The very best survival guide out for "The WarZ", start winning now!


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The very best survival guide out for "The WarZ", start winning now!

  1. 1. The very best survival guide out for "The WarZ", start winningnow!Section 0: IntroductionChapter I: IntroductionIn a hostile world full of zombies and bandits alike, your biggest concern is survival of course.To ensure that you do indeed survive, I have put together this guide. It will teach youeverything from the basics of scavenging to the tactics of human-zombie and human-humancontact scenarios. So without further ado, let’s begin.Section I: LocationsChapter I: SpawningNo matter where you end up upon spawning, you need to make sure you know what toexpect of your surroundings. Common survivor knowledge states that if there are buildingsnearby, there might also be people nearby. Whenever you’re heading towards a city, there’sbound to be civilization. In such cases, you should exercise extreme caution. If you want tofind some place relatively safe to plan, rest, and optionally meet with a group, you’d besthead to a safe zone.Section I: LocationsChapter II: Safe ZonesA survivor’s best friend is a safe zone. These settlements spread across the map providelarge walls and NPCs that will provide protection while you rest, heal, eat, talk, trade, meet-up, store items, etc. The only problem is that safe zones are not entirely “safe”.Safe zones are patrolled by guards, and should you happen to kill or wound someone insideits boundaries, those guards may attack you. On the other hand, if you have a bandit status,guards will shoot you on sight. Bandits beware!Just because you’ll be shot on sight as a bandit doesn’t mean you can’t go on the offensive.Get a group together, arm up, and storm the settlement. Once you have killed off theinhabitants, you are free to pillage the settlement. If you’d rather operate on the defensive,survivors and lawman can do their part to keep the zone safe. This will allow you to trulyrelax and help others do the same.Section I: LocationsChapter III: Military BasesMilitary/police installations such as Echo’s Compound, Camp Splinter, and Delta PeakRanger Station all have remnants of military occupation. There is a strong chance of banditswaiting nearby to loot or attack other players due to the fact that there are always at least twomilitary grade items waiting to be picked up.If you’re traveling with a group, it would be wise to scout the area from a distance withbinoculars, rangefinders, and sniper rifles. Large areas like the airport will require asignificant group size to cover the most ground. And with a large area comes a large chanceof hostiles, zombies and players alike. No matter which base you go to, use caution.
  2. 2. Section I: LocationsChapter IV: Cities and TownsCities and towns can be dangerous and helpful at the same time. With the promise ofmoderate loot like food and medical supplies, there are always others with the same ideas ofgoing there. Whether you come across zombies, bandits, or other players, there is always athreat of some kind.Since cities are big in size, scope, and loot, large bands of survivors and/or bandits willconstantly roam these areas. Unless you have an army of your own or you reside in a low-population server, use caution.Section I: LocationsChapter V: Minor LocationsWhile the majority of the map is nothing but wilderness and settlements, you mayoccasionally stumble across a shack, barn, or small farmstead. Such lesser known areasinclude campsites and trailer parks. While they have a very low chance of being camped bybandits and zombies, spawning locations for new characters generally happen near theseareas, especially to the north-east, so be on the look-out for unarmed players.On the other hand, you can find those small amounts of supplies that will get you throughyour journey. Some barns contain food and water as well as the occasional backpack andrifle while roadside stores contain anything a general store will have.Section I: LocationsChapter VI: ScavengingIm not sure about all of you, but I LIVE for the loot. Scavenging is one of my favoriteactivities. In this chapter I will go through individual locations/buildings detailing what you canfind there. Keep in mind that these locations are duplicated; meaning they have the samelayout and item spawns/spawn rates as any other. They can also be found mainly in citiesand towns. Lastly, if you want to find said buildings, use this interactive map from the guysover at - thing I almost forgot to mention: the format. Under each place, there is a list detailingevery possible item spawn. For example, take food, and think of it like a question youd askme: "Snuffles, have you found food () here before?". My answer is after the item name.Post Offices - Post offices are small buildings that can most notably be identified by acounter-top which can be climbed over. Once youre inside of the employee area, zombiescannot climb said counter to kill you. This is often a good place to disconnect as you cannotspawn into a zombie mob.Loot:Food = YESWater = YESMedicine = SOMETIMESMelee Weapons = RARELY
