // Returns a nodelistNodeList<Element> l = $("div.section").get(); var l = $(div.section).get();// Returns the size of the collection // Returns the size of the collectionint size = $("div.section").size(); var size = $(div.section).size();// Modify all elements in the collection // Modify all elements in the collection$("div.section").addClass("highlighted"); $(div.section).addClass(highlighted);$("").html("<em>Hello</em>"); $(<em>Hello</em>);// Iterate and runs a function around each // Iterate and runs a function around each// element // element$("div.section").each(new Function(){ $(div.section).each(function(){ public void f() { $(this).css(background, red); $(this).css("background", "red"); }); }});// Some methods return results from the first // Some methods return results from the first// matched element // matched elementint height = $("div#intro").height(); var height = $("div#intro").height();String src = $("").attr("src"); var src = $("").attr(src);String lastP = $("p:last").html(); var lastP = $("p:last").html();- We have to define the appropriate return type.- and to use double instead of single quotes
  15. 15. Selectors● Both GQuery and jQuery are built around selectors.● Both support CSS standard selectors plus extra selectors (:text :password :hidden etc).● jQuery uses the sizzle engine. A javascript engine which works with any browser and has optimizations per browser.● GQuery has optimized engines written in java.● The more appropriate engine is selected in compile time.● GQuery uses a modified sizzle version for IE6/7● GQuery adds compile-time optimizations when using compiled selectors.
  16. 16. Dynamic selectors$("#note"); ● Use $(string) with dynamic selectors$(".note");$("body");$("div p"); ● Add the context if the target$("div + p");$("div .example"); elements have not been attached yet$("div > div");$("div ~ p"); or to improve performance.$("h1[id]:contains(Selectors)");$("tr:first");$("tr:last"); ● It supports XML documents as well$("*:checked");$("*:visible");$("a[href][lang][class]");$("div:not(.example)");$("div[class]");$("div[class*=e]"); String className = "note";$("div[class=example]"); $("." + className);$("div[class~=dialog]");$("div[class^=exa]"); // Specify the context to improve performance$("div[class$=mple]"); Element e = DOM.getElementById("whatever");$("p:first-child"); $(".note", e);$("p:last-child");$("p:nth-child(n)"); // Use the context with unattached elements$("p:nth-child(2n)"); Widget w = new MyWidget();$("p:nth-child(2n+1)"); $(".note", w);$("p:nth-child(even)");$("p:nth-child(odd)");$("p:only-child");[...]
  17. 17. Compiled Selectors ● Use them with immutable selectors. ● And when selector performance is a goal in your application. ● Context is supportedinterface MySelectors extends Selectors { @Selector("*:checked") GQuery allChecked(); @Selector("*:checked") GQuery allChecked(Node context);}public void onModuleLoad() { MySelectors selectors = GWT.create(MySelectors.class); selectors.allChecked(); Element e = DOM.getElementById("whatever"); selectors.allChecked(e);}
  18. 18. Selectors Performance → Click to open the benchmarking application
  19. 19. Selectors Performance● GQuery in compiled mode produces the faster javascript code to select DOM elements.● GQuery dynamic selectors are, in most cases, faster or equal than any other library.
  20. 20. Traversing the Dom● Like jQuery, GQuery provides enhanced methods for traversing the DOM GQuery nextSibling = $("div.section").next(); GQuery prevSibling = $("div.section").prev(); GQuery prevAnchorSibling = $("div.section").prev("a"); GQuery firstParent = $("div.section").parent(); GQuery allParents = $("div.section").parents();● Additionally it provides useful method to locate Gwt Widgets. // We can traverse the DOM to locate widgets // Return the CellTree widget whose id is myTree CellTree tree = $("#myTree").widget(); // Now we can use the instance tree.addCloseHandler(...); // Return all gwt Labels in the dom List<Label> allLabels = $("div").widgets(Label.class);
  21. 21. Chaining Methods● Most GQuery methods return another GQuery object often representing the same collection. This means that you can chain methods together. $("div.section").show().addClass("comeBack");● Crazy chaining. $("form#login") // hide all the labels inside the form with the "optional" class .find("label.optional").hide().end() // add a red border to any password fields in the form .find("input:password").css("border", "1px solid red").end() // add a submit handler to the form .submit(new Function(){ public boolean f(Event e) { return confirm("Are you sure you want to submit?"); } });
