The Vetinari Dualegacy Chapter 25


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In which villains are confronted, and poor decisions are made.

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The Vetinari Dualegacy Chapter 25

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Vetinari Dualegacy! This is Chapter 25: Bad Company.Last time, some of the kids aged up to Teen, and Tess and Brad died.Also Cass and Gil had a Moment.This seems like an opportune time to do a whos who of Gen 9, so here we go!
  2. 2. These are the Prettacy kids. Joe Cotton (Jojo) is the one in the pink shirt. Hes a Pisces 2/8/10/3/8 PleasureSim whose LTW is Game Designer. Ben Ali is the Child, and hes a Virgo 10/1/10/7/2. The girl is Lawrin; shesa Leo 5/10/5/3/5 Family Sim with the Education Minister LTW.Jojo and Ben dont get along particularly well. If you look at their personalities, theyre almost completelyopposite in every respect.Jojo is the heir, because he is random and awesome.
  3. 3. These are the Uglacy boys. Giacomo (Jack) is inthe upper left. Hes a Libra 3/8/5/10/8 RomanceSim with the LTW of becoming a Visionary. Hesbeen Encouraged up a few in Neat and Active.George Smith and Paul Jones are the twins:George is the blond (Pisces, 2/3/10/6/10,Romance, 20 Simultaneous Lovers), and Pauliehas Tess and Stevies black alien eyes (Sagittarius,2/7/10/10/6, Pleasure, Game Designer).Jack is the heir. Paulies face does some reallyunsettling things when he ages up again, but asidefrom the eyes, hes a Frances J clone, whereasJack actually has a mixture of features from bothStevie and Francesca.
  4. 4. These two are first cousins of the Uglacy boys and ofeach other. Gretzky (the boy) is a Pisces 6/3/10/3/7Knowledge Sim with the LTW to be a CriminalMastermind. Katarina (Kati; the girl) is an Aries8/10/9/9/5 Popularity Sim with the LTW of being an Icon.Orson-->Larch-->Finn-->Cory-->Coco-->Xander-->Tess-->Vex-->GretzkyOrson-->Larch-->Finn-->Cory-->Coco-->Xander-->Tess-->Abel-->Kati<---Kaylee<--Connor<--Bee<--Indy<--Raven<--Jonny<--Juniper<--IsaacThe only other thing that happened here was that Vexswife Emmy finally went PermaPlat. Yay!
  5. 5. These two are the double first-cousins. Maui is on thetop left (short hair). Shes a Taurus 4/8/4/9/5 PleasureSim with the Celebrity Chef LTW. Tahiti is on the right(ponytail). Shes a Gemini 5/9/9/5/1 Romance Simwith the 20 WooHoos LTW.And thats the first time Ive ever caught a Simswinging on a fridge door! Yay!Isaac-->Juniper-->Jonny-->Raven-->Dora-->Rizzo-->Bell-->Edmund Fitzgerald-->Maui<--Channon<--AU SJIsaac-->Juniper-->Jonny-->Raven-->Dora-->Rizzo-->Bell-->Wydah-->Tahiti<--Mitch<--AU SJ
  6. 6. These are the Landgraab twins. Duncan (blond) isa Virgo 9/2/6/6/5 Family Sim with the Captain HeroLTW. Tyler (brunette) is a Cancer 9/2/10/8/6Knowledge Sim with the Media Magnate LTW.Isaac-->Sycamore/Malcolm IV-->Malcolm V-->Ellie-->Duncan and TylerThe Uglacy boys are pretty frequent visitors, anddespite appearances, Duncan and George arelegitimately best friends.
  7. 7. Kinsey Landgraab is the last of the Teens. Shes a Scorpio 10/3/9/2/1 Fortune Sim with the LTW to be TheLaw.I didnt play this house too much because Inara has the Fear of Inara Dying, which is probably just an artifactof the mini-rebuild I had to do, and I checked in SimPE and I appear to have already nuked the problemmemory chain, but I dont want to take any chances at this point.Isaac-->Juniper-->Jonny-->Raven-->Indy-->Bee-->Connor-->Inara-->Kinsey<--Malcolm VI<--Malcolm V<--Sycamore/Malcolm IV<--Isaac
  8. 8. Over at the Prettacy, things are Business As Usual with two Pop Sim parents. When Lindsay and Nikolaiarent three-bolt stalking each other, theyre either on the phone keeping in touch with their friends or chattingwith one of their kids.