  3. 3. Pistols/Shotguns = RARELYCarbines/Assault Rifles/SMGs = NOSnipers/LMGs/Explosives = NOArmor/Helmets/Weapon Mods = NEVEREquipment/Optics = NEVERGeneral Stores - General stores can be found in pretty much every town. You can find themby looking for a white box-shaped building with storefront windows broken in and shelveslining the interior. Obviously, general stores carry general goods such as food, water,medicine, etc; you get it: the works. They are also looted most of the times; I mean come onpeople: if the zombie apocalypse waltz right up to your door, wouldnt you go to the place thatcontains everything you need for survival?Loot:Food = YESWater = YESMedicine = YESMelee Weapons = SOMETIMESPistols/Shotguns = SOMETIMESCarbines/Assault Rifles/SMGs = RARELYSnipers/LMGs/Explosives = NOArmor/Helmets/Weapon Mods = SOMETIMESEquipment/Optics = YESDiners - Diners were the pinnacle of fast food and other cuisine back in the mid to late 1900s.Imagine greasers hitting on the broads and jukeboxes blaring rock & blues with a hint of jazz.Unfortunately, zombie apocalypse got the better of it and now you wont get to witness hotbabes serving up burgers and milkshakes. However, you can do such things with yourself,friends, or undead friends.Loot:Food = YESWater = YESMedicine = YESMelee Weapons = SOMETIMESPistols/Shotguns = SOMETIMESCarbines/Assault Rifles/SMGs = NEVERSnipers/LMGs/Explosives = NEVERArmor/Helmets/Weapon Mods = NEVEREquipment/Optics = SOMETIMESFire Stations - When stuff burns, people douse it with water, and sometimes ammunition. Forwhatever reason, Ive found my share of guns n ammo in the fire station. Im not sure whatbullets would do against buildings, but then again some people have flaming zombies ontheir hands.
  4. 4. Loot:Food = YESWater = YESMedicine = YESMelee Weapons = NEVERPistols/Shotguns = SOMETIMESCarbines/Assault Rifles/SMGs = SOMETIMESSnipers/LMGs/Explosives = SOMETIMESArmor/Helmets/Weapon Mods = SOMETIMESEquipment/Optics = NEVERPolice/Ranger Stations - Like with the general store, where would you go for supplies,protection, and guns? If you guessed/went to and got screwed royally the local lawenforcement building, youre dead. With police, theres guns and ammunition, so if you needguns and ammunition with a side of survivors, go here. Now.Loot:Food = YESWater = YES (With a surprising amount of Electro-Aids)Medicine = SOMETIMESMelee Weapons = NEVERPistols/Shotguns = SOMETIMESCarbines/Assault Rifles/SMGs = SOMETIMESSnipers/LMGs/Explosives = SOMETIMESArmor/Helmets/Weapon Mods = SOMETIMESEquipment/Optics = SOMETIMESPolice Cars/Humvees - Same deal with police/ranger stations: guns and ammo.Loot:Food = YESWater = YESMedicine = YESMelee Weapons = NEVERPistols/Shotguns = SOMETIMESCarbines/Assault Rifles/SMGs = YESSnipers/LMGs/Explosives = SOMETIMESArmor/Helmets/Weapon Mods = YESEquipment/Optics = SOMETIMESAmbulances/Firetrucks - When people are getting shot/stabbed and people areburning/getting tongues stuck on frozen poles, you call emergency services. Sadly, they dontcarry many goodies in overturned ambulences and stationary fire trucks.Loot:Food = SOMETIMES
  5. 5. Water = SOMETIMESMedicine = NEVERMelee Weapons = NEVERPistols/Shotguns = SOMETIMES, I find pistolsCarbines/Assault Rifles/SMGs = NEVERSnipers/LMGs/Explosives = NEVERArmor/Helmets/Weapon Mods = NEVEREquipment/Optics = NEVERCamp Trailers - I remember camping: sitting in an RV not enjoying the outdoors while playingvideo games and eating smores. Oh how I WISH I could go back to those moments andenjoy the outside. Fortunately for now, I can! Simply enter trailer, get food/the occasionalgun, and watch as zombies are helpless to climb those stupid steep stairs.Loot:Food = YESWater = YESMedicine = SOMETIMESMelee Weapons = SOMETIMESPistols/Shotguns = YESCarbines/Assault Rifles/SMGs = SOMETIMESSnipers/LMGs/Explosives = NEVERArmor/Helmets/Weapon Mods = NEVEREquipment/Optics = SOMETIMESCars/Trucks - I dont normally travel, but when I do, I find good loot. This is the same withcars: from granola bars and other travel-snacks to compact Uzis which were TOTALLY notused for drive-bys, cars have some decent stuff in them. Give it a try sometime.Loot:Food = YESWater = YESMedicine = SOMETIMESMelee Weapons = NEVERPistols/Shotguns = SOMETIMESCarbines/Assault Rifles/SMGs = SOMETIMESSnipers/LMGs/Explosives = NEVERArmor/Helmets/Weapon Mods = SOMETIMESEquipment/Optics = NEVERHelicopter Crash Sites - When a bad word hits the fan and ricochets onto passerbyhelicopters, said helicopters crash and burn. Depending on the type of helicopter such ascivilian tour copter and annoying NEWS 6 copter that forgets to turn on his spotlight, you canfind some REALLY good stuff.Loot:
