DocomUSA Innovation - Solar Hybrid Tanker


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DocomUSA Innovation - Solar Hybrid Tanker

  1. 1. SOLAR HYBRID <br />OIL TANKER <br /> by SAUTER DESIGN<br />Proprietary and Confidential<br />1<br />
  2. 2. 2<br />THE DocomUSA SOLAR HYBRID TANKER by Sauter Design<br />The Black Magicis a 4,000 ton Solar hybrid Vessel that is estimated to reduce GHG emissions by 75 to 100% by harnessing energy from the sun, wind and waves. Black Magic can achieve a maximum speed of 16 knots. Combine that above with 300 to 1,000kws of wing sail propulsion to arrive at virtually unlimited Zero Carbon Cruising at an average speed of 10kts (with optional<br />Sky Sail 12 kts).<br />Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  3. 3. Proprietary and Confidential<br />3<br />Technologies include:<br />·         Mercedes Benz & MTU Bluetec diesel electric power generation·         Hydro and aerodynamic advances in wave piercing pentamaranhull<br /> design·         Azimuth counter rotating CLT high torque propeller systems.·         KER & Power sailing regeneration.·         State of the art fully rotational Wing Sails.·         Maximum solar cell deployment. (2,000 square meters)·         Energy efficient equipment, including AC & refrigeration with waste<br /> heat recovery·         Computerized energy management, maintenance & guidance.·         Lithium UPS<br />Black Magic is being touted as the only realistic Super Green Alternative to the highly pollutant tankers currently in use and still being built.  Solar cells, power sailing regeneration and plug-in power sources charge a lithium ion storage system allowing Black Magic to achieve her maximum speed of 16 knots and navigate harbors and inland water ways with Zero emissions.<br /><br />
  4. 4. It will cost an estimated $150 to 180 million to finance the construction of the DocomUSA “Solar Hybrid Tanker” by Sauter Design<br />Proprietary and Confidential<br />4<br /> Contact: <br /> Terry L. Easley<br /><br /> 225-436-7072, cell<br />
  5. 5. Proprietary and Confidential<br />5<br />Damian OgunsuyiChairman of the Board of Directors<br />Damian Ogunsuyi is as accomplished a businessman today as he was an international soccer star in the past. He played at a demanding professional level for over 18 years earning the International Soccer Most Valuable Player award and lucrative contracts from teams in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa. In College, he was a member of the Clemson Tigers Soccer Team where he received his degree in Business Management. He went on to Trinity Christian to earn a PHD in philosophy. Mr. Ogunsuyi's portfolio includes International Import & Export Specialties; Credit Card Processing with a concentration on retail liquid fuel purchases; Real Estate; Solar Energy, and Telecommunications Investments. Mr. Ogunsuyi has a proven track record of winning and his ability to negotiate oil contracts from major suppliers at below market rates is a key factor in DocomUSA's success.<br />Terry EasleyPresident and CEO<br />Mr. Easley comes to DocomUSA from Gulf Coast Utilities (GCU) where he served as Executive Vice President and oversaw operations in Louisiana and Illinois.  He held the same position with Southwest Utilities, Inc. prior to transferring to GCU. Mr. Easley grew up in the refining business. His father Thomas O. "Bill" Easley, Jr. worked at the Standard Oil Refinery of Louisiana (STANOCOLA) in Baton Rouge (now Exxon/Mobil), at the time the largest oil refinery in the world. Terry Easley also served as Advertising and Marketing consultant to the United Refining Company of Warren Pennsylvania, a regional refiner and owner of Kwik Fill/Red Apple, Country Fair and Keystone gas stations in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  He has done extensive business in China and is a consultant to the Louisiana International Deep Water Gulf Transfer Terminal Authority.<br />Stewart E. Nazzaro<br />Acquisition Team Leader<br />Mr. Nazzaro is a specialist in developing new businesses.  With over twenty-five years of executive management experience in international business sectors, he has successfully built, restructured and sold companies, many under complex and highly competitive conditions.  