Why we should read books


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Why we should read books

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Why we should read books

  1. 1. Why we should Read books? Dr.T.V.Rao MD Today the world thinks the books are motivators of the Individuals and Society, Books can teach, illuminate, and even inspire. But they can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use them to those ends, and many times we choose the books as per our psychological need. Many classics are based on observations of life just the example is Crime and Punishment which has lot of meaning to say that is what you are tomorrow may be actions of Today. The books and words that can deliver a message not only of hope, but help each of us build a brave new world in which hope does not seem a foolishly childish illusion. Many books on shelves but few succeed, the most important books that make it to light in today's world must focus on raising awareness and consciousness of all of us as individuals and as a species, furthering environmental protection and activism, human rights, inspiring and encouraging the best parts of human nature to shine forth. Many literary thinkers wish to accomplish, they must be bold, decisive, brave, when it comes to identifying and decrying an immediate call to action to halt the worst atrocities any species has ever committed in the history of Earth against us and our planet. If the book can accomplish that do this are important books. And the means by which they must accomplish these ends is by first changing individual lives and worldviews. By changing enough people’s worldview, the world itself can be changed. Many of us are future writers however we cannot be a writer unless we have read many, reading teaches how to write. When you read good writers you absorb language at its best. Proper construction of sentences and phrases become second nature by osmosis. Again, another how books can change our life concept. I think that books change us in small, invisible ways (sometimes), and that the change in our behaviour comes with a lot of reading. When one is stressed take to your book of choice when I’m reading a book, my mind shifts my thoughts which running around my problems. Where I might have a stressful day, a book can easily distract me. Many of us lack words to express ourthoughts this isa world of communication it’s no secret that reading increases our vocabulary and improves our spelling, but did you know that reading increases your vocabulary more than talking or direct teaching? Reading forces us to look at words that we might not have seen or heard recently. The world is changing with every generation, what each generation forgets is that while the words which it uses to describe ideas are always changing; the ideas themselves do not change so quickly, nor are those ideas in any sense new. If we visit any book shop the wondrous shelf contains many classics, as certain knowledge of the classics is worth having, because it makes us realise that all the world is not like ourselves in all respects, and yet in matters that really touch the inside life of a man, neither the standards nor the game have changed.Most of us are going to enter what is called the life of action, in which we will discover that you will have to think harder, closer, and quicker than the bulk of men who take up what is so kindly called “the intellectual life”. Harder, because you will be thinking against men, not books; closer, because your thoughts will be translated, several times a day perhaps, into action that may affect the lives and interests of men; quicker, because, even if you don’t eventually make undesirable mistakes, you may have to alter your plans at a minute’s notice to meet a changed situation. But a man who goes into life with no knowledge of the literature of his own nation and without a certain acquaintance with the classics and the value of words, is as heavily handicapped as a man who takes up sports or games without knowing what has been done in these particular sports or games, before he came on the scene. He
  2. 2. doesn’t know the records and so he can’t have any standards. I think reading is very important. We have to read otherwise we can’t succeed in the future. Reading is very important. If we don’t read books we can’t learn better English which continues to be future of our knowledge.Many people think that reading is not so important. I think they should think more they will become static very soon. (Many thoughts by Rudyard Kipling incorporated) Email doctortvrao@gmail.com