  6. 6. Food = YESWater = YESMedicine = YESMelee Weapons = YESPistols/Shotguns = YESCarbines/Assault Rifles/SMGs = YESSnipers/LMGs/Explosives = YESArmor/Helmets/Weapon Mods = YESEquipment/Optics = SOMETIMESPlane Crash - There can only be one... And it can be found... At the... ... Airport...Loot:Food = YESWater = YESMedicine = YESMelee Weapons = YESPistols/Shotguns = SOMETIMESCarbines/Assault Rifles/SMGs = YESSnipers/LMGs/Explosives = SOMETIMESArmor/Helmets/Weapon Mods = YESEquipment/Optics = YESSection II: Players and NPCsChapter I: Player-Player InteractionsIn the event that you stumble across another player, you should always make sure they’renon-hostile before approaching them. Many bandits roam the servers in search of players toloot. If you’re not one of their close friends or clan-mates, you’re vulnerable to attack. On theother hand, Lawman and some civilians are willing to help you, but only if you know they’retrustworthy and vice-versa.The big question is: How do you know who’s friendly and who’s not? If you are close enoughto identify their name, look them up on the player list. If they have a lawman tag next to theirname then that means it’s their job to take down bandits and protect civilians. If they have abandit or mega-bandit tag, it means they’re out to kill you rather than carry you on their backto the nearest safe zone.Sometimes, you will not be three feet away from someone to identify them, so look for signsof hostility. If you see them shoot another player, travel with a large group, or camp a certainarea, there’s a good chance they’re hostile. Some exceptions are shooting someone in self-defense, staying with a group to maximize security, or guarding an area from bandits.A way to find someone trustworthy without using visuals is to give the illusion that you havevaluable items in one way or another when traveling with someone. Some bandits won’twaste ammo on “naked” players. Some may wait until you get to the safe zone so they canunload in two quick trips. Just hope they don’t shoot you at the end of your journey together.Overall, there’s no sure way to find friendlies. If you’ve had the last straw with your trial and
  7. 7. errors, just stick to close friends like those in reality. If you can’t trust those close to you thenyou can’t trust anyone.Lastly, if you do encounter hostiles, refer to the ‘Combat’ section of this guide for tactics onhow to take offensive or defensive action against other players.Section II: Players and NPCsChapter II: Player-Zombie InteractionsSome people say that during a zombie apocalypse, people are the real danger. Realisticallyspeaking, it wouldn’t be called an “apocalypse” without a significant threat: zombies.As a friend of mine once said: “Zombies are like stupid people: weak individually, but strongin packs”. If you encounter a zombie, depending on your particular circumstances, there area few actions that can be taken. You can find more on this subject in the ‘Combat’ section.Section II: Players and NPCsChapter III: Player-NPC Interactions(COMING SOON!)Section III: WeaponsChapter I: Unarmed CombatIf you find yourself in a situation with hostiles, there’s no more that you can do except run,hide, or call for backup. If zombies are chasing you, outrun them and continue on or hidesomewhere where they can’t reach you. If bandits are closing in on you, call for backup orrun away. If you can’t do anything at all, then accept your fate and make the best of your lastmoments.Section III: WeaponsChapter II: Melee CombatThe most common weapons on the post-apocalyptic market are melee-based weapons.From the lowly flashlight to the cumbersome pickaxe, a weapon that doesn’t require ammomakes a great last resort.In order of least powerful [damage wise], you have the flashlight (which can give away yourposition when turned on), baseball bat, hammer, spiked bat, aluminum bat, pickaxe, hatchet,and tactical knife. And those are just some of many.Lastly, as I stated in the beginning, melee weapons are great as a last resort. If you and abandit run out of ammo, you can pull a knife on your now-disarmed foe and finish the fight.Section III: WeaponsChapter III: PistolsIf you are ever lucky enough to stumble upon a gun, a pistol is most likely what you’ll find.Pistols are equipped in your secondary weapon slot and are great for switching from yourprimary should you run out of ammo or don’t have time to reload.Depending on the pistol you’re using, they have different damage levels and ranges. It could
