Executive Summary to Business Plan DENTAL21

DENTAL21 AG seeks to obtain financing in the amount of $ 5 Million to create ...
Trends in eLearning
This is a perfect time to advance in the niche of eLearning in the market of dental health.

The ADEA (USA) confirms that preventive dental medicine will find its way to general medicine. Dental
Health now incorpora...
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General Benefits of DENTAL21

Information always current and new – all about dental medicine
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Executive Summary


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Dental21 - eLearning Project

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Executive Summary

  1. 1. Executive Summary to Business Plan DENTAL21 DENTAL21 AG seeks to obtain financing in the amount of $ 5 Million to create and develop its portal and product line and to implement an aggressive sales and marketing program. DENTAL21 is a business that provides the first eLearning portal for the dental community worldwide. Its potential revenues reach to $ 8.2 Million in 2013 and $ 63.6 Million in 2016. The break even point is reached 30 months after founding the business. Full launch of the portal begins within 18 months after financing has been arranged. The beta launch of the virtual academy with its first 30 - 40 seminars and workshops are to start within 10 months after financing. DENTAL21 is prepared to offer equity return for investment in the company. The company is considering also other arrangements to obtain the necessary finances. DENTAL21 as an eLearning portal (Continuous Education Academy) with a high tech dental clinic, both originating in Dubai, can benefit the UAE because it: ♦ markets UAE's cutting edge technology to the world ♦ creates model practice paradigms which allow UAE to lead in education ♦ creates additional support and interest in UAE's traditional educational institutions ♦ allows UAE to facilitate underfunded dental practitioners in neighboring lands ♦ creates multimedia and high technology job opportunities for UAE's citizens ♦ increases international recognition for UAE's research and development ♦ supports Dubai Internet City by encouraging other IT companies to migrate or be founded in Dubai ♦ increases investment opportunities in the UAE ♦ promises a good return on investment to the investor in UAE DENTAL21 plans to be the number one eLearning portal for dentists worldwide. This goal is to be reached by the following strategies: ♦ Supporting the industry to introduce innovations to the market quickly ♦ Offering high quality education programs from the industry to dentists ♦ Enabling members of the dental industry to benefit from affordable continuous education programs. ♦ Supporting the medical community in underdeveloped areas of the world to participate in continuous education programs. An extensive market survey reveals that no other eLearning company presently on the market compares with DENTAL21 in terms of features, benefits and attractiveness. Additional lucrative cooperatives with organizations are established supporting the venture of DENTAL21 with marketing, participation, and investments.
  2. 2. Trends in eLearning This is a perfect time to advance in the niche of eLearning in the market of dental health. eLearning is the number one growth niche in eCommerce (CNET News, March 2001). Major venture capitalists are reaching out for promising business start-ups in the field of eLearning. According to Training magazine, nearly two-thirds of all corporate training expenses involve accommodations and travel in getting to and from a training site. Although classroom learning still commands almost 90 percent of the corporate training market, this is changing rapidly. According to GartnerGroup, in the health industry, eLearning represents 10% of the market in 2000 and is projected to be 15 % in 2001. Within the education industry, eLearning will win 30% of the market in 2001. The total corporate training market is $66 billion and will continue to increase. Web-based training will increase from $2 billion today to $11.5 billion in 2003. This shows a strong trend pushing for eLearning in all areas of continuous education and corporate training (Upside Magazine 12/00) Dental Health Market The market of DENTAL21 consists of dentists, dental technicians, and dental clinic and lab personnel worldwide. This market contains at least 1.6 Million medical people in Europe and the USA. German dental clinics have an average of 5 people on their staff. (Deutsche Ärzteblatt 95, Heft 7, 13. Feb.1998). The following extrapolation reveals the potential market for DENTAL21. Considering 350,000 dental clinics in Europe about 1.75 Million employees would be part of the dental health segment and, therefore, potential customers for DENTAL21. The dental community in Germany produced about 35 Billion-DM in revenues in 1996. Considering 1% of revenues being applied to continuous education DENTAL21 has a market volume of 35 Million- DM in Germany. In the USA, the average net income of solo, full-time, private dental specialists amounted to DM 447,546.00 ($ 203,430). There are 156,500 dentists in the USA. Mainstream in Dental Health In March 2001, the Journal of Dentistry reported in the Internet portal of the World Health Organization the necessity of matching continuous education programs in dental health with the changing health problems and technological innovations – and this with increased speed and flexibility. Health Care is changing worldwide and demands increasingly continuous education of dentists, dental technicians and their staff to ensure quality and control spending. This includes the field of dentistry. Dental medicine is undergoing aggressive reorientation. This change can be strongly noticed in areas like dental hygiene and dental aesthetics. For example in the future, dentists in Germany will have to prove their continuous education accomplishments. At the same time, the German health care system causes shrinking revenues. More cost effective education programs will satisfy the upcoming need for: ♦ Continuous education ♦ Education on demand ♦ Reduction of training costs ♦ Reduction of invested time
