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Is Ignorance A bliss?
"I have a sense of humor; b...
parasitology, or virology and Immunology or no efforts are put to development the matters even in
the so called post gradu...
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Why we need better diagnostic microbiology departments by Dr.T.V.Rao MD


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Why we need better diagnostic microbiology departments by Dr.T.V.Rao MD

Published in: Healthcare
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Why we need better diagnostic microbiology departments by Dr.T.V.Rao MD

  1. 1. WHY WE NEED BETTER DIAGNOSTIC MICROBIOLOGY DEPARTMENTS? A TIME TO THINK? Is Ignorance A bliss? "I have a sense of humor; but over the years that sense has developed one blind spot. I can no longer laugh at ignorance or stupidity. Those are our chief enemies, and it is dangerous to make fun of them."- Charles Richter My more than 3 decades of being as Microbiologist I have been associated with many good Institutes, good and sensible Microbiologists and at the same time very ignorant professionals practicing and living with ignorance, and I say them as Megalomaniacs imagine to know everything I am humble to say before students at this fortunate age of retirement I just continue to be a student of occasion of Microbiology, and just you all came little later than me to explore the matters and to know many vagaries going in the present system pf practice of Microbiology. We all read the History when we started our career in Medicine and Microbiology how humble the great people were, and sacrificed their great lives for the benefit and health of society One knows there are just few 66 (approximately) credited laboratories to diagnose Tuberculosis recognised as reference Centres, we have more than 1.3 billion people with many deaths caused due to Tuberculosis and MDR tuberculosis at our Door step, The present system of practice of Microbiology has never given much importance to parasitology, mycology and virology, knowing well about the importance of Tuberculosis few Medical colleges have put any sincere efforts to establish the Mycobacteriology laboratory, It is unfortunate that MCI (Medical council of India) wasting time counting the heads of many professors who have no vision for the Most vital department and never insisted on what work they were doing, It is truth and open secret few seniors do the diagnostic work, and majority do not have any idea about the Modern needs of the Profession and matters are left to least qualified technicians and post graduates, or just MSc’s, Today every post graduate talks about Molecular methods and even do not spend few minutes to see even the gram staining, I always say give importance and attention to CSF and Blood cultures which await a prompt address of the system, In the era of privatization it is terrible. Difficult or even measurable to control many postgraduates, insisting to do little sincere work causes the frictions, However there are good lot of younger generation interested as we see in the examinations, The culture of working has much deranged with raise of private colleges, the Microbiology departments are just for show off purpose to convince the MCI Inspectors, However it has led to most grave situation in diagnostic microbiology, I always argued how can one be called as surgeon unless he operates, and today few professors see any slides and even visit the laboratories, often leaving in peace has become a culture, as Medical Council insists for a living professors to run these Medical colleges and departments, and they are the guides, the postgraduates are afraid they may fail them PRAISE THE TEACHER AND PASS THE PRACTICALS,, is the living truth in many upcoming Medical colleges, as the Professors themselves are defective in the subject, and MANY SENIOR TEACHERS talk about irrelevant matters and think this as advance of Microbiology, the work culture in Our country is degenerated for many decades and many Professors of Microbiology are paid for the signatures and administering, SAME CULTURE IS CREEPING IN PATHOLOGY, Majority of the laboratories have no idea about of Mycology,
  2. 2. parasitology, or virology and Immunology or no efforts are put to development the matters even in the so called post graduate Institutes, Everybody profess to be Professors, One of the reasons the raise of Antibiotic resistance remain with, imaging every disease to be of bacterial etiology and forgetting other etiological agents and grave lapses in doing basic parasitology and Mycology work lead to misuse of Antibiotics, I am bold it is not the clinicians who contribute to raise SUPER BUGS but we too deviated all our resources to think on bacterial infections and many times we think culture and sensitivity for BACTERIAL INFECTIONS is the end of Microbiology as we all know many in developing countries die without any etiological diagnosis. With so many new facts and problems screaming for our attention, the SUPER BUGS CRIPPLE THE PEOPLE IN CRITICAL CARE, it is easy to lose sight of the long road that we have travelled in order to get to the point where we are now. Tracing the path of those who have gone before us will help us to see our own scientific goals and efforts in a more revealing perspective. We are swamped with information and each day seems to bring new discoveries that must be considered., Think sincerely how serious we are about super bugs The upcoming Medical colleges have very little contribution of inputs of Clinical Microbiology, the tragedy remain with us we rarely do the bench work and post graduates are taught Microbiology as a fairy tale,, and many wish to join the departments as last option, And the clinicians never expect us as part of the Human care , nor as clinical Microbiologists I spent many years with fighting spirit with many, Never forget success of Microbiology is a united effort and need more role models with sense of dedication it depends on everybody’s contribution from collecting the samples to discarding the specimens. It is good that Biochemistry is totally automated but nevertheless the Diagnostic microbiology can never be totally automated as every disease has unique etiological agent may be many hundreds of bugs crawl around our hospitals, As the matter stand still the wise dedicated Human Microbiologists still carries more importance to future, In spite of many limitations some Institutes with great professionalism guides the future of our specialty. Recent technological developments have led to the proliferation of new, rapid diagnostic tests that hold promise for the improved management and control of infectious diseases. Whether these tests are useful in a given setting and, if so, which test is most appropriate are questions that can be answered only through evaluations in the appropriate laboratory, clinical or field settings. HOW WE PLAY OUR ROLE FOR FUTURE, HELPS THE SURVIVAL OF DEPARTMENTS AND CREDIT ABILITY OF DEGREES MICROBIOLOGY DEPARTMENTS CONTINUES TO BE LEAST INVESTED IT JUST MEANS MANY DISEASES WILL BE MISSED, Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology Freelance writer