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Eight years of experience in the fields of Automation, Electronics and instrumentation engineering including industrial Operations management in Beverages Filling lines and aluminum can making plants

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  1. 1. Eng. Akram Mohamed Babekr Automation & Electrical Maintenance Supervisor Jadayel Global Aluminum Can & End Manufacturer
  2. 2.  Date of Birth: 24121980  Birth Place – KSA Jeddah  Address – Jeddah Alfyha Dist.  Nationality: Sudanese  Transferable Saudi Residence and valid driving licenses.
  3. 3.  Master of Business Administration,(Specialization in Operations Management) from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) India 2010-2012  B.Sc. (Honors) In Electrical & Electronic Engineering from University of Science & Technology, Omdurman, Sudan2001-2006  Certified PROFIBUS Engineer (CPE). world wide recognized training program From PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI) September 2011
  4. 4.  Training for industrial Automation systems & Drives technology “ Siemens Training Center – Jeddah” in the following courses: 1. SIMATIC S7 PLC-Service & Maintenance Course 1 2. SIMATIC S7 PLC-Programming 2 3. SIMATIC WinCC SCADA System (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) 4. SIMATIC WinCC Flexible for HMI (Human Machine Interface)  Programming Logic Controllers “Prolific Systems & Technologies-India Statutory Compliance • Siemens S7 300 • Siemens S7 400 • Allen Bradley Controllogix 5000 • HMI Wincc Flexible  MatrikonOPC- Singapore 1. OPC Level 1 & 2 – OPC Integration and Diagnostics 2. OPC Level 3 – Implementing OPC Projects & Advanced Architectures 3. OPC Workshop Level 4 – OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) 1. ASM Process Automation -Dammam” 2. Industrial communication network (Profibus and industrial Ethernet) 3. Profibus Troubleshooting & Maintenance
  5. 5.  INTELLISPES inside of Can Operation & Maintenance “PRESSCO Technology INC. Cleveland, Ohio USA”  Saudi Energy Efficiency Center” Riyadh 1. Energy Conservation in Industrial Sector  SAP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) “Jadayel Global –Jeddah  International Business Solution –Jeddah” 1. ISO 22000 internal auditing and HACCP 2. ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System 3. ISO 9001 Quality Management Sytem  Project Management Professional and PMP Exam Preparation “Dar Al-Ruaa” Jeddah  Fire Fighting By using Portable Extinguisher Jadayel Global –Jeddah
  6. 6.  Sudan Engineering Council – graduate Engineer No 13580  Sudan Engineering Society – Full Member  Saudi Council of Engineers – Full Member No 145196
  7. 7.  ABB Variable Speed Drives Seminar on MAY 27, 2008 (AL BILAD HOTEL JEDDAH)  ABB ACS880 Drive launching event In Jeddah on Dec 8th 2014  SIEMNS SIVACON-8PT Switchboards, Bus way system on July 20 /2009 . Movenpic Hotel Jeddah  SIEMENS (SIRIUS Innovations Product launch) Seminar. On March 22 / 2011 Jeddah, KSA  SIEMENS SIMOCODE Pro Intelligent Motor Management System on 24 September 2014 Le Meridien Hotel, Jeddah  PROFIBUS and PROFINET Middle East Launch on June 29, 2011 Hotel Dubai Marina, Dubai UAE  SICK SENSOR Technology Seminar & workshop on 5 March 2012 Al-Salam Holiday Inn Jeddah  ASM Process Automation Seminar on 18 December 2011 Sheraton Hotel Jeddah
  8. 8.  Abuljadayel Beverages Incorporation. January 2007- June 2008 Position: Control system & Automation engineer (maintenance department)  Job responsibilities: 1. Cooperate and help “KRONSE and KHS” Automation & Electrical Engineers during the installation and commissioning our Filling Line project by: • Pulling & arranging the machines power supply cables • Doing the required installation and wiring of the control panels • Installation and addressing the industrial network cable. • Checking all I/O ‘s devices (Sensors , Actuators , VFD’s , safety Guards …..) • Testing All HMI’s and make sure they are working properly • Insure the feedback signals between the PLC’s working well • Troubleshoot all PLC’s software and hardware which is used on the machinery • Help in on-line troubleshooting whenever possible (Using VPN) • Help in the Preventive maintenance that was weekly done in the plant. • Make a monthly report to the Maintenance Manager • Make monthly Backup for all software and PLC Programs
  9. 9.  Installation and Commissioning KRONSE Cans filling line  Installation and Commissioning KHS Bottles filling line  Achievement of target level of production in plant “960.000 cans daily”  ISO 9001-2008 QMS Certification Renewal Audit passed
  10. 10.  Jadayel Global Aluminum Can Ltd. – Jeddah (June 2008 –June 2009) Position: Automation & Electrical Engineer Job responsibilities: •Representing Jadayel Global as Team member of the Erection and commission the Can making plant with STOLLE company the following was my responsibilities : • Installation of cable trays from the main machine to the machine field areas • Pulling cable from machine panel to the machine field areas • Termination of all low voltage panels • Termination of cables from machine panel to the field areas like motors, sensors, photo cells, display panels and operating stations. • Installation AS-I network “ Slaves” • Checking All PLC’s input /Output and All others Remote I/O Linked to the PLC • Assisting STOLLE Automation Engineer to achieve synchronization between machines
