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What is next in diagnostic microbiology


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What is next in diagnostic microbiology

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What is next in diagnostic microbiology

  1. 1. WHAT IS NEXT IN DIAGNOSTIC MICROBIOLOGY? Dr.T.V.Rao MD Can we improve the standards in DiagnosticMicrobiology? I spent my valuable life in the microbiology and related professions since 4 decades in various sectors both in private and public institutions, the main problem in Indian medical education is, everything taught excellently in theory, majority of the post graduates cannot handle simple techniques in various aspects in Diagnostic microbiology, with rapid expansion of Medical Colleges, many just want a MD degree to get a lucrative salary many medical microbiologists including majority of Professors become administrators supervising the junior staff, by the time one becomes a associate professor they have no skills to do or correct the junior staff, including technicians, this continuous to be reason many seniors are not cared by the technicians the Technicians think they are alone concerned with Diagnostic work. One good thing about India we have several private laboratories which cater to many physicians and huge population in the county, what are the basics they follow are doubtful ? many times the commensals are proceeded as pathogens tested with several antibiotics giving a misinformation about anti bio grams, and unfortunate there is no authority to control these laboratories. Small private laboratories never invest in infrastructure, blood agar is rarely available and fails to isolate many Streptococci, leave alone many other common pathogens.The technicians are paid poorly in many private sectors, and several skilled and experienced people leave the profession with muchfrustration, as they find no career of improvement. Our problems in India are entirely different because of huge population of more than 1billion, People even in teaching hospitals rarely read the minimal standards required to implement a good diagnostic practices, I have seen few professors ever found in the Diagnostic laboratories and even the private and public sectors rarely interested to invest in Microbiology, this has lead to excessive dependence on Antibiotics, physicians some times do not even use minimal discrimination in choosing antibiotics, in future it is a grave concern whether we can implement any antibiotic policy, Some of my ideas may be isolated, but impartial,I have worked at several Institutes and with so called self acclaimed professors, who really cannot read a simple gram stain and live as researchers and competent examiners, I always tell many a Surgeon cannot be called as surgeon unless we are convinced that he can operate, however Microbiology suffers as seniors survive by little talking. And gap between the patient and laboratories will increase many hardships to patients and clinicians. The birth of many good institutions are trying to bring in better standards apart from accreditation with NABLThe wrong culture has developed in many Medical colleges, the teachers live in isolation from clinical care of the patients, as it becomes the only treating physicians take responsibility and many times to their ignorance.Today we have 100’s of qualified medical
  2. 2. microbiologists, with MD (Microbiology) eliminating many graduates with MSc and PhD qualifications, (as per new MCI regulations. the question remain how the truly medical microbiologists can make difference, to improve the profession. Clinicians should realize the Medicine is a science to be practiced with much of interdisciplinary support, practicing in isolation may bring in fame but destroys the patient, and profession.Please share you thoughts, share your ideas, we can formulate certain practical ideas to implement, Never forget if well perceived and practiced Diagnostic Microbiology will reduce the morbidity and mortality apart from reducing drug resistant bacteria in our environment? I request all the younger Medical Microbiologists what is your future role in the competitive profession never forget the Darwin’s theory of survival woks on us if not later but soon. Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology Freelance writer