  9. 9. This is a pretty common sight too. Jojo, despite his lack of Playful, loves to juggle, and its a quick Aspirationboost for him, and Lawrin is almost as hardcore as her Pop Sim parents when it comes to making friends.The Prettacy needed one more cat, so I sent Jojo out on some errands.
  10. 10. “Well, hello there. You seem like a sharp young man. I wonder if you could help me find the lacyundergarments. I cant seem to find them anywhere.”“Maybe take off your sunglasses when youre inside?”“Youre so funny! Perhaps you could show me to the lingerie?”“Um... Turn, like, ninety degrees to your right and walk straight, like, ten feet?”“I knew you were smart.”“Thanks?”
  11. 11. “I still cant find them! I just absolutely have to buy a black lace teddy! Cant you take me over to theunderwear?”“...No. No, I cant.”
  12. 12. After slipping the predatory clutches of Trisha Traveler, Jojo jumped into the photo booth to take somepictures, and then wandered over to the pet store, where he ran into Kati, who was nice enough to put up withthe Creepy Smile for a while.
  13. 13. Jojos playing with the new cat, Skip, prevented him from getting his pocket picked by the UnsavoryCharlatan.
  14. 14. And in true Prettacy tradition, the cats almost immediately hate each other, and spend their time picking fights.True story! Once, when Colin was the cat of choice, after going through three potential mates, I locked Colinand the female cat into the nursery in the hopes that theyd positively interact with each other, and after acouple of days, their relationship was almost -100/-100.Now, I just cheat their relationship up to the point where theyll breed. My experience with Colin has taught methat some cats will just never, ever play nicely with others, and it eventually becomes pointless to try.
  15. 15. Ben was finally ready to age up, the last one of Generation 9.Hes quite a bit younger than everyone else. Lindsay didnt want to get pregnant again. Jojo and Lawrin werealmost Teenagers by the time Ben aged up to Child.
  16. 16. “Come on, I have to be making you reconsider the heirship, right?”Nope.Ben Ali Vetinari (Virgo 10/1/10/7/2) rolled Knowledge, with the LTW of Media Magnate.
  17. 17. For a change of pace, Ben remembered that he is, in fact, Playful, and made Butt Geysers in the WaterWiggler for a while.He so rarely does stuff like that this that it always makes me smile when I see it.
  18. 18. George is friends with just about everyone, including Jojo. And theyre both Nice enough that I dont have toworry about any shenanigans.
  19. 19. Unlike Ben, for instance. By now, Lawrin should know not to play punching games with him. Or darts, orchess, or catch, or anything else, really.
  20. 20. “Whats the idiot doing now?”“Hes not an idiot! Hes just Hula-ing to the strum of his own ukelele.”“Dont tell me hes rubbing off on you.”“Maybe you just need to lighten up a little.”
  21. 21. In terms of appearance, theyre not quite as similar as Id thought. The most obvious thing is that Jojo hasgray eyes, and Bens are light blue. For some reason, Id assumed that Jojos were blue too, but theyre not.Bens got a stronger chin than Jojo, and his nose is straighter.Basically, its a few very small, difficult-to-see differences. Lawrins face may be more similar to Jojos thanBens is.
  22. 22. “Come here, you big dummy!”
  23. 23. “Ow! Hey! Benjy, whatd you do that for?”
  24. 24. “I did that because youre dumb! And dont call me Benjy!”“Okay, Im sorry!”“Stop grinning at me!”
  25. 25. “Okay! Sorry!”“Youre still doing it! And stop apologizing! I cant believe everyone thinks you will make a better heir than me!You dont even want it! You dont even care! I dont understand how come everyone likes you more than me!”
  26. 26. “I just try to be nice to everyone. Maybe you should do that?”“I dont want to be some sappy dope with a stupid grin! I should be the heir, not you! You dont appreciate whatyouve been given!”“Oh, I think its cool and all!”“Its not cool! Its a responsibility! Dont you get that?”
  27. 27. “Well, yeah, but am I not allowed to think its cool too?”“You cant treat this like its nothing! This is why I deserve it and you dont!”“I dont think its nothing! I just think I can have fun with it!”“I should be the heir! One way or another, its going to be me!”
  28. 28. At the Uglacy, Stevie is enjoying being freed from the various crafting benches and the makeover station.To be frank, were all enjoying Stevies freedom from the makeover station.
