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Factors in setting the marketing communication mix


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Factors in setting the marketing communication mix

  1. 1. Factors in setting the Marketing communication mix (Group 10)
  2. 2. Marketing communication mixThe specific mix of advertising, personalselling, sales promotion, events andexperience public relations and directselling is called marketingcommunication mix.
  3. 3. Characteristics of Marketing communication mix• Advertising. Eg: Print, Broadcast, Outdoor• Sales promotion. Eg: Premium, Discounts• Public relations and publicity.
  4. 4. • Experiences. Eg: Nestomalt• Personal selling. Eg: Sales presentation, Trade shows• Direct marketing. Eg: Catalogues, telemarketing, Internet
  5. 5. 1. Type of product marketCommunications mix allocations vary betweenconsumer and business markets. Consumermarketers tend to spend comparatively moreon sales promotion and advertising; businessmarketers tend to spend comparatively moreon personal selling.
  6. 6. 2. Buyer readiness stage Communication mix tools vary cost effectiveness at different stages of buyer’s readiness. There are 5 stages in the buyer’s readiness.• Awareness• Comprehension• Conviction• Order• Reorder
  7. 7. Cost effectiveness Advertising & Publicity Sales promotion Personal selling Stages of Buyers Readiness
  8. 8. 3. Product life-cycle stage Communication mix tools also vary in cost effectiveness at different stages of the product life cycle. There are 4 stages in the product life cycle.• Introduction stage• Growth stage• Maturity stage• Decline stage
  9. 9. Introduction : Heavy use of advertising, publicity for awareness, eventsand experience for trialGrowth : Public relations and personal selling for distributionMaturity : Advertising decreases, events and experience and personalselling grow more important,Decline : Advertising and public relations decrease, sales promotioncontinues strong
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