Cheap & Dirty Cosplay for Beginners


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SheWolf Cosplays presented Cheap & Dirty Cosplay for Beginners as a beginner crash course in cosplaying. Read this, and become the best cosplay character you can be with our tips, tricks, and hints, all from our very own experiences cosplaying. Topics touch on planning, budget, execution, makeup/prosthetics, tips and tricks, and how to deal with criticism.

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Cheap & Dirty Cosplay for Beginners

  1. 1. Cheap & dirty cosplay
  2. 2. Anyone can cosplay
  3. 3. The community of cosplay is founded around the thought that this hobby is fun. Yes, it is hard work. Yes, it is time-consuming. Yes, it can be tedious and people may not understand why we do it. But in the end, cosplay is fun. - Jeannette "Chinako" Chambliss -
  4. 4. I think that at the very heart of cosplay is the love for a character, and the desire to bring that character to life. That's what it should be about. - Chaka Cumberbatch -
  5. 5. Examples of: different. cosplaying while
  6. 6. Let’s get this party started.
  7. 7. Pick your character
  8. 8. Keep it simple
  9. 9. Keep it simple
  10. 10. Keep it simple
  11. 11. Keep it simple
  12. 12. Keep it simple
  13. 13. Make sure to plan ahead!
  14. 14. Assess your Skills
  15. 15. Can you sew? Yes! 1. Go buy a pattern 2. Go buy fabric 3. …Profit No? That’s why you’re here Silly goose
  16. 16. Set a goal to sew one thing for every cosplay you do
  17. 17. Assess your materials
  18. 18. Duct Tape Laundry Basket Card Board Bottle Caps
  19. 19. Foam core Chicken Wire Plaster & Gesso
  20. 20. Liquid Latex PVC Pipe Coffee Grounds
  21. 21. Hot Glue Thick Fabric
  22. 22. Craft Foam Mod Podge
  23. 23. Contact Cement Craft Foam Spandex
  24. 24. Assess your Budget
  25. 25. Have Two Budgets
  26. 26. Trash pick & thrift shop
  27. 27. Esmeralda Shirt Pyramid Ma’Am Skirt Team Fortress Medic Outfit Jayne Cobb Boots Poison ivy Swimsuit Base Harley Quinn Blouse Buffalo Exchange Philly Aids Thrift Closet I Goldberg Military Goodwill From a Friend
  28. 28. research Is so so sexy
  29. 29.
  30. 30. Do it with friends
  31. 31. We became friends Throughcostuming…
  32. 32. And ever since have … Done it together.
  33. 33. MAKE SURE TO Do a Practice run
  34. 34. Photo posing Tips, tricks, and hints
  35. 35. Capture the light With your face Practice in a mirror and with a camera how will you know what you look like unless you try Make your arms dynamic cosplay is fun and exciting and your arms need to show it Keep trying different poses in the hall this keeps your pictures interesting Look slightly above the lens of the camera this reduces red-eye Engage your eyes and keep your photos alive
  36. 36. Make-up Tips, tricks, and hints
  37. 37. Not just for girls however…
  38. 38. You are playing a character so go all out If your character doesn’t wear makeup, wear subtle foundation/eyeliner/mascara anyway Get the good stuff, or bad stuff happens breakouts, smudging, fading, reactions
  39. 39. Keep color in theme
  40. 40. Set your makeup
  41. 41. Prosthetics Effects and Prosthetic effects
  42. 42. Don’t be afraid of prothestics…
  43. 43. Expand your horizons practice, practice, practice Be practical seriously Know that better prosthetics higher maintenance and need a heavier medkit Spirit Gum & Liquid Latex magic Watch Youtube videos and try premade appliances
  44. 44. SOMETIMES simple
  45. 45. sometimes complex
  46. 46. Make your own blood
  47. 47. Go big or go home
  48. 48. Pack Properly
  49. 49. Use our MedKit Packing List {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} super glue pre-threaded needles patch of fabric moleskin sheet bandaids Neosporin safety pins small scissors duct tape bobby pins double sided tape cheap eyeliner 1 black Sharpie 1 brown Sharpie small Swiss army knife compact mirror hair bands confidence
  50. 50. Make sure you are Happy with it
  51. 51. Confidence Is the best tool
  52. 52. Have fun
  54. 54. Want to have a discussion? Is it acceptable for a person to use body paint to mimic skin-tone? What about tanning to achieve a darker skin tone? Do tattoos or piercings distract from the cosplay? Is it offensive to put on old-age makeup for an older character? Special thanks! Jeannette "Chinako" Chambliss Chaka Cumberbatch Jessica R Orsini Bryan L Moore Frank Le Baccia Greg Ember Clare Barbone Aaron A Chernak Black, White, and Raw Photography Michael Enoches Warren Suber Larry West Disclaimer Some of the images used within this presentation are not owned by me, if you are the owner of the image, contact and we will gladly give you credit or take down your material.