Commission Droid Review


Published on gives you detailed information on how you can make money with Android apps using a useful software, Commission Droid. Learn some tips in this presentation on mobile apps money!

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Commission Droid Review

  1. 1. Commission Droid Mobile App Builder
  2. 2. Statistics have shown that there is anincreasing number of smartphone users around the world.
  3. 3. It had even been predicted that mobileinternet is likely to take over desktop internet usage!
  4. 4. Do you like to know how they can alsobenefit you monetarily?
  5. 5. You can now easilymake money off theseapplications that youcreate and upload to Google Play Store!
  6. 6. No, I am not saying that you have to creategames to upload to the Android Store, I am talking about niche apps.
  7. 7. These niche apps canbe easily created andmake money off them.
  8. 8. How Do I Make Money With Mobile Apps?
  9. 9. There are many waysin which you can make money with these mobile apps.
  10. 10. What you are about tosee are 2 of the more common ones.
  11. 11. 1. Sell your apps on Google Play Store
  12. 12. You have the option of either selling these apps you’ve created or …
  13. 13. …allowing your customers todownload them for free.
  14. 14. What? How do I make money if I were to allow customers to download them for free.
  15. 15. 2. Place advertisements on your apps
  16. 16. You can easilymonetize your apps via advertisements and other promotions.
  17. 17. What’s more, there tend to be more downloads when the app is free.
  18. 18. All that you need isan Admob account.
  19. 19. Place your admob codes on yourmobile apps and …
  20. 20. … when someone click on theadvertisements, you earn the credit!
  21. 21. What this means is, the more people download your apps, …
  22. 22. … the more money you will earn from youradmob advertisements!
  23. 23. However, you got to ensure that you create apps in niches that arepopular with smartphone users, so that there will be more downloads.
  24. 24. Hold on there! What you’ve just mentioned was easier said than done.
  25. 25. I don’t know how to create an app?
  26. 26. Worry Not!I have been using a program to help me create great looking mobile apps with just some typing and clicking of the mouse.
  27. 27. Introducing… “Commission Droid”- a mobile app builder software that I highly recommend.
  28. 28. What’s more, the price you are goingto pay is worth much less than the value you are going to enjoy from it.
  29. 29. Take Note!This software will be launched and sold to the public on 18 December 2012
  30. 30. You get over $3000 worth of bonuses when you make your purchase through the link found @
  31. 31. So what are you still waiting for?
  32. 32. Check out the linkbelow to find out more now!