Dr.T.V.Rao MD
The thinking of every one is be successful, take students, and wishes to get good grades...
your own problems, or you think you know what's best for someone else. Sometimes all someone
needs is a helping hand, a lo...
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Be a winner in life


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Be a winner in life

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Be a winner in life

  1. 1. BE A WINNER IN LIFE Dr.T.V.Rao MD The thinking of every one is be successful, take students, and wishes to get good grades in spite of his own handicaps, and disinterest in his work. Success is a little word but has many interpretations with their life experiences. Many times when I tell my dear people, I am not happy that I was not successful as I wished, but wise tell me do not compare with anyone, be you and do not compare with anybody around, it is certain you will be disappointed . This will help you "win at life".Winning isn't about being rich, nor having everything. It's about meeting your own goals, and living whichever way makes you happy. Many times when we are stressed, we think about life and try to introspect ourselves, just try to enjoy the circumstances you live. If something negative happens, or if something positive happens, life is still is in your hands to improve from failures and rejoicing the success. We all tend to forget this at times, because we are overwhelmed by the stress in our lives, and control just seems like a fairy tale. But that doesn't mean end of youR achievements, it's not, take a deep breath, and remember no matter what happens, good or bad you are in control. Don't Forget: Life is what you make it, good or bad, right or wrong, none of that truly exists. It's all up to your own views and ideas about the world, not your parents, not your mentor, not your best friends, and certainly not someone that doesn't know the first thing about who you really are, at work/school. Best way to live in the complex world continues to let others not to judge you all the time, if you feel like no one understands, or listens to you, you're almost always right. They don't because how can they? In life, no one will ever fully understand someone unless the person in question wants them to or allows them. So if you can't find a person to reveal these things to, you need a book on autobiography of a successful person, you will find that success has no limits and many failures have no reasons, where you can express yourself, like your own little world. Many times we are belittled by friends, and near, and dear, just voice your opinion, but for now keep it to yourself. Expressing yourself to others takes time, but expressing yourself to you should be instant. Reach out; don't forget you are not the only person in the world with problems. The pain of loss and regret is something a lot of people feel daily. That common idea is something that draws people close together when given the chance. Because people who suffer are more prone to understanding others who've suffered. The students of today have many challenges once enter the true world with many realities when they are employed, just practice control on your emotions, don't let them control you: Most people are afraid of their own ideas, and emotions. Don't forget emotions are powerful weapons, or tools, based on how you use them. Emotions are not something extra that is attached to you. It is something we all create. You think before you feel. Your thoughts judge your events in your life based off of your own ideas and personal beliefs, which determines the way you look at events in your life. If you ever have a problem you're stuck on and can't understand, maybe you're looking at it the wrong way. Many students understand and misunderstand the intimacy of opposite gender, all may not be true in reality, as I see everyone has their own path to the reality of life, when they little mature. Don't think that love is only limited to a short range of people. LOVE is not just an emotion; it's a way of life. It's who you are, and those who wish to be loved, need to not only love others, but also love themselves. Majority of students who have love affairs just disappear with time, I have seen few really tie the knot. Life is to understand more so when bad things happen, imagine you roommate fails, just think about sympathising with him,And Listen even if you have
  2. 2. your own problems, or you think you know what's best for someone else. Sometimes all someone needs is a helping hand, a loving heart, an open mind, a closed mouth. Above all needs a person to just listen to them. We all hear things, but how many of us truly listen to nature, or life, or lessons, or even the simplest things around us, let alone someone who needs help? There are real disappointing moments think positive to life, Repeat! And repeat again, because life never ends without your say so. Almost everyone who dies, dies long before they truly die (excluding accidents). You die, when your heart fades away, you give up your hope, and you stop caring about yourself, or others. But don't worry if this is you. It's never too late to make a change, not if you have 1 million years left, or few seconds. Don't regret what you've been through or done, because while your past may define who you are today, only you can decide who you will be tomorrow.Hating people takes too much energy. Try to be a better person by loving and being kind to everyone. Yesterday is gone and forgotten, focus on tomorrow by building strong foundation today. Life is like a page of a book, you can't change what has been written, but you can always make every page BETTER Bea new man every day never lose hope of Life, the almighty have many plans for you; be honest and sincere to the world you live. Don't be afraid of yourself. Have confidence and don't be self-conscious.No one is old to life we are all Students to life, keep doing your duty. Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology- free lance writer.