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Human enlightenment


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Human enlightenment

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Human enlightenment

  1. 1. HUMAN ENLIGHTENMENT Dr.T.V.Rao MD We live in a world with complicated, complexcircumstances, where ever we see around; people are interestedin conflict of self-interest. My few decades of observations aroundme, teaches many lessons to understand, are we the same whenwe are young and have I made any progress? I think everyoneshould put a question to himself and try to find the answers. Mostof us get no answers in spite of fulfilling many materialistambitions. Ordinary people keep awake in the enjoyments of theworld and the pleasures of the senses. But this sphere of thepleasures of the senses has no attraction for the enlightenedperson, therefore, he treats them as if he is asleep – paying noattention to them. And to the ordinary beings of the world,knowledge of the Self, realisation of God and the fundamentalquestions of human life – as to what is the purpose of humanexistence – all such questions do not exist. They sleep in suchquestions. To them all these questions have no meaning just likedarkness. The enlightened one is always awake in what is darknessor night for the ordinary pleasure-hunting souls. When we areperplexed with complex problems we have few solutions to besolved by ourselves we look at supernatural force which we call asalmighty in common man’s word it is GOD. When things arebeyond our control, we lead to superstition and many forms oforthodoxy. However it is certain we can overcome problems whichpractice of enlightenment in our daily lives. Man to overcome
  2. 2. many problem needs to be autonomous than depending onsociety Enlightenment means that humans develop (become“mature”) through the use of their reason. Individuals can seekknowledge and use their own reason rather than be told how tothink by the church, religion or the state. Enlightenment meansthink for you! The notion of human autonomy changes therelationship between individual freedom and the state. Ifindividuals should be free to use their own reason and to thinkwhat they want, how much power should the state have overindividuals’ lives? This becomes a key problem for Enlightenmentideologies. Many enlightened found several solutions inthemselves, Freedom means being able to think rationally foryourself. Kant argues that humanity must abandon a life ofunreason, of relying on superstition, faith, and blind obedience.Instead, we must order our lives according to reason. Reason willlead us to the truth. We find truth through science rather thanopinion or faith. Through scientific inquiry we can solve many ofthe mysteries of the universe and reveal the solutions to all theproblems people face. Many seers and saints, we call them asenlightened soles are people who realised what they are ratherthan world means to them, as all human beings possess the abilityto be enlightened. In other words, humans are equal by nature. Allhumans are part of a “universal community” who share a singleuniversal human nature. Differences among people are lessimportant than their fundamental sameness. Many after practiceof religion and true faith in the GOD have realised Enlightenmentis the ultimate goal of existence. Enlightenment is the state of
  3. 3. being and living by which one can experience supreme freedom,absolute power and the highest happiness. The easternphilosophical way of attaining enlightenment by denying the egoand getting rid of desires is a form of enlightenment. But it is notthe true enlightenment. They believe that in order to experiencethe true self, one has to shed the false self by realizing there is noego. They believe that an enlightened being is without ego anddesire. What they have is only half the truth combined withuntruth. Enlightenment is transcending the ego but that does notmean denying the ego. To transcend is to go beyond. There aredifferent planes of the spiritual dimension. An enlightenedconsciousness is one that transcends the physical plane. It is also aspiritual consciousness. You can become spiritual by transcendingphysicality, but that doesn’t mean you are fully enlightened. Ofthe many religions the thought of Buddha was different asBuddhism teaches for the self-enlightenment” Believe nothingmerely because you have been told it… Do not believe what yourteacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher. Butwhatsoever, after due examination and analysis, you find to bekind, conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings— that doctrine believe and cling to and take it as your guide”.Many experienced the power of enlightenment as with writing ofNostradamus, the critical mass of enlightenment can be defined asthe smallest number of awakened human beings whose collectiveinfluence can initiate a significant shift in global consciousness.The process of creating enough enlightened ones to achieve thiscritical mass can be likened to the transformation of coal into
  4. 4. diamonds. The pressure of surrounding human unconsciousnesscreates urgency in the potential enlightened one to awaken fromillusion. The total weight of so much unconscious carbon exerts atremendous pressure, through which a few coal stones reach theappropriate mass to become diamonds. These awakened beingsembody the crystal clarity of enlightened consciousness which cantransform the level of consciousness of the entire planet. The one,who has started evolving, begins to see glimpses of light in thedarkness, but the perfect human, sees nothing but the light of Godeverywhere. He only sees the existence of God, purity of love andconsciousness, so this very world becomes the existence ofDivinity itself. Enlightenment brings in success beyond