  22. 22. CSS// jQuery like syntax: property, value$("#myId") .css("color", "red");// jQuery like syntax: javascript object$("#myId") .css($$("top: 50px, left: 25px, color: red"));// Additionally GQuery supports css style-sheet syntax (copy and paste)$("#myId") .css($$("margin: 3px; padding: 3px; font-size: small;"));// Many properties require a strict syntax:// background: color url repeat attachment position$("#myId").css("background", "transparent url(back.jpg) no-repeat scroll center");// border: width style color$("#myId").css("border", "medium dotted #cdcd");- We use the $$ method to generate javascript property structures
  23. 23. CSS Type-safe// Set the border style of a button widget to dotted valueButton myButton = new Button();$(myButton).css(CSS.BORDER_STYLE.with(BorderStyle.DOTTED));// vertical-align can take a constant value$("#myId").css(CSS.VERTICAL_ALIGN.with(VerticalAlign.MIDDLE));// or a length : here 120 px$("#myId").css(CSS.VERTICAL_ALIGN.with(Length.px(120)));// it easy now to specify shorthand property,// we do not have to remember the order!$("#myId").css(CSS.BACKGROUND.with( RGBColor.TRANSPARENT, UriValue.url("back.jpg"), BackgroundRepeat.NO_REPEAT, BackgroundAttachment.SCROLL, BackgroundPosition.CENTER));// specify margin, padding, text-decoration and font-size in one pass$("#myId").css(CSS.MARGIN.with(Length.px(3)), CSS.PADDING.with(Length.px(3), Length.px(5)), CSS.TEXT_DECORATION.with(TextDecoration.NONE), CSS.FONT_SIZE.with(FontSize.SMALL));
  24. 24. Events● GQuery provides methods for assigning event in a cross-browser way.● GQuery event system is compatible with Gwt.● issues: – When Gwt detaches a widget, events added via GQuery are lost. – If you use live for future elements, consider performance (be carefully with onmouse... events)
  25. 25. Events examples// GQuery provides methods for assigning event// handlers to elements in a cross-browser way.$("a").click(new Function() { public boolean f(Event ev) { $(this).css("backgroundColor", "orange"); // return false to stop default action and event-bubbling return false; }});// Fires the event click on all labels$(".gwt-Label").click();// Remove event handlers$("a").unbind("click");// Attach a handler to all elements matching the// selector, now and in the future$("a") .live("over", new Function(){ public void f() { $(this).css("color", "red"); } }) // Type-safe .live(Event.ONMOUSEOUT, new Function(){ public void f() { $(this).css("color", null); } });
  26. 26. Effects● GQuery provides several techniques for adding animations to a web page.● These include simple, standard animations that are frequently used: ● fadeIn, fadeOut, slideDown, slideUp … $(".foo").fadeIn(2000);● and the ability to craft sophisticated custom effects via the animate method using jquery animation syntax ● queue, delay, stop, css, attr, colors ... $(".foo") .stop() .animate("left:+=1000", 2000, Easing.SWING) .delay(500) .animate("left:-=1000", 2000); → Go to zoom example
  27. 27. Ajax● Gwt includes its own facilities for performing communications with the server: ● RPC, Request Factory (Only Java) ● Request Builder● But GQuery complements it adding: ● jQuery syntax. ● Builders to handle JSON and XML.
  28. 28. Ajax methods GQuery Java. jQuery JavaScript.// Load a remote html fragment in a set of // Load a remote html fragment in a set of// dom elements // dom elements$("#c").load("file.html #mid"); $(#c).load(file.html #mid); // Unsupported in GQuery// More advanced methods $.getScript(url, callback);GQuery.get("file.html", null, new Function(){ public void f() { // More advanced methods alert("success " + getData()[0]); $.get(file.php, null, function(data){ } alert("success " + data);}); });"file.html",$$("name:John,time:2pm"), $.post(file.php, {name: John, time: 2pm}, new Function(){ public void f() { function(data){ alert("success " + getData()[0]); alert("success" + data);}}); });GQuery.getJSON("file.html",$$("name:John,time:2pm"), $.getJSON(file.php, {name: John, time: 2pm}, new Function(){ public void f() { function(data){ alert("success " + getData()[0]); alert("success" + data);}}); }); - Gwt compiler disallows a class named $, so we use GQuery
  29. 29. Data binding● Although Gquery – provides the class Properties to handle Json objects... Properties p = $$("key1: value1, key2: [1,2]"); String v1 = p.getStr("key1"); – and it is able to inspect Xml objects using css selector engine... Element e = JsUtils.parseXML("<root><message>hello</message></root>"); String txt = $("root message", e).text(); GQuery provides generators to produce builders and handle Xml and Json as java objects.● Data binding objects support getters, setters and attribute renaming via annotations● The usage of data binding makes the code more readable, type- safe, checks null conditions, castings, etc.
