Publish and Perish


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Publish and Perish

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Publish and Perish

  1. 1. PUBLISH AND PERISH Dr.T.V.Rao MDWhen I started my career nobody told that we have to a publish the Academic articles to prove to be good Doctors, there were few good books mostly from British and Authors, the contents were flawless, and we are good at many matters, to serve many common ailments. Except few Institutes of excellence, India adopted a pseudo academic culture of research from 1990 that we showed to be world that we are no way less than anyone in the world in academic excellence, it lead to development of several good post graduate institutes the objectives were excellent. Many Teachers started writing text books adding to the fuel of plagiarism, many of these text books made to the use when we were not good in the standards of English, The real problem with many so called books were everything is written by Single or at the most by two authors, just it is copy and paste in little intelligent way, and the students were not good at identifying the plagiarism of the elders. It is just a matter of business to write a book and become famous, and you will credited as contributor to the Science, this lead to the back foot in learning from the wise and learned who dedicated to a particular topic all through life, I wish to state that there are more than 10 little famous text books in Medical Microbiology, if you go through the content all are written and rewritten with change in grammatical gimmicks, Whatever it is said I really enjoy reading Greenwood Medical Microbiology, and Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine I find still the best Classics in Medicine. Today we can read guides, and notes even to get Post graduate degrees, leading to poor quality of Medical education. Adding to tragedy, that Medical Council of India recognizes publishing papers as criteria to upgrade our positions to Associate and Professors. Everybody wish to occupy the next chair without even knowing the content of research he is doing, leave alone the fundamentals of his own specialty. The blame for this sad situation lies with the people who have imposed a publish-or-perish culture, namely research funders, administrators and senior people in the colleges. Imposing to do publish the papers means in many colleges and universities that your objective is publishing the papers need not do research, the effect of instructions like that is to reduce the quality of science, medicine and to demoralize the victims of this sort of mismanagement. The only people who benefited from the intense pressure to publish are those in the publishing industry. Hardly a day passes without a new journal starting. My email inbox is full of invitations to publish in a weird variety of journals, and some are asking me to become an Editorial board member. Many journals boast as peer reviewed but not true, they boast as are all "peer-reviewed", but rarely publish anything worth reading. The peer review for a journal on alternative Medicine is, presumably, done largely by other believers in magic. If that were not the case, these journals would soon vanish. Even famous Journal turning publications as a big business. Academicians then have to pay through the nose for content of the journal. The journal sits in the middle, mediates the whole business, and collects the money. Many scientists live and die by it. It skews the research landscape and put untold pressures on those on the front line: the post-docs and students, post graduates and those hoping to forge a career in, medicine or science. But peer review, for all that's wrong with it, serves one purpose. And that is to make sure the research you have done is of a certain standard to be presented to the larger scientific community. I wish if we become good teachers in basic matters, than publishing trash to get to fame without contributing anything and just manipulating the existing matters, just visit your Library and see how many journals are there in the library, and find out any one read recently believe we have the best peer reviewed with good impact factors and nobody reads, hope same
  2. 2. thing happens to unaccredited and undone research. In the net there are websites ready to write your thesis, write articles with your ideas for a price of few Dollars. If you continue to publish faulty work in the era of fast networking we will be known to everybody in the world we are just writing papers, and nobody will believe that we are doing research even if you tell the truth. I wish and believe if we do not know fundamentals in our specialty we will not reach anywhere and our own students will discredit our achievements as false with progress of Time. It is wise not to publish and perish rather than to Publish and perish.