Trying to be Creative ?


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Trying to be Creative ?

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Trying to be Creative ?

  1. 1. TRYING TO BE CREATIVE? Dr.T.V.Rao MD We all live but rarely realise the purpose of our existence in this world, just life goes on, hour days and years spent without many perceptions on realising the purpose of human birth and creativity. Though creativity cannot be taught, there are no schools to award us fellow ships, it can certainly be nurtured. Though you may suddenly get inspired into a burst of creativity, creativity doesn't have to hit you like a thunder of lightning — it can also be sustained and even enhanced if you have the right outlook, set up a favourable routine, and don't search for creative circumstances, better to understand the circumstances you live, understand people you have responsibility and work. Major developments in creativity are spontaneous and the people have a receptive mind. If you want to know how to be creative, be yourself to many facts as all may not appreciate your ideas, keep in mind that people will generally display resistance to your ideas, because good ideas change the existing dynamic, and people, for the most part, like things the way they are. When you present something that challenges the status quo, many people will feel threatened every new employee in system find hard to change human behaviour of the rigid employees. There are limitless paths to achieving creative success. Imperfection is human, and sometimes the most creative artists leave mistakes unfixed on purpose. Nature itself is beautifully imperfect. Don't try to be so perfect that you end up destroying the very thing that made your work unique. I always remember my little creativity has many imperfections I still go on as many oppose any new ideas; there are negative personalities who do not do anything and never allows change, just put up with many around you. Creativity is like dating: If you never strike out at least some of the time, you're not trying hard enough. So let go of your ego, be prepared to fail, and jump into new and challenging situations. You're never going to be creative if you never take a leap a step forward. Think like an adult but act like a child proved too good for me when I think I am a professor I could have achieved very little in life, however our designations are not perfect imagine being a creator and not just specialist in hierarchy. Never forget Children have a natural creativity that's constantly reinventing itself, partly because they're learning about the world and partly because they don't know that they're not supposed to do certain things. If you really want to be creative, then yes, you have to start looking at your creative output as work. You have to sit down and try to produce during the time you've set aside for being creative, even if you're not feeling inspired. I had few friends to impress however I made life interesting with social media; it is wise to have friends in real life find someone who you can share ideas with. Challenge them to do something new and unexpected, involving you in the process. Hopefully, your creativity will be unleashed. If you're a writer, practice writing with only the words a little grader might understand, even if you're writing about concepts that adults find difficult to wrap their minds around.. I always tell my friends and studetns at least to spend few minutes to at 30 minutes on new ideas frequently,spend half an hour a day thinking exclusively about one subject. At first, this might be very hard to do. You can start off by thinking about a single subject for five minutes a day, then increase the period daily until you reach a half hour. At first it is wise to practice this when alone, but eventually you should be able to do it even in the midst of distractions, such as when traveling to and from work.Speak for few minutes without using the words I, me, my and mine. Make it smooth and keep it interesting, so that someone reading or listening would never notice anything odd about it. This forces you to turn your mind outward, and give up the preoccupations and obsessions of your own life. Be a friend to creative people, Spend time around
  2. 2. creative people. The most reliably creative people are children. Their imaginations aren't locked in, and "mind merging" with them can remind you of many creativities. Doesn’t care about what other people think of your work or talent? You know more about yourself than they do. If you have problems being creative, look inside yourself. Everyone is creative, but if you don't think you're 'good' enough to be creative, then chances are you won't be able to be as creative. Raise your selfesteem and you'll find that it's a lot easier to be yourself among many in the little world we live. Creativity is what we need to solve our biggest problems; Creativity is something that helps in problem solving abilities using our imagination. You don’t have to have a "creative profession" to be a creative person. Try a little of your creativity to survive better in this competitive world. Learning, reading few things from creative people certainly brings change how we perceive the world. . (Ref - Many positive thoughts forliving) Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology Freelance writer