  29. 29. Francie decided to tell Jack about finding a seashell. Except that she wasnt on that vacation, has never beenon a vacation of any sort, and is therefore telling Jack all about the time that someone else found a seashell.Even better, Jack was on that vacation, so he was there when it happened.Wait, shes telling Jack a story about a time when someone else did something funny or amusing, when theyare perfectly capable of telling that story themselves?OMG, FRANCIE IS MY MOTHER.
  30. 30. When I installed BV a while back, it reset everyone, including undoing the stuck Smart Milk effect. Its one ofthose things that happens to all of my Sims, and Im not used to trying to skill them without it. It is mightilyslow going right now.Paulie and George drink a lot of their skill points, thanks to a stockpile of eggplants.The Rock Hammer is great, though. It skills Creativity even faster than the Awesome Bookshelf ofAwesomeness, plus it makes Paulie look cool.
  31. 31. “Hey, look, a toy robot! I wonder if this serves any other--perhaps metaphorical—function!”A little late for that, Paulie. But thanks.
  32. 32. You know its bad when the maid gags upon walking into the kitchen.This is not a neat household. Not even a little bit.
  33. 33. They may not be neat, but at least they all get along. Jack is only too happy to teach Paulie the Sea Chantey.
  34. 34. For a while there, I thought this was going to be my very first ever-burning tree. It got hit right as the rainstopped, and it just kept burning and burning.No one really seemed to care that the tree was on fire.And then it rained again a day or so later, and the tree got hit by lightning again,and the rain put out the newfire and the old fire, so now its back to being a non-burning tree.
  35. 35. The Uglacy needed another dog, so George went out, and managed to remain unmolested by Trisha Traveler.He bought an Irish Wolfhound I named Fred.
  36. 36. For the first time, the dogs do not instantly get along. Its not quite as bad as with the cats, but its going totake some coaxing for Groosalugg and Fred to get a high enough relationship to breed.
  37. 37. Theres plenty of fun to be had. The pool tables rarely unoccupied, and there are guests over almost everyday of the week.Everyone is nice! I dont have to watch them to make sure that they dont do terrible things when left to theirown devices. For instance, a favorite trick of Faradays was to go in with an Argue as soon as Macro...Socialize... Friendly kicked off.
  38. 38. Some guests are more wanted than others, though. Tahiti was chilling out in the hot tub, and the werewolfAlpha just stood there for hours and hours, waiting for her to get out. Im not even really sure what he waswaiting for, since shes never met him, and the Alphas wont nip a stranger.Speaking of guests...
  39. 39. “Ben! This is a nice surprise. Whats up?”“Can I talk to you, Uncle Sawchuk?”“Sure.”
  40. 40. “How did you handle Mom being the heir instead of you?”“I didnt really care. It wasnt anything I desperately wanted. I was more than happy to let my sisters fight it out—although it really wasnt much of a fight, to tell the truth.”“But what if you thought Mom would make a bad heir?”“I didnt. I dont! Shes not, and Aurie and I are both happy with the way things turned out. If Id been the heir, Iwouldnt have been able to be with Howie, and that would be a shame. Whats this about?”
  41. 41. “Joe! Everyone thinks hes soooo great, but hes not! Hes some dopey Pleasure Sim with no attention span!Hes not taking it seriously! And no ones even considering that Im the better choice! I want it, UncleSawchuk.”“Im not sure I understand why youve come to me with this.”“I need you to tell me about Cypress.”
  42. 42. “Absolutely not! All you need to know is that hes a murderer! He may have even tried to kill me and your momand your aunt once! Cypress Vetinari is not someone to be idolized!”“Im not idolizing him! I just want to know!”
  43. 43. “Whats with the shouting?”“I think you ought to sit, Howie.”
  44. 44. “Oh, perfect. Another dumb Pleasure Sim to deal with. Just what I always wanted.”“Watch it, Ben! Thats my husband, and you dont get to come into my home and disrespect him. And if youwant to know about Cypress, Howes been far more affected by him than I have.”
  45. 45. “Wait, thats what this is about? You want to know about Cypress?”“I just want to know, thats all.”“Stay away and hope he doesnt notice you. There; thats everything you need to know about Cypress.”“Why?”
  46. 46. “Why go looking for trouble? Cypress is the reason I never met my grandfather. Hes the reason my motherhad to grow up without a father. Or an uncle. Hell, theres a random ghost in your backyard that might beCypresss own son—you know, the one he murdered his wife to get? Yeah, I might be a Pleasure Sim, butthat doesnt mean there arent things I take seriously, and Ive spent my life looking over my shoulder forCypress. What you need to know about him is that theres a trail of bodies in his wake, period, end of story.”
