Swami vivekananda the living spirit


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Swami Vivekananda the living spirit

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Swami vivekananda the living spirit

  1. 1. Swami Vivekananda the Living SpiritBy:Dr.T.V.Rao MDThe human life continues to be a struggle to live and prosper.In spite of several difficulties, human race and humanitysurvives and runs the world. In the teachings of Bhagavat Gitaone sees it as a mystery or one speaks of it or hears of it as amystery, but no one knows (Gita 1;29) stands true tohappenings in the world. India is a land of culture, greatheritage and enlightenment. The history has shown that thereare few people who come in near to the sufferings of humanrace. It is the unforgettable, Vivekananda. Swami is a sourceof great inspiration. His teachings are more important todaythan yesteryears as the changing responses to the present daycircumstances, when the ideology of religion is totallymisunderstood. Swami was an extraordinary creation ofalmighty, inherited his strength from Sri Ramakrishna.Vivekananda wished to be alone, never identified with anycult, and changed his name several times to avoid identity andfollowers. However he was named to be Vivekananda a littlebefore his departure to America in May 1847 by Raja AjitSingh of Ketri. Many believed Vivekananda had utmostpotential to spread the message of India’s strength veiled withpoverty of masses. He has told the West that Atma (forcewhich rules everyone) is same in all, ruled by almighty. Thereis neither ruler nor subjects. Many Socialistic philosophies ofthe Europe have never equalled Swami’s teachings, but onlycreated conflicts on capitalism and unrest of masses. With ahuge population of more than a billion, India survives as apeace loving nation with the teachings of Gita andVivekananda’s ideology. Swami believed that we create ourdestiny, few people are lucky to have biographies written butwords of swami’s teachings are a living biography which
  2. 2. continues with saga of humanity. Swami’s extraordinarypotentials are real gift of Sri Ramakrishna, who neverinfluenced him with dogmatic ideas but only transformed withsimple and honest living. His travel to the West was anexplosion of Atom of Hinduism to the several free thinkers.His message was simple that Hinduism believes in wiping thetears of suffering humanity than creating followers andincreases the masses of religious believers of their sect. Heinfluenced so many in the West to accept that all religionslead us to same God and how you accept the truth lies withyou. He has voiced his concern for poor and deprived. Todaywe progressed to mix God with religion, for exploitation andultimately for our political ends. The greatest concern of the21st century is growing intolerance to other religionsforgetting the God as almighty who controls everyone. Thegreat question how long this existing strife continues in Indiaa question which will answered in the complete works ofVivekananda.Vivekananda has become an embodiment of the East andWest. The words of the Romain Rolland that Vivekanandaembraced all the paths of spirit and four yoga’s in theirentirely, renunciation and service, arts and science, religionand action from the most spiritual to the most practical, andproved that he was the personification of harmony of allhuman energy. The most important words true to hiscompassion to all humans, is expressed as each soul ispotentially divine. The words of Rabindranath Tagore; “if youwant to understand India study Vivekananda, in himeverything is positive nothing negative.” Passing throughturbulent waters in Kanyakumari, he prayed to his master SriRamakrishna, and mother Sharada Devi and consecrating tothe service of outcast, starving, oppressed humans
  3. 3. (Narayan’s). He has expressed that religion without concernfor the poor and sufferings was much dry straw. AtKanyakumari Swami became the patriot and prophet in one.Propagated the message “TRUTH IS MY GOD, THEUNIVERSE IS MY COUNTRY”. I believe in GOD and Ibelieve in MAN I believe in going even to hell to save others.Today India is an emerging nation with human problems innew dimension and least concern is for co-humans. Thepractice of Swami Vivekananda can change many hearts andbring light co humans. The spirit of VIVEKANANDAliveslike a fire that has been burning for more than 100 years.About the AuthorDr.T.V.Rao works as Medical Teacher in India, writes articles onreligion, Hinduism and social empowering articles, apart from being afreelance writer on Infectious Diseases.Email; doctortvao@gmail.com