Misinformation in medicine


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Misinformation in medicine

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Misinformation in medicine

  1. 1. MISINFORMATION IN MEDICINE Dr.T.V.Rao MD Today we are misinformed on many facts on Medicine like any other matters, with proliferation of Internet journals, we have reached a stage of no return, if you are occupying a respectable or senior chair you can get away with anything, if it goes uncontrolled the articles published from India many African and some even Developing countries are threat to Medical Information. Go through the article in Wikipedia on MMR vaccine controversy The MMR vaccine controversy centred on the 1998 publication of a fraudulent research paper in the medical journal The Lancet that lent support to the subsequently discredited claim that colitis and autism spectrum disorders could be caused by the combined measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. The media has been heavily criticized for its naïve reporting and for lending undue credibility to the architect of the fraud, (Andrew Wakefield). Today the current regulations of Medical Council of India will make you a Professor / Associate professor earlier than one deserves, just cook something very fast secretly publish the papers without any noise only the first author or the only author knows the truth. No verification to the facts, any misinformation can be spread in the community and you will be complemented by equally cheating minded person in the Administration and society In a country like India nothing works, Recently it was criticised that India is not standing tall at all in the Academics and not becoming a world ranking University, with the process of Privatization of Medical Education we are going to see really many unethical publication misinforming the society, Recently I have come across a paper, there are not even few patients attended the Hospital in the recent decade with scaring disease condition, and the writer gave sensational figures and finding new facts on opportunistic pathogens, I do not know where we are going in Medicine, we diluted the quality of medicine with creeping of unethical doctors degrading the Merit, and we have now started degrading the scientific publications. Many are fabricating the results without doing any work, as Fabrication means. Inventing or falsifying information. Examples of fabrication include inventing data for an experiment you did not do or did not do correctly or making reference to sources you did not use in a research paper. The paper on many critical illness do not contain even the ethical clearance. Many Ghost writers live under the shadow of seniority and power and will be threat to system and future behaviour and erosion of values of our own students. A day is not very far most of the so called original research articles become fiction and will not be read by any one, I wish the Medical council of India realises the gravity of situation and abolish the criteria of publication to early promotions, We are heading to a state that students will question the credentials of these unethical teachers and researchers? Within few years many of the Indian data will be accepted for any academic work or comparison, that means at the most fundamental level, we have to teach students the difference between right and wrong, and make sure they know it's an important distinction. It is time many Universities should have to review and stop unnecessary and false research in the Universities, as the reputation will go down very fast. Many article published in the Internet journals are fake and Fabricated and we do not see the details of ethical clearance. Just ignoring is best way of living when we cannot do anything? Today we many seniors getting several invitations to be authors reviewers and to publish the articles for Internet journals, many articles do not contain the Intuitional ethical clearance and better consider these as fictitious articles and authors integrity to be questioned? Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology Freelance writer