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You have the time!


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Doctoral Students are our main audience but this webinar by Dr. Toni Hull was great on helping all of us re-evaluate how we use the 24 hours we are given to have the life we are looking for.

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You have the time!

  1. 1. Sign up to download the e-book for this presentation at: You Do Have the Time! Here’s how you find it byToni Hull, Ed.D.
  2. 2. What could you do in a day if you had to?
  3. 3. You Have The Time  We all have the same amount of time in a day – what are you doing with it?
  4. 4. Clear your mind, fill your calendar  Purging your mind of all you are thinking about allows you to gain control of your time  Positioning the tasks you need to complete on a calendar allows you to manage the tasks instead of the tasks managing you  Find a calendar or planner that fits your personality and lifestyle
  5. 5. Schedule Yourself In  Take a time inventory  Make appointments with yourself often  Do things that recharge you and rejuvenate you  Look for pockets of time that you may not have noticed before and find the tasks that fit the timeframe
  6. 6. Productivity, Not Perfection  Start small and allow yourself to make mistakes  A timer can be your friend  Step out of your comfort zone by working towards your goals in no-so-perfect situations or times
  7. 7. Plan with your Brain in Mind  We all have unique brains and we must learn when and how our brains work best  To make the most of your time – synchronize your time with your brain – recognize your strengths and challenges
  8. 8. The 6 P’s of Time Management  •Purge your Brain – write it all down, everything – even routines you have or would like to create  •Prioritize – Eat those frogs – do the biggest, ugliest task first – remember the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule)  •Position – Take time inventory and then honor your brain when scheduling, include time for you and your Rule of 5 – make a weekly time map  •Perform – Complete specific tasks to move toward goals, do one at a time – multitasking reduces efficiency  •Praise – Celebrate all of your successes along the way!  •Polish – Reassess, adjust and continue forward motion!
  9. 9. Wows and Wonders
  10. 10. The e-book  Activities to dive into each of the principles  Tips and tricks to help you to master your time  Personal anecdotes that make you think of your own time management strengths and challenges  Continue to connect with Toni at @enchantedleader on twitter for follow up resources and ideas about time management, productivity and personal development
  11. 11. Remember this…
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