Moving from past to future


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Moving from past to future

  1. 1. MOVING FROM PAST TO FUTURE Dr.T.V.Rao MDThe life is a continuous improvement from past to future, the day we are praised we think we are perfect, however it will prove fallacious in few days, the expectations of the world are changing, more so in the teaching profession as every day if we have to walk to future try to be abreast with the subject we teach, and also our behaviour with many around. Admit that you are imperfect, and/or that you have areas in your life that need improvement. Determine specifically what areas of your life need changing by improving skills, as skill is defined as: a learned ability to bring about the result you want. People who can perform tasks well, and can positively interact with others, are far more likely to take on new challenges. Feeling equipped for the task at hand increases confidence, reduces stress levels, and improves the odds of success. Perhaps you need to shift the way you think, the way you relate to others. It is possible that you may need to adjust your personal character, or that you may need some external inspiration. Making changes in your external environment can assist you in the way you live your life, by allowing your creative impulses to flow. We all should remember that we are good in few matters and rest are difficult to improve if you assess your capabilities Accentuate your attributes! Everyone is good at something so all you need to do is finding where your strengths lie. Are you good at sports, singing, or art? Join a group, and find friends with the same interests to help bring out the best you can be. If you don't excel particularly in anything that comes to mind, work on your skills in an activity you enjoy so that you can have fun and learn to impress with your skill. Many times students and friends inspired me. It was in 2011 the moments of despair to survive in the profession and at the verge of quitting, it was my student who brought me to the social platform to make my knowledge known to many and there is no looking back to date. The best lesson was Work on your social skills, Step out of your comfort zone! While accentuating your attributes to make friends that you wouldn't normally consider. The idea may seem funny or scary but find something new that you are genuinely interested in. It doesn't matter if your clique isn't doing it or dislikes it. This is about you and your personal beliefs or interests. It is important to be able to have friends in your life, even if you undergo changes you may still want to maintain long-term friendships. Many times I call my old friends if they have forgotten me as one is living in difficult world and all may not be social, never forget the world is small a call away in the mobile world. The lessons I learnt what you do may not be liked many around you just push forward to future never forget there are many surprises for you, Develop self-confidence. Continuously encourage yourself to do better. Sometimes it may be necessary to push ourselves beyond our limits in certain situations in order to see that the limitations we have placed on ourselves were inaccurate. However, we may need to take risks that do not push us too far beyond our capabilities. In this area it may be difficult to determine specifically what risks are necessary, be cautious allow yourself to be free enough to try new things that may help you progressively. The secret of moving from past to future is give yourself plenty of time to re-create your view of yourself and the world. Although you may be anxious to be a wiser and more capable person, you may need to relax a bit and not take yourself too seriously. The social media taught, share your thoughts to many I believe today even the good matters go viral, I never invested one penny to spread my thoughts Extend your positive vibes to everyone you know! People like a people, willing to share the love and thoughts! Now that you rock at life, help someone else on their journey to centres stage! The way to live in spite several difficulties find friendship in people
  2. 2. whom you or they like Try to help others! Sometimes help those people whom you don't like. But after helping them, when they thank you... you will really feel happy. My best friends continues to be Music and books even I do not have time to listen and read everything in a book, the best lyrics in Beatles, John lenon auto biography enlightens on many matters how people live with many difficulties, try to learn to indulge yourself in great books, great paintings, great music that contain certain themes which are related to your life. If you a problem do not depend on anyone as they are not in your shoes, try not relying on others for every problem in your life. There are certain areas of your life that you may need to correct using your own intellect and/or intuition. I never tried to be famous or earn more money they have their own ways to come and go, just believe you cannot expect to get everything you want out of life, doing so is not only unrealistic but illogical. But you can expect that you can make a better life for yourself and others if you decide to work hard enough toward it. ( Many learned thoughts ) Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology Freelance writer