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Dental Website Design

  1. 1. 1-800-416-5235<br />Dental Website Design<br />We provide dental website design services for dentistry practices throughout the United States.<br />Why you need a Dental Website:<br />Fact: Most dentists pay an average of $500 per month to the Yellow Pages, yet with cell phones becoming the mainstream, many Americans have discontinued their home phone service so it is unlikely they are even receiving the Yellow Pages at all. Studies show that about 80% of Americans use cell phones and about 60% of those text messages, according to Forrester Research.<br />Fact: To many perspective patients, if a dentist is not online, he/she does not exist! Don’t let people see you as out-of-date for not being online with professional e-mail addresses and an informative website.<br />Just a few reasons You Need an online identity!<br /><ul><li>According to IntelliQuest, 68% of US web users shop online. This means they shop for dentists too!
  2. 2. To provide basic information that establishes credibility – just as a listing in the Yellow Pages shows you are serious about your practice. Having your own professional domain name with e-mail and a website reinforces your legitimacy as a serious practice.
  3. 3. To streamline the appointment process.
  4. 4. To provide a map and directions to your office location. Sometimes finding you is the hard part.
  5. 5. To give your patients all the information about your practice at their fingertips 24/7 including hours, financial policies, downloadable documents, etc.
  6. 6. To reduce costs, use your site to answer your most frequently asked questions, show products and services over the web instead of paying for printing brochures.
  7. 7. To introduce you and your staff with pictures and bios.
  8. 8. Impress your patients with a virtual tour of your office without even having to leave their house.
  9. 9. Allow your patients to contact you and respond at their convenience.</li></ul>Simply put, it’s cheaper than any other form of advertising and it displays a lot more information than any other form of media.<br />Besides being a cost effective showcase to overview practice location(s), hours of operation, services and dentist/staff bio, a dental website gives your referring and prospective new patients a way to learn about, and interact with, your practice. <br />1. Internal and External Branding. A web address is a simple and compelling way to brand your practice, allowing your referring patients to easily pass along more information about your practice with just your domain name. Let those nice patients that speak volumes about your practice refer friends and colleagues to your website. It’s the perfect way to have them begin the introduction to your practice long before prospective patients decide to pick up the phone. Branded e-mails for your practice communications along with your domain name and website can leverage today’s modern methods of communication using well known Social Networking sites like Facebook™, Twitter™, MySpace™, or Linked In™. <br />2.Online Search. More and more people use the Internet to search for information and services. Fact. Even the venerable old Yellow Pages™ (YP) has seen the future…and it is online. That’s why they now buy up huge segments of Adword (aka. keyword) space on search engines such a Google™. Today, your practice needs to be online if you wish to be found by a growing segment of the population. To many prospective patients, if a dentist is not online, he/she does not exist. <br />3. Patient Education. In order to facilitate patient case acceptance and new patients coming through the door, websites need to provide answers to questions, in a manner that is both engaging and easy to navigate. Features such as 3-D graphics, fully editable pre-filled content, streaming Patient Education Videos, a Smile Gallery of your before and after photos, as well as an office gallery of your practice are just some of the features that you would wish to consider for your dental website. The more your website is able to educate your existing and prospective patients about comprehensive treatment options, the more informed they will be, and the more educated they are in the choices that you are presenting. At the end of the day, informed consent is your best method against patients’ misunderstanding their treatment options, and acceptance of the best that Dentistry has to offer.We also offer complete hosting support, including email addresses, as well as services and products to improve your Website marketing strategy.<br />What We Offer<br />We offer dental website design, seo, marketing, online advertising for dental practices. These custom built dental website designs unique and will help you acquire new customers. <br />We are the leader in Dental Website Design and offer a wide selection of low-cost, professional web site design, hosting and Internet marketing packages for is a dental website design firm dedicated to designing web sites for dentists and dental specialists. Catering exclusively to dentists is the industry leader in custom website design and search engine optimization (SEO) for dentists.<br />Your website, as nice as it may be, is useless if your existing patients and prospective new patients cannot find you. At we pride ourselves on our ability to drive relevant, local traffic to your website. We use methods such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM or “Pay Per Click”) to ensure leading placement in search results for your specialty’s selected keywords on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In addition we use strategies that make sure that your website comes up in local search results, which is the most important thing for most doctors. In this section, we will explain SEO and SEM, as well as explain how we use Social Networks, “link building” and “blogging” to enhance your search result placement. <br />At our marketing packages start at $99.99 per month, and all our marketing packages include:<br /><ul><li>A tracking phone number
  10. 10. The ability to listen in to phone calls coming through your website
  11. 11. A dedicated marketing representative who will continuously monitor where your website places in search results
  12. 12. Easy to understand statistics showing your return on investment (ROI) on the marketing dollars you spend with us.</li></ul>At, whether we just created a new website for you, or whether you have an existing site, we will tailor a marketing package to your specific needs.<br />Call is today at 1-800-416-5235<br />