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Departmental Brochure


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Departmental Brochure

  1. 1. Placement Brochure Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
  2. 2. ContentsIntroductory Message 3About the Department 4Bachelor of Design 7Master of Design 11Placement Procedures 16Contact 20
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  4. 4. Placement Brochure 2010-11 Department of Design Indian Institute of Technology GuwahatiIntroductory Message About the DepartmentThe institute is The Department of Design at IIT Guwahati was established with Various areas of The Department of Design at IITG offers undergraduate, gradu-situated in North a vision to enkindle amongst some of the brightest minds of the Specialization: ate and post-graduate research programs with the belief inGuwahati, Assam, on country a passion for innovation in technology driven by a firm holistic design education leading to specialisation in a specificthe north bank of the Product Design understanding, appreciation &celebration of design. design discipline. Broadly the fields are Product Design, Commu-river Brahmaputra Transportation Designamidst breathtaking Interaction Design nication design and Interaction Design.natural beauty and The Department prepares students for their future contribution Graphic Designserenity. to society and industry. It is led by a team of committed faculty Media and Animation Faculty handpicked from various disciplines with a wealth of experience Design Management The department comprises encouraging and energetic faculty, both in research and in industry. The curriculum is well grounded guiding students through every phase of design. Faculty mem- yet diverse reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of the design. bers also provides consultancy to corporate institutions. Distin- guished faculty, designers from renowned universities visit us On behalf of the department, I cordially invite you to participate every year and enrich our academic programme. in the placement process at IIT Guwahati. I look forward to your participation in shaping the future careers of our students. Students Students from the department have completed internships in companies both in India and abroad and have worked in national and international sponsored projects as a part of the curriculum. Amarendra Kumar Das The department has had an excellent placement record over the Professor and Head past years, with students working in leading companies on the Department of Design strength of an innovative design program, where-in students are encouraged to navigate into specialized 3 page 4
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  6. 6. Placement Brochure 2010-11 Department of Design Indian Institute of Technology GuwahatiUndergraduate Program Bachelor of DesignAdmissions The Department Confers upon its under- Bachelor of Design: Coursework Auxiliary Courses:Through the Joint graduate students a B.Des degree upon Internships Courses are accompanied by 3 dedicatedEntrance Examina- completion of the programme, which is Semester Projects, an Industrial Seminar Engineeringtion, JEE. Top 1% of IBM Basic Electronics multidisciplinary in nature, and serves the and the Thesis Project.the applications are Godrej Engineering Drawinggranted admission. purpose of exposing the students to HFCL Telecom Engineering Sciences various avenues of design while simulta- Elephant Design Design Methodology Engineering- nously developing their capabilities and Maruti Motors Collaborative Design Methods Mechanics equipping them for their future careers. Usability Lab Design Management Physics Veritas Softwares Systems Approach to design (Electrodynamics and While the students have foundation MindTree Consulting Optics) courses in basic engineering courses as Ltd. Usability Engineering Mathematics (real Deutsche Telekom analysis & complex well as design, they enjoy freedom Interactive Communication Labs analysis) inchoosing electives and project to Xerox Parc Labs determine their route. France Materials and Processes Computer Science CWI Amsterdam Basic and Applied Ergonomics Introduction to The department provides the perfect EPFL Switzerland Product Analysis Computing(C, C++) platform for its undergraduates to excel in Fraunhofer FIT Product Modelling and Simulation Data Structures and disciplines like product design, communi- Germany Form Studies Object Oriented cation design, interaction design and Middlesex University Advanced Manufacturing Processes Programming University of British usability engineering. The knowledge Columbia gained by the student over four years is Carnegie Mellon Graphic Design reflected in a Thesis Project, conducted University Digital Imaging over the course of the final year. Photography Instructional Design & Multimedia Fundamentals of Animation Introduction to Videography New Media Studiespage 6 page 7
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  8. 8. Placement Brochure 2010-11 Department of Design Indian Institute of Technology GuwahatiGraduate Program Master of DesignAdmissions Course Details: Areas of Work for Coursework: Master of DesignShortlisted through The Department also has a full-time four Thesis Project: Internshipsthe Common semester graduate programme leading to Core courses:Entrance Examination Transportation Design Ashok Leyland a M.Des degree. The programme offers to Introduction to DesignFor Design (CEED) Food as a Medium Tata Motorsfollowed by two its students a host of basic design Psycho- Design Methods L&T Komatsu Ltdrounds comprising of courses along with a multitude of Geographical Spaces Ergonomics Honda Siel Cars Indiaa Studio assignment electives to choose from depending upon Kitchen Ware Form Studies Ltdand Personal preference to specialise in a certain area Graphic Novel Graphic Design Carrier India of design. The program enables students Narratives Visual Design Principles Whirlpool India to professionally approach problems and Maternal Healthcare Videocon design solutions backed by significant Medical equipment Electives: Mardi Gras Mythology Design Directions research and study. New Media Studies Tycka Designs Product Detailing DesignPLas Thesis Project: Lighting Design G2 Designs The dominating ingredient of this program Design Semantics C-DAC is the Master Thesis Project - a year long Collaborative Design Methods Trapeze project to be completed in the final two System Design Wishbox Studio semesters. This Project can be in any Rapid Prototyping and Advanced Upasana Design domain of design viz. Visual Communica- Manufacturing Techniques Tafe Tata BP Solar tion Design, Product Design, Transporta- Tata ELXFI, Pune tion Design, Interaction Design, New Media design or interdisciplinary in 11 page 12
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  10. 10. Placement Brochure 2010-11 Placement Procedure Video conferencing Placement Procedure Highlights facilities / Skype etc Placement are also available to Companies are invited via Post, Email, procedures have enable remote already began. Telephone and FAX. communications. Placement activites will start from Companies interested in recruiting IITG December ‘10. students must fill up a Job Announce- Please visit the ment Form (JAF), which lists the job placement website description and profile, place of posting for details: and remuneration among other details. The Placement Cell scrutinizes the JAFs Download JAF of all companies, and dates for campus PDF / Doc visit are communicated to the companies Interview. accordingly. The dates, can be suitably adjusted, keeping common interests in mind. The staff members assist interested companies in procedures such as provid- ing audio-visual facilities and venues for pre-placement briefs, written tests, group discussions and individual interviews. Pre-placement briefs are organised after 3:00 pm on working days and at any time on weekends. Presentations are followed by written tests, group discussions and interviews as per the policy of the company 15 page 16
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  12. 12. Placement Brochure 2010-11 Contact Information Contact: Dr Saurabh Basu Supradip Das Via Mail: Student Placement Institute Faculty In-Charge, Indian Institute of Representative Technology, Guwahati Training and Placement Master of Design Guwahati - 781 039 T +91 361 269 2173 / 258 2171 M +91 920 715 0983 Assam M +91 943 511 9118 E India E Asst. Prof. Keyur Sorathia Faculty Placement Co-ordinator Department of Design M +91 801 169 3660 E 19 page 20