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Spatial Networks Application


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My resumé for the position of Product Marketing Manager at Spatial Networks, a geotechnology firm located in Clearwater, Florida

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Spatial Networks Application

  1. 1. Christopher J Morris Location: Spring Hill, FL Email: Phone: 727-238-7487 Application for Product Marketing Manager Spatial Networks, Inc. 12/28/2011
  2. 3. WHAT I DO E-Commerce / Internet Marketing Web & Graphic Design Productivity Management Make Awesome Presentations
  3. 5. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU A geotechnology startup in Clearwater? Holy $%@! Your President & CEO looks just like that guy from “The Shield” You really know how to map... You are way, way cooler than the rest of the companies out there that I've applied to lately.
  4. 6. So... Where was I? Oh yes. That's it. My Past Experience
  5. 7. For the last 3 years, I have been the E-Commerce Manager with a travel company known as Virgin Vacations. So before we start, I will answer a few burning questions that I know are at the back of your mind...
  6. 8. YES NO It's THAT Virgin I did not meet Richard Branson and I have no way to introduce you to him. I hear he's really cool though.
  7. 9. YES NO I have all the desired skills & experience from the listing... I do not have a Bachelor's Degree, but I figured with all my experience in the area it would suffice, however if it doesn't, I will try to distract you with a box of doughnuts
  8. 10. YES NO I like big butts and I cannot lie You other brothers can't deny
  9. 11. Find Me Here For More Information... LinkedIn: Twitter: Google+: Yeah their URL is really long... My Blog: You Can Also Contact Me These Ways: Email: Phone: 727-238-7487