Are we Teaching Creativity to our Students?
Dr.T.V.Rao MD
Think what we have achieved with our creativity, which means gen...
teacher’s discrimination on basis of caste, religion and sect which is certainly hampering the
progress of our Nation. Do ...
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Are we teaching creativity to our Studetns ?


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Are we teaching creativity to our Studetns

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Are we teaching creativity to our Studetns ?

  1. 1. Are we Teaching Creativity to our Students? Dr.T.V.Rao MD Think what we have achieved with our creativity, which means generating new ideas, visualizing, looking ahead, considering the possibilities. Evaluating means analysing and judging, picking apart ideas and sorting them into piles of good and bad, useful and useless. No two individuals are alike, like our Polymorphisms in genetic characters, we read many books on self-development, I too read many but not able to make any better in life. This big problem in any field where there are lots of mentors and wise people who tell you their secrets of success. It’s wise to listen, but unwise to follow without question. In this world every one suits himself may not be to others. If we can have self-improvement just reading a book, a moral or religious scripture, the world would have been different. I sincerely think no, Most of the great people designed their own life;many successfulpeople felt in the world did what others told them would never worked in their life. Many of our teachers knew something about their own ideas that even the own teacher’s didn’tknow. In this changing world we should teach our students that they should have self-confidence which is the driving force. When you understand that ideas often seem crazy at first, that failure is just a learning experience, and that nothing is impossible, you are on your way to becoming more confident and more creative. When my students fare badly in academics I never get annoyed I wish to state there are possibilities as the path to every victory is paved with predictions of failure. And once you have a big win under your care, all the naysayers will shut their noise and see you for what you are — a creative force to be reckoned with. Like any of our students are confused with too much information and we are leading to a state of information paralysis with conflicts of interest with many authors and unchecked ideas by any wise person. Every successful person has the ability to know when to stop collecting information and start taking action. Many subscribe to the “acting on a good plan today is better than waiting for a perfect plan tomorrow. Many of us are afraid of making mistakes, every mistake wakes up for the future success. No one wants to make mistakes or fail. But if you try too hard to avoid failure, you’ll also avoid success. It has been said that to increase your success rate, you should aim to make more mistakes. In other words, take more chances and you’ll succeed more often. Those few really great ideas you come up with will more than compensate for all the dumb mistakes you make. The moment we wake up in the world we started a new cycle of life, do remember the brain is a wonderful organ It starts the moment you get up and doesn’t stop thinking and creating until you get down to sleep. We have complex class rooms with highly intelligent, less creative, and indifferent students, if we really look into our own class room we have diverse fide world. Less intelligent and least hardworking can be motivated with the good advice of support it’s a myth that only highly intelligent people are creative. I tell my students, when I was a student, I found that least identified students were successful than identified as very good, as we all know life is myth controlled by many process beyond our imagination. India’s backwardness lies with
  2. 2. teacher’s discrimination on basis of caste, religion and sect which is certainly hampering the progress of our Nation. Do not worry my friends and students, if you get a doubt about yourself,Just Ask a writer for a great idea, and you’ll get a solution that involves words, ask designers for a great idea, and you’ll get a solution that involves visuals, ask a sincere teacher you will get ideas about learning. It is, however, natural; a loss of passion in creativity is regularly a result of stress, or a lack of focus, or a fear of risk, or the feeling of doing work that is under appreciated. It’s the students who doesn’t feel as though her/his rankings or grades to do not receive any recognition, or the teacher who doesn’t know how to impress the students with his skills and creative passion can go missing, it happens. The dangerous part comes from giving up when you do lose passion; from calling it quits and accepting the fact that you just don’t have it in you. One thing we have to practice is the knowledge that once we have claimed our passion it will not leave us. It may lay dormant while we retool our skills, or we take a break to refresh our abilities so we can recognize the possibilities around us, but our passion never really, totally, abandons us. “I always question myself and ask my students Am I right to your needs as one should also regularly evaluate our creative focus. Ask yourself: “is this the type of creative work I want to be known for?” If not, start making small changes right now to get your focus back on track. Never forget we are creators of our destiny if have recently felt as though you’re losing your passion to create, first ask yourself what might be causing the feeling (is it stress? Feeling unappreciated? A lack of focus? Fear of failure?), then give yourself time to resolve the issue on your own terms. Our examinations are not parameters of our creativity they are just some fixed parameters as the people who formulated may not be able to do better. I have always progressed in life and continue to be creative as Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas, I thankful to the people who do not believe in my little talents. I firmly believe creativity of teacher’s they are the right people to create the greater tomorrow for the World. Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Travancore Medical College Kollam Kerala