  47. 47. “And what if hed gotten what he wanted? What then? Would Larch have killed a bunch of people to get whathe wanted too? If Cypress had been the heir, would all those people have died?”“Ben. Cypress is not misunderstood. If hed been the heir, hed still have killed people because frankly, I thinkhe enjoys it. Hes a sociopath! His father did the right thing by making Larch the heir.”
  48. 48. “You dont get it! I dont know why I thought youd understand. Never mind; Im out.”
  49. 49. “Howie? This is going to end badly, isnt it?”“Unless he lets this go...”
  50. 50. “... Yeah. This story isnt gonna have a happy ending.”
  51. 51. As far as Stevie is concerned, unhappiness abounds.These days, there are two main things happening at the Uglacy.The first is that the ghosts are on an absolute rampage, every single night.
  52. 52. “Aw man! I cant play darts anymore!”“Its okay, Grandpa! Im sure you can find some way to have fun!”“I guess youre right...”
  53. 53. “Yeah, this is totally fun!”
  54. 54. ...I didnt even know this was a thing. Ghost!Tess mopped up a pee puddle.Sadly, I dont know whether thats dog wee or the result of a previous haunting.
  55. 55. My assessment of Tess as an awesome ghost was fairly short-lived, however.Nooo, George didnt need that Aspiration, really!
  56. 56. It really is ridiculous. Its every night, and almost everyghost. Finn and Rosemarie are hands-down the worstoffenders, but Tess and Brad have taken to scaring ona regular basis. Archie, on the other hand, doesntcome in the house.Yes. Really. Archie is a well-behaved ghost.The only person in the house who is seeminglyimmune from the parade of hauntings is Francesca.Yes. The only Knowledge Sim in the house—andtherefore the only one rolling the WANT to see aghost, rather than the FEAR—is the only one whodoesnt get scared.
  57. 57. The other main thing happening at the Uglacy is George and his LTW (20 Simultaneous Loves).I saw someone do this with a Teen once, using the Wishing Well—Im pretty sure it was MichelleFobbs, doingit with Cassius for whatever reason.And, well, with George losing 1500-3000 Aspiration a night due to the ghosts, hes gotta rebuild it while thesuns up, so I may as well see if I can get him PermaPlat before he has to leave for college. Trust me, hesthanking me for it!
  58. 58. Id rather Wish for Friends than Wish for Romance, though. One interaction, and theyre Best Friends, a fewRomantic interactions, and George falls in love, three for the price of one!All I have to do is make sure that the first one is off the lot before I start flirting with the next one. George wonttake well to getting slapped.So he gets his first kiss with the Tricou girl, and avoids slapping.
  59. 59. He doesnt waste a lot of time. Mathematicallyspeaking, he needs to gain multiple lovers a day ifhes going to do it before college.He doesnt mind in the least. When he gets homefrom school, he goes on a few dates or makes a wish,gets a few Loves under his belt, then does hishomework and does some skilling, and when theghosts scare the bejeebers out of him, he wasplatinum to start with, so he doesnt lose his marbles.I think the romancing is harder on Georges targets, tobe honest.
  60. 60. Jack had to revive this poor kid.Id say he learned a valuable lesson about going on a hot and heavy date with George and then spending afew hours in the hot tub, but hes a Townie, so he probably didnt learn a darn thing.
  61. 61. George leaves his unconscious dates where theydrop and moves on to the next one.The wishing well is awesome, and I love how mucheasier it makes this sort of thing.One more wish, a few more loves for George.
  62. 62. Its not just drops from the wishing well, though. Any Teen who walks by is a potential target. The blonde girlactually wandered by when he was on a date with someone else, and Melody Fucking Tinker followed Pauliehome from school.However, dating at the Uglacy does have some pitfalls.
  63. 63. Mainly this.At least Melody Fucking Tinker behaved herself. Perhaps the tombstone garden in her front yard hasconvinced her to toe the line.
  64. 64. There was no sense in wasting a couple of friends George already had, and since Maui and Tahiti arePleasure and Romance, they wont care that theyre not his One Twoo Wuv.
  65. 65. By the end of what passes for a rotation for me, George was up to 10 Simultaneous Loves, and was platinumdespite the nightly hauntings.Yay George!And now for a word from our sponsors!