  3. 3. The ADEA (USA) confirms that preventive dental medicine will find its way to general medicine. Dental Health now incorporates a scientific recognition, as the recent Surgeon General report Oral Health in America states, that “the mouth is the mirror of health and disease” that can help diagnose disorders such as diabetes, leukemia, heart disease or anemia. Dental health, in short, is integral to overall health. (Dental Education and Oral Health, published by ADEA in March 2001) This reveals that also members of general medicine must have knowledge in oral health to ensure early detection of health risks and to be able to make a thorough diagnosis. DENTAL21 Provides a Twofold Service: ♦ Dental Health Community: DENTAL21 provides continuous education to the dental community by providing a virtual academy and virtual community. A B2B (business to business) market offers direct purchase for products offered in seminars and on the web site. Beneficial links and cooperatives complete the services provided. ♦ Dental Industry: The academy offers the dental industry product placement and advertisement for innovative products during seminars, workshops, and other events. With this product placement strategy, the dental industry is able to introduce and push innovations quickly into the market. The insights shared during events and in the community of this portal provide valuable professional information to the industry. DENTAL21 does not rehash traditional conferences of the dental community but responds to the market’s needs. One big need is the need for lifelong learning and continuous education for dentists and their staff as well as dental laboratory specialists. Different from the Others: ♦ DENTAL21’s world-recognized lecturers in conjunction with the industry bring innovations and know-how to the homes of health care professionals in dentistry. Information brokers provide up to date subjects and daily news. The administration of the portal manages, hosts, and moderates on- line communication (Chats/Forums) for all members of DENTAL21. Worldwide networking of members of the dental health community is encouraged and supported. ♦ DENTAL21 provides high quality educational materials through its high tech dental clinic and an Internet broadcasting center. They are responsible for the technology, administration, portal, and content management. All events are to be planned, produced, and offered by cooperation partners worldwide. ♦ DENTAL21 utilizes a high tech clinic to produce educational material for its academy. This private clinic is to be based in Dubai. It serves private patients from the region as well as countries near by and acts as a studio for all hands-on demonstrations in dental medicine. Unique Standpoint Compared to Traditional Education Programs DENTAL21 has success in its business because of the technology used, the international target group, and its locus in Dubai. Its unique standpoint benefits customers as follows: ♦ No visits to congresses ♦ No additional travel expenses ♦ Education-on-demand ♦ Support of lifelong learning ♦ No limits for the content and content participants ♦ No limits for attendees ♦ Cost reduced participation ♦ Support of individual continuous education ♦ Support of members of the dental health community in underdeveloped countries
  4. 4. Dental21’s Benefits General Benefits of DENTAL21 Information always current and new – all about dental medicine Time saving and optimal use of free time High quality live events and productions with close-up demonstrations Forums and moderation offer active participation in seminars World-renowned lectures explain their knowledge to a broader audience Support for individually tailored continuous education Support for dentists in other countries who need to reach parity in dental medicine Dentists in private practice can provide continuous education for their specialized personnel inexpensively and at convenient time Benefits to the Customer No visits to congresses and meetings, no travel costs Education on-demand Support of lifelong learning No participation restrictions for members of the industry No participation restrictions for participants Low cost participation Support of individual continuous education Support for dentists in developing countries Benefit to the Industry Uses an elegant form of product placement Places advertisements on the web pages of the portal Benefits from ideal PR potential Supports worldwide eLearning Transfers know-how into developing countries Actively supports continuous education in dental health worldwide Profits from the exchange of information between research & development and clinic routines