  30. 30. Data binding example // GQuery generator will create the implementation interface Site extends JsonBuilder { long getId(); String getUrl(); String[] getTags(); // change the name to fix the misspelling @Name("referer") Site getReferrer(); String getTitle(); [{ "id": 1234, "referer": {"id": 2, "url": ""}, //NOTE: Setters not displayed to simplify "url": "", } "title": "Interpreter", "tags": [GQuery.getJSON("test.json", null, new Function() { "mochikit","webdev","tool","tools", public void f() { "javascript","interactive","interpreter","repl" // Create the Site instance ] Site s = GWT.create(Site.class); }] // Load the data got from the server s.load(getData()[0]); // We can use standard getters and setters, // making the code more readable and type-safe alert("OK " + s.getUrl() + " " + s.getTags()[0] + " " + s.getReferrer().getUrl()); }}); // Alternative: handle data using GQuery Properties class Properties p = (Properties)getData()[0]; alert ("OK " + p.getStr("url") + " " + p.getArray("tags").getString(0) + " " + ((Properties)p.getJavaScriptObject("referer")).getStr("url"));
  31. 31. Plugins● GQuery is extensible through plugins, adding new features for different purposes.● Because of java constrains, we can not add new methods to the GQuery class so we have to use the method as to use plugin methods.● Core already includes: Events, Effects, Widgets and Ajax plugins● GQuery has its own site to host plugins. Contributions welcomed! → Go to the plugins site
  32. 32. Plugins: Create and UsageUsage a Plugin. // jQuery syntax$("h1").as(MyPlugin).newMethod(); $("h1").newMethod();Develop a Plugin.public static class MyPlugin extends GQuery { // Register the plugin in the GQuery plugin system public static final Class<MyPlugin> MyPlugin = Gquery.registerPlugin(MyPlugin.class, new Plugin<MyPlugin>() { public MyPlugin init(GQuery gq) { return new MyPlugin(gq); } }); // Initialization protected MyPlugin(GQuery gq) { super(gq); } // Add a new methods to GQuery objects public GQuery newMethod() { // Write your code here return this; }}
  33. 33. Progressive Enhancement● Enhance pure Html pages: Crawlers friendly. $("a").click(new Function() { public void f() { GWT.log("Clicked: " + $(this).text() + " " + $(this).attr("href")); } });● Enhance Gwt Widgets: Without manipulating the class. $(".gwt-Button").prepend("<img src=help.png>");● Enhance Gwt Views: MVP pattern compatible. $("textarea").as(Enhance).richText();
  34. 34. JavaScript size● Gquery takes advantage of the gwt compiler which produces optimized and striped code.● Gquery core tends to use light-weight stuff to reduce the javascript size and improve the performance.● A small GQuery application normally is smaller than the jQuery minimized library.● The js size which GQuery adds to a Gwt application is 3 or more times smaller than the jquery library.
  35. 35. Comparing sizes● The ImageZoom Example needs a 17% less of javascript code (FF).● When using deflate-gzip in webserver, gwt js code is pre-ordered so the compression factor is better.
  36. 36. jsQuery● The latest work in GQuery is to produce a clone of jquery which could be used as a replacement of jQuery. We call this library jsQuery.● The goal is not to compete against jquery, but ● To avoid including jquery in Gwt applications which need some native jQuery methods like jquery plugins. ● As an investigative work which demonstrates that any js API can be developed in Gwt (jQuery is the js API most widely used).● We use the gwt-exporter library which is able to expose Gwt classes and methods to javascript.● Right now most GQuery object methods are exposed but we have to implement and export many static methods which are in jQuery like extend, each, map …● The main goal is to encourage people to wrap jQuery plugins, just including them as jsni and creating java wrappers methods around it.
  37. 37. jsQuery issues● Gwt-exporter introduces a high amount of extra code to deal with types and wrappers. If we consider compression, jsQuery is only 8KB greater● Gwt-exporter spends time figuring out which methods to call and how to wrap parameters and return objects.● Apart of the code in GQuery, we will need extra code to emulate all jQuery API.
  38. 38. jsQuery example<!-- <script src="" /> --><script src="" /><script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $("ul.thumb li").hover(function() { $(this).css({z-index : 10}); $(this).find(img).addClass("hover").stop() .animate({ marginTop: -110px, marginLeft: -110px, top: 50%, left: 50%, width: 174px, height: 174px, padding: 20px }, 200); } , function() { $(this).css({z-index : 0}); $(this).find(img).removeClass("hover").stop() .animate({ marginTop: 0, marginLeft: 0, top: 0, left: 0, width: 100px, height: 100px, padding: 5px }, 400); }); });</script>
  39. 39. Links GwtQuery Application
  40. 40. Conclusions● People knowing jquery can easily use GQuery because share the API.● GQuery uses java : – Type safe, discover errors early (compile time instead of runtime) – Advanced IDE (code completion, refactoring) – Most people knows java but only a few js.● GQuery uses gwt: – Do not worry about compression, obfuscation … – TDD, Debug – Many libraries available● GQuery complements the Gwt world making easier code: write less, do more.● GQuery helps to develop applications using the jquery paradigm based on Enhancement, instead of the Gwt one based on Widgets.● GQuery is mature, just released version 1.1.0, and well documented.● The GQuery plugin system is simple.● Contributors are Welcome !!!
  41. 41. Announcement GQuery 1.1.0 released today !We wanted to match the new release announcement with the RivieraDev event.