  66. 66. “Cass, hows that inventory coming?”“Good, I guess. I think we can afford to change out some of the furniture. The tables are looking a little rough.”“Okay. Find ones you like and well get them.”“Do we need anything else?”“Well, I could use a little sugar.”“Arent there bags and bags of it in back? Im pretty sure I just saw some.”“Youll get it.”
  67. 67. “Heh. A little sugar. I see what you did there.”“I thought you might figure it out.”
  68. 68. “A little sugar it is, then.”“Best kind.”
  69. 69. “Well, well. Isnt this interesting?”
  70. 70. “Jake.”“Hello, Cassidy. Come to your senses yet?”“I came to my senses the day I walked out on you.”“Do you really believe that?”“Yeah. I do. Im happy now, which is more than I ever was with you.”“Thats not what you used to say. Mmm, which is the truth, I wonder?”
  71. 71. “If you think I was happy with you, youre delusional! I hated the person I was when we were together!”“You stayed, Cassidy! You could have left and you didnt! You wanted to feel the way I made you feel. Dontpretend that I forced you into my bed every night.”“I stayed because feeling terrible was the only thing I ever knew. You werent good for me. You were justfamiliar. Im past that now. If you think Im coming back to you, think again. Now Im with someone whodoesnt make my skin crawl when he touches me, and Im never going back.”
  72. 72. “Who, him? Your mild-mannered little baker? Does he know how damaged you are? Does he know what youlike? Or have you managed to convince him that youre ordinary?”“No. You dont get to ruin this for me.”“I dont need to. Youre perfectly capable of ruining it yourself. Or do you really believe you can make thiswork?”
  73. 73. “Cass, whats going on?”“The biggest mistake of my life coming back to haunt me.”
  74. 74. “Mmm. Id argue that the bigger mistake was not telling your new boyfriend the truth about the old one.”“I told him enough. He knows I was an addict, he knows what I let you do to me, and he knows whathappened with my family. I never lied to him.”“He looks awfully confused for someone who knows the whole story.”
  75. 75. “I never asked Cass for more details than he wanted to give. It was clear enough that hed been abused. Hehad a hard time telling me what he told me, and I couldnt justify pushing him to talk about things he wasntready to tell me.”“Please. No ones well-adjusted enough to not care that theyve been lied to.”“I wish hed told me you were his ex. Given your reputation, things would have made so much more sense.But that doesnt change what he has told me, and it doesnt change how I feel about him.”“And you dont think there are things I can say that might? Mmm, so tell me, does he still do that thing with histongue? I always wondered where he learned that. Or is he keeping that a secret too?”
  76. 76. “No. Im not having that conversation with you. Cassidys past is the past—and so is mine, for that matter—and Im not going to dignify that juvenile attempt at cruelty with any sort of response.”“Are you really going to defend him?”“Maybe if more people had, he wouldnt have felt like he had to do penance by staying with you!”
  77. 77. “Is that what he told you? Listen, I gave him everything he asked for!”“And if you really cared about him, youd have given him what he needed!”“I took him in when he had nowhere else to go. Thats what he needed.”“How many times did you make him earn his keep? How often did you remind him that he owed you?”
  78. 78. “He could have walked away!”“He did! Youre the one whos not letting go!”“Why should I? How could someone as broken as that act like hes too good for me?”
  79. 79. “Broken or not, Cassidys worth a dozen of you. He doesnt delight in the misery of others. This is my storeand I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, so consider yourself refused.”“You cant treat me like that! Do you have any idea who I am? Im Mr. Big! Im important!”“Youre a manipulative asshole. Now get out.”
  80. 80. “Im sorry, Gil, Im so sorry!”“Why didnt you tell me he was your ex? If I didnt care about the things he did to you, why would it matter whohe was?”
  81. 81. “I thought if... I thought if you knew it was him, youd know how bad it really was. I mean, everyone knowswhat hes like. And if you knew... Youd know how damaged I really am, and youd know that Ill never be okay,not really, and you wouldnt want to be with me anymore, because I need so much help just to even be slightlyless broken, and eventually youll get sick of taking care of me, and youll leave and go be with someone whodeserves you.”“Cass, is that really what you think of me? Im not kind to you because I want some sort of reward.”“But thats all I understand!”
  82. 82. “I dont know what else I can do to show you that I care about you. I want to help you, Cass, I do, but you haveto let me, and trust me.”“Im trying. Every time you dont hurt me, it gets a little easier. And its not that I dont love you. I do. I love you,and I trust you, and I want to be with you, and...”
