Video slides focus on population & sample


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These slides offer dissertation help in the form of a discussion on the various considerations involved in issues of population and sample size for dissertations.

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Video slides focus on population & sample

  1. 1. FOCUS ONPOPULATION &SAMPLEJustifying what you do during yourdoctoral researchSlides and video
  2. 2. Confused about theissue of populationvs sample in yourdissertation study?1. What is it all about?2. Why is it important?3. Where do you start?
  3. 3. CONSIDER:Regarding how you slice out population: Who is affected by the issues/challenges or problems around which your study revolves? How much area does your study cover? What is the demographic make up of that group in that area? Are there any particular considerations that make them special or unique from the wider diversity that surround them? Will the effect of the outcome of your study on this group be direct or indirect? Merely of interest or will it create policy? If policy, who will the policy affect directly and indirectlyIn comparison to…. Who can you get your hands on/get IRB permission to ask questions of, through which you will develop your results? To what extent does the smaller group you will ask questions of, mirror the larger group who may be affected?
  4. 4. Your SamplePopulation thatare affected bythe issuePopulation thatwould beinterested
  5. 5. Your classroom will be studiedand mirrors the population of thedistrict/state in this manner….. Your district/state are especially concerned because….. The United States/much of the world studies the affect of testing on students
  6. 6. Your Sample1) It is your task to convince yourreaders that your sample is indicative Variable Aof the population to whom you claimyour study to be of interest.2) To the extent that your study isfocused on multiple variables, youneed to convince your audience thatyour sample contains them to the Variable Variablesame likelihood or % as the wider B Cpopulation from which they arederived.
  7. 7. Your Sample1. Relationships may not be Students Defined apparent as is seen here2. All relationships/demographics to be At-Risk need to be sorted out3. In order to believe that the sample is correct for the Who population Reportin are at g Test risk of Anxiety failure
  8. 8. AS YOU CAN SEE…The sample here is NOT thesame As the sample here…. Variable Students A Defined to be At-Risk Reporting Who areVariabl Variabl Test at risk of eB eC Anxiety failure
  9. 9. Question:Can you draw out each relationshipand describe them?Are they convincing?How large is the full population ascompared to the sample you caneasily question?Is it convincing to believe thatanswers from your small group willrepresent the larger group as well?
  10. 10. TYPE OF SAMPLE &MAKING A CASE FOR SIGNIFICANCEConvenience Random Easy to obtain  Must meet the standard that Credibility of results depends everyone a) in a larger but on your convincing your accurately distributed sample reader that your sample b) had an equal likelihood to equated to a large degree participate with the population from which they were drawn.  Credibility depends on your random controls and means of The closer to that population the more likely that credibility obtaining your sample can be established population  Statistical likelihood that a random sample will represent the whole
  11. 11. Draw a convincingdiscussion of population/sample and…• You will have a much easier time to demonstrate your work is credible, and reliable.• Your committee will have smaller number of challenges before you can move forward• Your work will have a greater likelihood of being picked up later/have greater affect on your field
  12. 12. For More Information1. Doctoral Net Academy (DNA) a self guided way through the maze of writing a dissertation with regular opportunities to ask question of live advisors2. Finishing Faster Groups adding accountability and support to the DNA mix3. Both virtual and luxury retreats taking you away and offering still greater one on one support