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Achieving our success and happiness


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Achieving our success and happiness

  1. 1. ACHIEVING OUR SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS Dr.T.V.Rao MD If you ask any person in the world, what makes a life happier, the first answer certainly is the Success, however if one asks people what is success the answer is definitely different, everyone has a different definitions and expectations. Today we are more pleased to say that if we have materialistic things you are identified as successful man,however if you ask a successful man he has many reasons for all the achievements, and more reasons to the happy and unhappy in life. However I consider Success is process which we should try with manyways – just visualise your life close your eyes and imagine yourself accomplishing your goals. Where are you? How did you get there? How do you feel? Do this often. Don’t get swayed easily with the noises and happenings going on around you. Today many discourage you and few encourage you, in this process many good thoughts die. Think you are for yourself, and your partner, children and few good friends are your well-wishers, listen to their voices, Ask for guidance. No one can really tell you exactly what you should do to achieve your goal, but one of the best sources for guidelines is to ask those who have done what you hope to achieve. When I was in high school I have generated a dream to become a Doctor with my observations of our family Physician who was precise, ethical and accurate to treat us, when I fall sick with repeated respiratory infections, at one time I thought it may hamper my education. My ideal was to become a Doctor, none of the difficulties could hinder my ambitions and parents and the almighty were with me to achieve the desired goals in Life. Learn from the experience of others without trying to imitate them. Any success has beginning with the role model. Put your attention on what you are trying to achieve. Remember the goal, and you will have control over the discomforts and difficulties. A good way to visualize is to practice self-hypnosis.Seek help from many, Find the information, skills and knowledge that you need from other people, books, and audio or video programs. Speed up your learning process by emulating what other successful people have done. You save time and get results faster. Read a book on achieving success, so many in the market and take few thoughts which can be powerful ways to help us to get fast, permanent results. I was lucky to be encouraged by life partner who was more than my self, she will never think negative, was a great driving forcefor many success and coming out of many challenges in life. Always believe that you will achieve your goal. As soon as you stop believing, you have already failed. Never forget Life is war, Leverage the power of small wins. Bring to mind the small wins you have achieved in your life. Let them give you the feel and the motivation of a conqueror. Let these motivate you to set higher and hitherto unreachable goals, and the courage to achieve them. This will help you win many a battle in your life and ultimately the war. Many foundations in every one’s life is guided by failures, Learn from mistakes. Making mistakes should be a subject at school to teach all children how to learn from them, instead of trying to avoid them. In the pursuit of a goal, you are likely to make some mistakes. Don't see them as bad or get angry. They are important to correct you and to lead you to success. If you ask me question what makes one humble it is certainly our concern for the humanity, be passionate to less privileged. Striving toward a goal without passion is like a fire which slowly runs out of fuel to burn. Get excited; this will mean that you will love what you are doing. Never forget we are all children within ourselves however we are growing and becoming old with age. Always share the child within amongst your potential peers. This empowers the Law of Attraction that shapes the dreams of the child into the creative force of the adult. In this uncertain world we should always be prepared for change either in job or life style.Take contingency plans.
  2. 2. Never forget about the problems that might come up on the way, and prepare for them. Positive thinking is important, but preparedness is better than being shocked or devastated when obstacles appear. The best way to live in the world preserve you identity, Now that you have the momentum going, don't let it stop! Some steps may seem less exciting than others seem, but make sure to stick to your plan until the end! Avoid distractions and stay focused. Don't allow yourself to be distracted by other energy consuming efforts. In the past we are putting our thoughts in books and ourselves, now we have many opportunities with Social networking and never forget to motivate many with positive though just share your thoughts many may be benefited. Put it in writing. Writing reinforces thoughts. Even if you are the only one to see what you've written, writing down your goals can give more power to your intentions. Don't forget the words of Lao-Tze: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Make sure, your goal is SMART, SPECIFIC Measurable Achievable include Realistic Team-oriented Time-related. Life goes on in spite of many happenings in the world, just keep moving with positive thoughts to survive in the turbulent world. Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology, Freelance writer