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Winning life with confidence


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Winning life with confidence

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Winning life with confidence

  1. 1. Student and Teacher Relations Dr.T.V.Rao MD The true relationship between a student and teacher had drastic change in the past 4 decades, when we were young we just respected the teachers, as elders, out of our own ignorance and many times because of fear rather than one is a lovable person. In real heart we had few teachers whom we have respected as our parents; those were without malice and make all of us better Doctors. I still remember our Dr Lalitha Madam a Physician and our medicine teacher, we used to feel that we are with our family member rather than a teacher or examiner, we realised as young students the knowledged people are humble and helpful to the world than the mediocre teachers who are more of show than substance. Lalitha madam was great inspiration however she could not survive in the cruel world of ignorant teaches she left the college; to USA we really don’t know the reasons. However she taught for just 3 months but many of my class mates remember for life Time, when I talk to old class mates still we just remember great teacher, rest are just forgotten. As a teacher I have seen many young teachers become arrogant with little position and knowledge however every teacher should remember Teacher-student relationship is based on the general principles, teachers follow at work, such as fairness and honesty. If teachers do not stick to these principles, students will hardly respect them. With more than 3 decades of teaching experience I find we can never teach well and impress the students unless we have heart to improve our students, I never though any one is useless, and it is beyond doubt God has created everyone for a purpose, if you think deeply we are only silent spectators to their fortunes and success. Effective teaching does not require that all students like the teachers; however it is crucial that they all respect him or her. Teachers also do not need to like all of their students; they just need to be professionals and leaders. Students do not need to be friends with teachers, they need to respect teachers and learn. Teachers can strengthen their relationship with students if they actually enjoy the time spent in the classroom. Creating a pleasant environment is not in conflict with keeping a professional distance. Teachers should find a way to motivate students. A relationship will hardly work if one of the parties is not willing to participate. The same works for teaching and learning, However Teachers should remember Students tend to lose their respect for teachers in a mixed relationship where the roles are not clearly defined. I wish in reality not friend but only be a mentor to show the path to life to become better Doctors, one can be a friendly teacher however Students are too young and inexperienced to know how far a friendship with a teacher can go. Today’s challenge to many teachers is disturbed class room it is your own concern how to build the discipline and constructive in class room for betterment of students, although students should take part in the interaction, it is the teacher's role to lead. Teachers should boast a degree of confidence required to build and keep a strong classroom relationship. Some of us are biased to good students, in some colleges, teacher treat their own caste, religious and creed as efficient and rest are useless, however Teachers should treat students equally and set the same rules and requirements for all, regardless of their grades and results. In this complex world some inefficient teachers try to impose discipline rather than finding their faults, Threats and angry outbursts will not help maintain discipline, especially when threats are not supported by action. To be a better organised tell and discuss what are your minimum expectation from students Classroom rules should be reasonable and clear to students. Good teaching is about the creative balance between being an authoritarian dictator on the one hand and a pushover on the other. Good teachers migrate between these poles at all times, depending on the circumstances.
  2. 2. They know where they need to be and whenever forget GOOD TEACHING is about humour. This is very important. It’s about being self-deprecating and not taking ourselves too seriously. It’s often about making non-controversial jokes, mostly at our own expense, so that the ice breaks and students learn in a more relaxed atmosphere where you, like them, are human with your own share of faults and shortcomings. Good teachers practice their principles, not for the money or promotions, as they have to, but because they truly enjoy it. When you are satisfied with teaching it’s about caring and living for your Job, and having a passion for it, and conveying that passion to everyone, most importantly to your students. The students and Teacher relation remain stable as long as students are willing to learn and Teachers realise their own shortcomings and improve their talents in teaching?