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The definitions of friendship and knowledge are changing, when I was ...
creative aspect of life, unlike traditional forms of communication such as didactic teaching, I can
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Connecting knowledge with social media


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Connecting knowledge with social media

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Connecting knowledge with social media

  1. 1. CONNECTING KNOWLEDGE WITH SOCIAL MEDIA Dr.T.V.Rao MD The definitions of friendship and knowledge are changing, when I was a teenager I had many friends and plenty of time to enjoy the nature and had no dull moment, my bicycle was a great instrument to communicate and reach many of friends and places, and riding a bicycle on high roads was great joy, Today’s may people’s problem continues to live along with nature, with growth of digital technology as we live, in real time world on Internet, We know that technology has come a long way, to engulf our lives, but sometimes it is easy to forget just how far we’ve really come. We often think of our progress in terms of having technology vs. not having it at all. Communications media— whether pen and paper, phone calls, Facebook, or Twitter — can exacerbate or alleviate the challenges of teenage life, or even do both at the same time. Social media is often seen merely as a way to pass the time or stay connected to friends and family. However, its use is rapidly expanding into the educational sector. Many more teenagers report a positive impact of social media use on their emotional well-being than a negative one. Most teens don’t think their use of social media affects their social and emotional well-being one way or the other. But there are some teens who think that using social media does affect how they feel about themselves and their social situation. Most teens don’t believe that their use of social networking sites has much of an impact one way or another on their social or emotional well-being, Plenty of grownups parents, teachers -eliciting jokes have been made about how "social media" breeds antisocial behaviour. Of course, people who make such jokes, statements are one, terrible and have no friends to accept their ideas, Every Social media has two basic aspects that you are a friend not only in joy but in crisis, indeed help you can be reached faster than any media never forget many times it is personal communication, When we receive a birthday greeting, or congratulated for your success on social media we have great impact on our morale of life, as we are carrying many with us to create positive thinking on ever turbulent word. In difficult times of my life one of my student introduced me Social account on FACEBOOK, made me connected to virtual world making me a teacher not to few in a classroom but to many in the world, I realise that expectation of students in 21st century are different from 20th century. One of our main goals at Powerful Learning Practice is to turn educators and students into 21st Century educators. That is, teach them how to use social media and other powerful Web 2.0 tools to transform their classrooms into learning environments that are ready for today’s Generation of students. One of the most common questions we get is, “But where do we find the time to use all this new technology?” Never forget the role of new generation of teachers challenge is get connected you are lost if you are isolated as a computer without online resource, is dumb instrument. We as Medical faculty are certainly higher education teachers, never forget the students are advancing faster, While there is no question that students in higher education are pretty well versed in many technologies and social media platforms. But what do their professors think? Today with many resources I have developed the strategy to get connected with many students, not just in my Medical College, but many medical and Paramedical students globally, However Faculty should be sophisticated consumers of social media, and match different sites to their varying personal, professional, and teaching needs. I am confident many other faculty members with modern thinking agree that “the interactive nature of online and mobile technologies create better learning environments” and that many digital communication has increased communication with students. The great problem with online learning it distracts the Students, and many Faculty believe that online and mobile technologies can be distracting, and that they have resulted in longer working hours and more stress. I am connected with social Media to what the students think about my
  2. 2. creative aspect of life, unlike traditional forms of communication such as didactic teaching, I can provide updates in real time as events happen, and provide peer reviewed information on Twitter and in Facebook. Since society as a whole is actively using social media, it only makes sense to connect with my community through these means. Recent surveys prove the Social media working best to educate with many online resources. *Some of the Findings In general, the survey found that faculty are becoming more interested in the ability to leverage social tools to facilitate engagement with course material and to encourage the learning process. Comparing 2012 to 2013, the results of the survey indicate that the use of social media has increased 21.3%. Roughly 59% of educators agree that the interactive nature of eLearning and other mobile technologies create a better learning environment for students. That said, 56% also believe that the same online and mobile technologies can result in more distractions. Still, despite the possibility of distractions, 78.9% believe that the use of eLearning and mobile technologies has increased the teacher and student communication. Today Facebook, Twitter and many others continues to be most powerful tools to educate many, and it is great many Teachers and Students have access to many great knowledgeable resources on World Wide Web, without being confined to narrow circumstances we work, and live. Be a Teacher and Student to update with knowledge, and social media brings the matters simpler and bring near to your Mouse Just click and learn, it is the new way of Learning. * Ref Web resources Dr.T.V.Rao MD professor of microbiology Freelance writer