  11. 11.  Jadayel Global Aluminum Can Ltd. – Jeddah (June 2009 – Present) Position: Automation & Electrical Maintenance Supervisor Job responsibilities: A.Technical Activates:  Troubleshoot and Programming the Automation system PLC’s “Siemens S7 300 , S7 400 , AB SLC 500 and Omron CJ1M and using Software's “SIMATIC S7 and RSlogix5000”  Troubleshoot and reprogramming All Human Machine Interface HMI’s such as Siemens MP370, TP270 and other SCAD System using Software “WinccFlexible”  Troubleshoot and design All industrial Networks such as “ProfiBus , ProfiNet and AS-I Networks”  Troubleshooting and monitoring Line Control System “DCS and Line Conveyors system”  Troubleshoot All I/O devices such as VFD’s, Servo Drive, Resolvers, Encoders and other instrumentation  Doing the monthly PLC Program Backup
  12. 12.  Jadayel Global Aluminum Can Ltd. – Jeddah (June 2009 – Present) Position: Automation & Electrical Maintenance Supervisor Job responsibilities: A.Technical Activates:  In charge for All refrigeration's system such Main Chillers, All Air conditioning system  In charge for Main Power Station “Switch gear , Step down Transformers and Main ACB’s”  In charge for All Utilities such as “Air compressors, Vacuum , Ari dryer and DI Water Station”  In charge for Main Lighting system and Ventilation Fans
  13. 13.  Jadayel Global Aluminum Can Ltd. – Jeddah (June 2009 – Present)  Job responsibilities: B. Management Activities:  Initiates, implements, and managing the plant maintenance program based on best practices in can making industry and SOP  Monitor the consumption and inventories of spare parts, and initiates reordering when necessary.  Review the operation of plant equipment's and systems constantly, to minimize unplanned downtime and to identify opportunities for improvement.  Review the weekly and monthly preventive maintenance and insure that it done in effective way.  Ensures that all maintenance technicians are trained on the most updated version of the operating procedures.
  14. 14.  Jadayel Global Aluminum Can Ltd. – Jeddah (June 2009 – Present)  Job responsibilities: B. Management Activities:  Member of ISO and HACCP team and doing All Maintenance Documentations for ISO  Member of SAP key workers in the company  Assists with hiring of maintenance personnel  Prepare reports, analyzes data, and make recommendations for improving plant operations and solving maintenance-related problems.  Maintains and update operating, training manuals and electrical drawings for the maintenance department
  15. 15.  Jadayel Global Aluminum Can Ltd. – Jeddah (June 2009 – Present)  Job responsibilities: A. Management Activities:  Calculate total down time (per minute) for each machine in the Line every six Months  Calculate Electrical, Electronics and Automation spare parts consumptions for each machine  Calculate the production efficiency (Performance) for each machine (looking at ELC. maintenance point of view) by using the following approaches and equations: • Measuring Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) MTBF = Total Times/number of Failures • Measuring Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) MTTR = Repair time/ number of repairs • Measuring Availability Availability = MTBF/ MTBF+MTTR
  16. 16.  Installation and Commissioning STOLLE Can Making Line “Team Member”  Installation and Commissioning STOLLE Easy On Top Ends “EOE” line “Team Member”  Installation and Commissioning NAROSKA Twist Off Caps Line “ 
  17. 17.  build new Profinet network (industrial Ethernet) with wireless Access point’s feature to allow full access (programming, troubleshooting and Monitoring ) to the all line PLC’s and HMI’s from any place in the factory without using any kind of cable (MPI, Profibus and Ethernet).  Scope of Work  Hardware / Software configurations to about 35 Siemens S7 PLC by install a new Ethernet card and given an IP address to each one.  Install New workstation Computer and connected to the Profinet network and install SIMATIC MANAGER software (for troubleshooting and programming purpose)  Install wireless access point and configure it with the Profinet network to allow the user to access all PLC’s in the network  Pulled and connected Profinet cable to 35 machines (PLC) and install Ethernet switches I. Installation of 40 inches LED screen at the maintenance workshop
  18. 18. Can Line ProfiNet and PLC’s Network
  19. 19.  Installation and commissioning of STOLLE Concord Decorator machine “ Wiring and Programming” without outside assistance
  20. 20.  Installation and commissioning of STOLLE StandunB6 Bodymaker machine “Wiring and Programming without outside assistance
  21. 21. Achievement of target level of production 700.000.000 Cans Yearly Implementation of ERP system in the organization (SAP R3) Maintenance & production Achieved the ISO quality Objectives which is reduced the yearly Electrical spare parts consumption
  22. 22. • Starting collecting the data and doing the design for OPC project to exchange of data from our automation (SCADA and PLC) to our ERP system “SAP”
  23. 23.  ISO 22000:2005 Surveillance audit (FSMS) successfully passed  ISO 9001:2008 Surveillance audit successfully  Created maintenance procedures such as (Job Order, Maintenance Report, Machine History Card…..etc)