  8. 8. take from 3-5 shots to a full clip to take down an enemy, and even more if you lack a scopeor laser for long-distance shots. For this reason, use a sidearm only in close-quarters tomedium-ranged situations.Section III: WeaponsChapter IV: ShotgunsSecond on the rarity scale from pistols, shotguns are the next step when using a firearm.Designed exclusively for close-quarters scenarios, shotguns should only be used as such.Do not expect kills from more than a few yards from your opponent, as a shotgun’s spreadwill dissipate the further away your target is.If you are specifically exploring buildings, bring out your shotgun to dominate the building.That bandit sniper atop a skyscraper cannot compete in close-quarters combat. Once again,do not use shotguns unless you are dangerously close to your enemy.Section III: WeaponsChapter V: SMGsWhen a man decided to bridge the gap between the compact abilities of a pistol and theautomatic capabilities of an assault rifle, the submachine gun was born. With mainly pistolgrips, small sizes, and large automatic clips, SMGs are the new alpha-males of close-quarters combat.Some of the SMGs to be found include the Uzi and the MP7, with the more accurate typeslike the P90 and MP5 being more rare to find. It is in your best interest to use these solely onurban combat, as accuracy from a distance is hard even for the advanced marksman. SomeSMGs like the MP5 and the PP-Bizon are open for attachments like grips and sights toimprove combat capability, so if you have weapon mods, now is the time to utilize them.Youve heard about them, now its time to find them. Since their abilities of concealment andautomatic fire made them banned for civilian use, your best bet to find these little gems wouldbe to look around military bases. Other possibilities are in crashed helicopters and humvees,due to the fact that they dont take up much space in the cockpit/drivers seat. Ammunition iseven harder to come by, but can still be found in those general areas.If you ever come across an SMG, treasure it, and make sure you dont waste their rareammunition on petty zombies. Its the little things that pack a punch, but at a cost.Section III: WeaponsChapter VI: Automatic Rifles and CarbinesWhen I say rifles, I do not generally mean long-range .50 caliber sniper rifles. I’m talkingabout less cumbersome rifles made for civilian or military usage.Starting with semi-automatic rifles, called carbines, these are generally the most common.Due to the fact that they’re legal firearms, this allows them to be sold in general stores andused by homeowners. Ammo for these rifles is generally rarer than the rifle itself, but mostrifles you find will be already locked-and-loaded for use.Next come automatic and burst-fire rifles. Due to their sheer power and magazine sizes,these rifles are banned in most places and used exclusively by licensed military and police
  9. 9. forces. This being the case, you must look for these military-grade guns in military bases orpolice stations. Automatic rifle magazines are one of the hardest items to find, even in amilitary base.Rifles of all shapes and sizes come with advantages and disadvantages. Some may have ahigh fire rate but their less-powerful bullets may not have the stopping power you need.Others are perfect in every way, having multiple fire modes and common ammunition types.On the other hand, rifles are suited for medium-ranged combat and sometimes long-rangeshould you have a laser or scope to attach.No matter which rifle you find, it is always a valuable tool and commodity. Use them onlywhen you know you’ll live long enough to do some damage with one, and when you have theammo to spare or waste.Section III: WeaponsChapter VII: Sniper RiflesThis is probably what you want, but cannot find. Sniper rifles are the ultimate firearm for long-range scenarios. Whether you are the hunter or the hunted, the distant crack of a muzzledischarge is enough to send anyone for cover.Sniper rifles aren’t just the most powerful, but the rarest items in the game. Your only hope offinding one is at a downed military vehicle or a military installation. Even so, you could hopten different bases on ten different servers and probably find one rifle or one clip. Snipers arecalled the ultimate weapon for a reason.If you are ever lucky enough to find a sniper rifle, use it sparingly, and only when you havethe upper hand. Your best interest would be to find some high ground. After all, a sniper’sbest friend is elevation. Just try not to go anywhere too cliché such as a building or tower.Look for hills, mountains, smaller-than-skyscraper buildings, and a partner to spot for targetsand/or watch your