Bioinformatics in future medical care


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Bioinformatics in future medical care

  1. 1. BIOINFORMATICS IN FUTURE MEDICAL CARE Dr.T.V.Rao MD Bioinformatics is emerging science which incorporates information technology applied in biological research to store, collect and retrieve biologically oriented data, to analyze and predict the composition of molecules (nucleic acids, proteins, etc. ) and to model biological systems through mathematical, statistical and computer methods. It brings together the fields of Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Bio Technology and Genetics under the fold of computers and software advances. Thanks to James Watson Crick in basic understanding of the Bacterial DNA (genome), which lead to the basis of coding Chromosomes through the Super Computers? The Bioinformatics is changing the entire concept on gene. In future we may be compelled to view life and disease through the Chemistry of Genes. 1. Computer Speaks on Bio information: With feeding of complicated information to a computer it analyses the facts, it even speaks that life is a pack of information with a clear message that book of the life written in the complex DNA consisting of four letters. A.T.G. C. In future science expects that Physician can solve many mysteries of disease just looking into a computer and the greatest advantage lies in detection of most of the Genetic disorders. In future many diagnostic tests may be done by Bio informed computers, the chip locating abnormal base pairs at different gene locations. 2. Bioinformatics and Proteomics: The knowledge of information about the Genes and Science of Genomics lead to science of proteomics which analyses every protein in human functional dynamics. The science of proteomics will revolutionize the understanding of Hormones, Immunoglobulins targeting infections and Enzymes that build or break energy reserves. We are aware now, that there are too, many proteins which guide our life (50,000 to about 2 millions). But few Proteins play the real orchestra, modifying different actions in day to day life. Already many Bio Technology firms have started proteomics programme, if the events succeed to desired expectations there will be better quality of life serving to minute details. 3. . Bioinformatics in Gene Therapy: Gene therapy suffered with many problems in the past will have a greater revival with better understanding of human genome. Many Gene therapy trails will become virtual realities. 4. Drugs for Future: At present we use several drugs with a broad understanding to target only 500 proteins in the body, out of the 30,000 proteins already known, with advances in Genomic Medicine there will be more rational approach in drug discovery and clinical application. In future it is possible to target the diseases like Diabetes and Cancer before the onset of physical disease (phenotypic expression). The scientific visions include interfering with the sick cell, sparing the healthy cells, making the therapy least toxic and harmful. The discovery in this direction lead to discovery of Monoclonal antibodies, choosing the particular receptor on the cancer cell responsible for propagation of disease. With better understanding on Bioinformatics Anti-Cancer Drug discoveries will be target oriented with least toxic effects on normal cells. The following diseases are being targeted by many drug firms with Bioinformatics include: AIDS,
  2. 2. Mental Illnesses, Auto Immune Disease, Obesity, Alzheimer's disease, Heart Disease and Parkinson's disease. Future Role of Bioinformatics - in the future Medical care. 5. The art of Medicine will be enriched with biology as source of future developments in Medicine in the near future, every standard text book on Medicine, articles, journals published from reputed medical institutions emphasize the origin of disease on Genetic basis locating, few base pairs of Genes responsible for any complicated disease. The treatment approaches will be on targets of pathological process rather than vague remedies, the need for Bioinformatics capabilities has been highlighted by availability of Genomic information from Human genome project. Let there be more workshops, CME's & Seminars on orientation of Bioinformatics and Biomedicine to our Doctors. We teachers in medicine should put our best efforts in understanding the role of Genes in disease and spread the message to our students, so that we do not remain isolated from the progress of Science for human benefit.( Originally published in ) Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology Freelance writer