Creativity in medical teaching


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Creativity in medical teaching

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Creativity in medical teaching

  1. 1. Creativity in Medical Teaching *Dr.T.V.Rao MDWe all live in a complex world, the technology makes matters looksimple but have created complex problems to students and teacherstoo. A question arises whether we need teachers in future to teachand train our Medical students. However what one says I am true totestify we certainly need creative teachers to overcome thetechnological advances, as we live in is a rich and diverse place. Ifwere smart, we can take advantage of different aspects of thestimulating environment we all live in to help to teach creatively.Ifyou can stimulate your students, you have a better chance atkeeping them interested in learning more. But being creative offersmore benefits than just holding our students attention. If you areable to present material in many different ways, your students havea better chance of understanding it. Being a creative teacherencourages students to be creative learners too. The educationalistsare constantly investigating methods to improve teaching methodsto encourage their job seriously, and least attention is paid to makethe teachers creative. If you take an opinion from competentteachersthey accept that learning is most effective when it isenjoyable, but they are given little direct advice about how toachieve the creative and motivating classrooms that educationalistsappeal for. Best way to be a good teacher, think about your good oldteachers,and think back to all the teachers you had, youll probablybe able to identify different "styles" or approaches. Probably youcould categorize them with one word. Words like "very good teacherand just boring. If I ask you to recapitulated more, you mightdescribe as "influential" or "inspiring." I feel that made the differenceis us too. Nobodycan escape the influence of good teachers.I am
  2. 2. justified to say that no computer, multimedia, or Internet can replacea good creative teacher.We as teachers need to consciously consider their teaching style andwork toward developing a positive and effective style. Developing ateaching style means more than just one word. To develop a well-balanced teaching style means you must give plenty of thought towhat works well for you and what will be best for the students youwork with. If you analyse the truth, our students are the Mirror ofour approach to teaching just ask students what makes a goodteacher. You may find the answers at once, but in low tone justmakes you realise whether they are truly comfortable with you.We teachersshould realise life is a challenge, we have to face it donot lose your temper. Be firm, perhaps, but dont ever lose control.Deal with explosive situations at another time or another place. Ihave seen several teachers who deal with students many inferiorways which made highly knowledged teachers unpopular and get tomoral and legal litigations. Talk to students as if theyre humanbeings, not as ignorant creatures. A little respect for students goes along way and doesnt stop you from providing advice and guidance. Ialways consider them as my junior friends I say so muchresponsibility with you in upbringing the profession. I never meantany should be weak and useless. God has created all us with differentabilities which may have creative effects for the future developmentsin profession. Always be fair, "Fair" is probably the most commonlymentioned word students use about many of us as teachers. It maybe the hardest thing to do. Work at it. Follow from fellow teachers,administrators, and students. We have several issues in the workplace sort out try not to take problems toadministrators andtheissues will blow out of proportion. Try to resolve them before youleave for the day or at least develop a plan for resolving them
  3. 3. tomorrow. Many times we are in Catch 22 situations, be aprofessional with parents and administrators. Consider the concernsand requirements of others, but remember. You’re a trainedprofessional. My little success if I analyse is my sincerity andcommitment than just a little of knowledge. Give a little of yourself,arrive a little early, stay a little late. The best creativity we can teachto our changing student world isour own behaviour, attitude, andlittle concern, Let us practice a little of it. Creativity spontaneouslygenerates in environment we work.Email*