Mr. Nazzaro is President of Aldebaran Partner, Inc. and serves as an advisor to a diverse range of businesses, including media, energy, real estate and investment companies.  <br />Since 1996, Mr. Nazzaro has participated in the strategic planning, financing and operation of over 70 companies.  He is credited with the successful repositioning of many of these ventures during difficult market conditions.  He is a popular public speaker and the author of numerous trade articles.  In the energy sector, Mr. Nazzaro has managed an oil and gas exploration company and developed acquisition targets for a prominent investment fund in the renewable energy sector.  In addition, he is a principal in an international water resource company.  <br />
  6. 6. Proprietary and Confidential<br />6<br />Our Legal Team:<br />Michael TylerGeneral Counsel<br />Mr. Tyler principal member of The Tyler Law Firm, LLC. The Tyler Law Firm, LLC engages in the practice of corporate, general business, contract and personal injury law. Before starting The Tyler Law Firm, Michael gained valuable legal experience as an Assistant Attorney General with the Louisiana Attorney General's Office. A native of Waukegan, Illinois, Michael obtained his undergraduate degree in Accounting from the University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2000. Michael received his Juris Doctorate from Southern University Law Center in 2004. In 2006, Michael earned his LL.M. in Taxation Law from the DePaul University College of Law. Michael is currently serving as the President of the Greater Baton Rouge Chapter of the Louis A. Martinet Legal Society, Inc. Michael is also a member of the American Bar Association, National Bar Association, Louisiana State Bar Association, Baton Rouge Bar Association, and the Castle Place Civil Association, where he serves as the association's General Counsel.<br />Jodi Anthony MosconaCo-Counsel<br />After spending 15 years as an in-house counsel at LAMAR Outdoor, the largest outdoor advertising company in the world, Mr. Moscona decided it was time to serve the public and he became an assistant Louisiana State Attorney General.  He holds a BA degree in Political Science from the University of New Orleans and a Juris Doctorate from Loyola University of the South. He also holds a certificate from the Religious Studies Institute and a Diaconate Certificate from St. Joseph's Seminary College at St. Benedict, Louisiana. Jodi is active in his church, assigned as Deacon Associate at the Christ the King Catholic Church and Student Center on the campus of Louisiana State University.<br />
  7. 7. Proprietary and Confidential<br />7<br />Our Support Staff<br />Joshua BusbyExecutive Vice President<br />Mr. Busby is an experienced international businessman with a background in Finance. His international focus has been on China and Indonesia. He was educated at the Southern University A & M Enginering Department and is a member of Minorities in Agriculture and Natural Resources Related Sciences(MANRRS). He was previously based in Beijing and supervised large scale commercial refrigeration contracts. His ability to solve complex problems in creative ways landed him one of the top management positions at DocomUSA.<br />Yvonne AshmoreExecutive Liaison<br />Yvonne Ashmore has a highly developed ability to execute the mandates of top management in a systematic and professional manner. She follows President and CEO Terry Easley from GCU where she served as Operations Manager of the Video Gaming Division. Her 25 year career includes top postings at major law firms, insurance companies, American Express Financial Advisors and consumer goods marketing research firms.<br />Lubin MireDirector of Technology<br />LubinMire came to the attention of DocomUSA during the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. His work as Business Manager at K&K Construction and Disaster Services proved pivotal in the overall clean up effort. His technical expertise <br />lead to the development of the proprietary hardware and software used by BP to monitor new oil sightings in the Gulf <br />on an hourly basis. Mr. Mire is in charge of all computer technology at DocomUSA and designed and maintains the <br />company website. Mr. Mire is MCSC, CCNA COMPTIA A+ certified. His knack for innovation and procuring government contracts supported by technology makes him a valuable member of the DocomUSA team.<br />