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DOCTRID – Funding Opportunities

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Health Research Board

  1. 1. HEALTH RESEARCH BOARD DOCTRID – Funding Opportunities
  2. 2. HRB Budget 2010 (€M) Applied Biomedical & Clinical ResearchGoal 1 28.9Goal 2 Population Health and Health Services Research 9.2
  3. 3. Non-health sectors Environment Nutrition/Agriculture Population Other sectors health status (need) Patients: Health demand, access gain / Healthcare outcome and outcome Human resources Process satisfactionHealthcare inputs complications Structures and etc Healthcare organisation products (technologies “within” healthcare) Healthcare system Financial resources Regulation and policy (“technologies applied to”)
  4. 4. Strategic - Co-ordinated - Inter-disciplinary – Multi-institutional - Scalable Funded Capacity & Studies Leadership Response- mode projects Professorships Lectureships Commissioned Funded Applied Projects Studies Programmes Research Fellows Post-Doc Researcher Centres MSc/PhD /Units Academia - Clinicians – Health Decision Makers
  5. 5. Overview of HRB grant funding portfolio Projects & Programmes Training/Career Development • Health Research Awards • Summer Scholarships • HRB/Medical Research Charity Group • Cochrane Fellowships Awards • Structured PhD Scholars Programme in • Collaborative Applied Programme HSR and Pop Health Grants • PhD Fellowships for Health and Social • HRB/SFI Translational Medicine Awards Care Professionals • Interdisciplinary Post-doctoral fellowships in PH/HSR Research Infrastructure • Post-doctoral fellowships in• Structured Research Network in Translational Medicine (+COFUND) Hospice and Palliative Care • Clinician Scientist Awards• Centre for Primary Care Research • HRB Research Leader Awards (in• Centre for Research in Diet and Health PH/HSR)• Clinical Trials Network in Cancer• Clinical Research Facilities in Cork, Galway & Dublin• Bio-banking
  6. 6. HRB Summer Scholarships• Aimed at undergraduates (except those in their final year) in any health related discipline who wish to conduct a small research study for 8 weeks over the summer months.• Must be associated with a recognised research institution on the island of Ireland• Scholarship of €250 per week• 190 applications received in 2012 – funding awarded for 58 (30% success rate)• Compete for Watts Medal prize for best oral presentation each subsequent January at Dublin Castle• Advertised early December each year and closes end January – Find out April
  7. 7. Research Fellowships for Healthcare Professionals (1) 3 years full time (or up to 6 years part-time) funding to conduct a PhD Applicants must hold primary or master degree in a relevant discipline  Medical Practitioners  Dentists  Nurses and Midwives  Pharmacists  Physiotherapists  Occupational Therapy  Speech and Language Therapists  Dieticians  Orthoptists  Podiatrists/Chiropodists  Health Psychologists  Radiographers  Medical Scientists  Clinical Biochemists  Social Care workers
  8. 8. Research Fellowships for Healthcare Professionals (3) Fellowship funding includes:  Salary (gross) up to a maximum of €53,692  Post grad fees (at EU rates)  Running costs up to €9,000 per annum  Dissemination costs up to €2,700  Training and Development allowance up to €1,800  A grant of €7,000 towards gaining research experience abroadIn 2011, 61 applications received, 17 applicants were invited for interview, 13fellowships awarded (21 % success rate)In 2012, 51 applications received, 15 applicants were invited for interview, 8fellowships awarded (but had money for 10-12) (18 % success rate)Next call scheduled for end August 2012 – funding for 10-12 fellows
  9. 9. HRB PhD Scholars Programme in PH/HSR International Advisory Board 4-yr Structured PhD HSR, Public Health, Policy PI Steering Committee 36 Principal Investigators Associate 10 week specialist rotations members Placements abroad in year 2 Associate members Part-time and full-time PhDsDoHC UCC TCDHSE 30 PhDs over 7 years (HRB)HIQA Additional 20 (funded byESRI others)NCRI RCSI Associate members Inter-disciplinary: Medicine, nursing, pharmacy, economists, psychologists, social scientists, epidemiology, public health, informatics, arts, ? ? ? humanities, health service managers
  10. 10. Inter-disciplinary Capacity Enhancement Awards (ICE) Team-based approach to post-doctoral training and development Based on a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach Full-time or part-time positions Application is made to the HRB by a Lead PI on behalf of a PI team (3-6) Supports existing teams or newly formed teams of Principal Investigators Applications for 1-3 post-doctoral positions PI can come from academic or non-academic setting but must have track record in research and at least one must be a senior expert in HSR/PHS PI Team will be reviewed on the basis of interdisciplinary approach, track record and ability to provide the right blend of methodological, contextual and mentoring skills21 applications in 2011, 6 awards (16 fellows) (29% success rate)15 applications in 2012, 5 awards (13 fellows) (33% success rate)
  11. 11. HRB Research Leaders in PH/HSR To support Senior Research Leader posts in PH and HSR (at senior lecturer and/or associate professor level) Nominations can be made by HEIs in conjunction with partners from healthcare setting HRB will provide salary and support costs for five years and HEI must commit to maintain the post for another 5yrs (subject to a successful review of the candidate) Attract candidates from Ireland and from overseas Nominated candidates must have track record in PH/HSR, credibility, experience, profile Successful candidates should deliver a research programme, mentor and contribute to capacity building in PH/HSR and engage with the healthcare practitioners and decision makers around research agenda They should lead research grant proposals and network nationally and internationally 10 posts will be supported by the HRB, most likely across two calls (one in 2012 and another in 2013)
  12. 12. Response-mode project grants (HRA Awards) Advertised annually, around Aug/Sept and closes in Oct/Nov Investigator-led scheme Application by Lead PI, up to 5 co-applicants and up to 10 collaborators Applications must be submitted to one of three committees ; (1) patient- oriented research, (2) health services research and (3) population health Projects up to 3 years duration and funding up to €300,000 Funding covers salary-related costs, running costs, travel and dissemination and overheads. Projects involving design and/or evaluation of Complex Interventions can apply for up to €500,000 and/or for up to 5 years Pilot studies, feasibility studies eligible to apply for shorter durations Average success rate of 25-28%
  13. 13. Collaborative Applied Health Research Grants Longer-term funding for quality research programmes that potential to impact on health services, policy or population health (€1.25m for up to 5 years) Research with an emphasis on providing evidence to improve health outcomes for individuals, communities and populations, typically through improved healthcare and better health care delivery Research programmes should largely focus on health services research, population health research, behavioural research, economic evaluations and optimising disease management (including patient safety and quality) To foster collaboration and partnerships between researchers and decision makers in health research and care in Ireland – emphasis placed on steering group and engagement with key stakeholders. Will make 5 awards in 2012
  14. 14. For more information Contact: Teresa Maguire 01 2345139