back.Since ammo is hard to find, use it sparingly. Don’t take out zombies or naked players toconserve ammo. And whatever you do: aim for the head. Unless you have an un-Godlyamount of luck to stumble across a .50 Cal, don’t try to pierce body armor.Lastly, keep sniper rifles to medium to long-range combat. A cumbersome long-barreled rifleonly works so well in a close-quarters scenario, so always have someone to watch your backor keep a secondary weapon handy.Section III: WeaponsChapter VIII: Explosive WeaponrySome people know that the only thing more deadly than a loaded sniper rifle is explosiveordnance. Using grenades to clear out buildings and rocket launchers to destroy vehicles andcover is always a good solution to any firefight. The problem is finding and using thesecoveted weapons.Like sniper rifles, explosives are only found anywhere with a military presence. If you’ve beenlooking for a sniper rifle for four hours, be prepared to search double that time for a grenade.Additionally, make sure you know how to use explosives properly. If you don’t know how faryou can throw a grenade or how far a rocket will travel, you might end up wasting it. If you
  10. 10. need practice, use flares and chemlights by counting to three and throwing them. After thepin is primed, you have five seconds until it blows. This being said, you could also try suicidebombings.Explosive weapons of any kind are few in numbers and variety. So when you do find one,trade it to someone or use it wisely.Section IV: CombatChapter I: Player-Player TacticsWhen another player turns hostile, you have the same options when fighting a zombie: run,hide, flee, or fight. With multiple tools out on the ‘Scavenging Market™, here you will find outhow to use them. If you don’t have a gun or a melee weapon, you have no choice but to runor die. And if you encounter a bandit in close quarters, there’s hardly a chance of outrunninghim/her. Accept your fate or hide and disconnect.Got a hammer or a hatchet? What does your opponent have? Should you be wielding a knifeand a bandit lay across the street unarmed, chase him and strike him down or let him go. Inthe case that you are both armed, fight or flight. The choice is yours depending on yourstatus, or the choice is your opponents if hes looking for loot. If you have four friends armedwith hammers and one bandit on the other side of a wall with a gun, some of you may die butif you use the right tactics, your foe will fall. Try and create a distraction or use one of yourgroup members as bait. Look for an opening when hes distracted, AFK, or about todisconnect.Carrying a gun with no ammo wasted on zombies? Then you’re in luck. About 95% of thetime you’re attacked by a bandit, that bandit will have a firearm. Using one of your own is theonly way to finish the fight. Remember the section on weapons:melee/pistols/shotguns/SMGs for urban or close-quarters combat, [assault] rifles/LMGs forstandard encounters, snipers/[cross]bows for long-range shots, explosives for clearingbuildings or groups, etc. Use them accordingly and dont worry about wasting ammunition.Section IV: CombatChapter II: Player-Zombie TacticsIf you ever encounter a zombie, you have three options: fight, run, or hide. This is universalsurvivor knowledge. First, let me show you how to run and hide.If you are not packing heat or carrying a blunt/bladed weapon, your best interest would be tosneak around the zombie(s). Try crouch-walking or crawling prone to avoid a zombie pickingup on you via sight and sound. If you cannot escape a horde of zombies, try hiding on top ofsomething such as cars or buildings. Keep in mind that zombies can climb stairs, so look forladders or areas that must be jumped to reach. Another hiding spot is behind a wall that theycannot climb over such as the counter in local post offices.On the other hand, if you happen to be using a melee weapon you may run to the nearestzombie and smite him. You should also make sure to go for the head, as bodily damagedoes not affect the undead. If you find them in groups however, try crouching close to themand get their attention. Then walk backwards and pick them off one-by-one in groups nolarger than three. If you are unfortunate enough to attract larger groups, pull out a firearm
  11. 11. and de-populate the group until their numbers are manageable, or retreat entirely.Aside from melee weapons, you may be carrying a gun. The same rules of range apply tozombies as well, shotguns being used for up close and rifles being used from a distance.Lastly, always aim for the head and make sure to check your corners to prevent getting hitfrom multiple directions. Continued hits/exposure to zombies may lead to infection.Get you and a friend a free "WarZ" game key at: play warz