  83. 83. “...and marry me.”“What?”“Marry me, Gilbert.”
  84. 84. “Cass...”“No. No, its stupid. Youre Romance, and Im me, and... Never mind. I dont even know why I said that.”“You said that because you meant it. I love you, Cassidy, and if thats what you really want, then Ill marry you.”“Really?”“Yes.”
  85. 85. “Oh Gil, Im sorry I make so many mistakes. I really dont want to lose you. I love you so much.”“I love you too. Mistakes and all. You deserve this, Cassidy. You deserve to be happy.”“I am. Right now, I couldnt be happier.”
  86. 86. Elsewhere, Lindsay and Nikolai are still pretty hot and heavy, although they dont make the best choices aboutwhere to get their flirt on.As an example, smooching in the living room is just fine and dandy, since the Prettacy ghosts never come inhere...
  87. 87. … but when you go out in the yard to play Catch in the middle of the night as some bizarre form of foreplay,youre fair game for haunting.Its not that the ghosts dont come in the house, but I never see them in the living room. Kitchen, sure, and thebedrooms definitely. Particularly the kids room.
  88. 88. Oh, and also the second floor balcony. Thats a pretty good hot spot too.
  89. 89. I made Joyce and Brett the placeholders for Havelock House again, at my mini-rebuild, so I invited them overto make getting Jojo and Lawrin into the family fraternity as easy as possible.
  90. 90. Hey! Finally a ghost scares someone who was looking forward to it!Joyces dad is a vampire and a huggy robot was her nanny. She doesnt faze easily.
  91. 91. The kids manage to make friends too. Theres generally an afternoon water balloon fight in the back yard, withas many people as can stand to get splashed.
  92. 92. Sometimes there are ulterior motives for inviting guests by.Duncan and Lawrin are both Family Sims, for instance.
  93. 93. And since neither one of them needs to reproduce, it just makes sense to hook them up with each other, tokeep the whining down to a minimum. Theyre sufficiently distantly related that it doesnt squick me out.Did I mention keeping the whining to a minimum?
  94. 94. Jojo, as a serious Pleasure Sim, isnt always easy to keep happy. Lots of low-scoring Wants that are almostimpossible to chain into gold Aspiration, let alone platinum.But dates are a reasonably good way to boost Aspiration, assuming they actually roll date-related Wants onthe actual date. Happily, Jojo did, and managed to boost himself into platinum.Maui, once again, is a more-than-willing guinea pig.But whats the last Prettacy kid up to?
  95. 95. Now that sounds like a poor little lamb whos lost its way.Baa baa, little sheep.
  96. 96. “Well. Just walk in uninvited, why dont you?”“I need to talk to you.”
  97. 97. “You have my attention. I suggest you dont bore me. You obviously know who I am, or you wouldnt be here.So who are you, and what do you want?”“Im Ben Ali. Im ninth-generation Prettacy. I want to be the heir.”“And youre not, I gather.”
  98. 98. “No. Everyones crazy about my stupid older brother.”“Go on.”“Hes Pleasure! Hes never stuck with anything in his whole life! All he ever wants to do is take bubble bathsand sing dumb pirate songs. He hasnt done anything to be heir, and he doesnt even care if he is or not! Iwant it. I deserve it. Id appreciate it.”“And?”
  99. 99. “What do you think and? You know what its like to be in my shoes. You know what you were willing to do. Youwant me to say it? Fine. You help me get what I want, and Ill help you get what you want.”
  100. 100. “Foolish child, do you really think I need your help? Ive been betrayed by far more clever people than you,and Ive learned the only person I can trust is me.”“Im not a foolish child!”“Did you fail to grasp what Im trying to do? The time for me to take over the Legacy is long past. Now I wantto stop it. I nearly killed your mother once—would have, too, if it hadnt been for that traitorous son of mine. Ifand when I choose to kill your brother, it will be for my reasons, not yours.”
  101. 101. “The things we want dont have to be mutually exclusive! I want my stupid brother not to be the heir and youwant to stop the whole thing! Fine! Help me get rid of the idiot, and Ill help you take out the Uglacy. We bothwin.”“There is nothing you can do for me that I cant do for myself.”“We can work together to get what we want.”
  102. 102. “I dont do together.”“No! Listen to me! I need you!”“And now youve grown tiresome.”
  103. 103. “Dont you walk away from me! You have to help me! Were the same!”
  104. 104. “You silly little child...”
  105. 105. “...youre nothing like me.”