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Software Governance: The Growing Importance of Configuration Management in the Digital Economy


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Docio®, the premier Software Business Management (SBM) platform integrating technology, data, and analytics to support the entire product lifecycle led a presentation to an audience of CM professionals at CMPIC's CM Trends conference in Orlando, FL on August 28th, 2017.

"Software Governance: The Growing Importance of Configuration Management in the Digital Economy"

At its inception, more than 30 years ago, the ideas surrounding the role of Configuration Management were quite simple: protect the integrity of the software, and the impact it has on the organization, through the entire software lifecycle. And more than thirty years ago, this was certainly an attainable goal. However, in the modern era, the role of software has changed within the business model. Moreover, the tools used to compose the modern software system has grown not only in complexity but its dependence on factors external to the software owner’s environment. Thirty years ago, most of what was considered “state of the art” was understood by most CIOs. Unfortunately, that’s simply not pragmatic in the digital economy. So, what is the modern technology executive supposed to do?

In this presentation, we’re going to explore this topic a little further and discuss how CM can begin to work with the business, not against it. We’ll outline the topics that need further discussion and, hopefully, challenge the CM community to continue evolving with the modern, digital world.

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Software Governance: The Growing Importance of Configuration Management in the Digital Economy

  1. 1. SOFTWAREGOVERNANCE: TheGrowingImportanceofCMintheDigitalEconomy #SoftwareGovernance
  2. 2. A New Category Software is Eating the World! • …and the Software Engineer is now KINGQUEEN! • The world is quickly becoming digital. • If you’re not a digital organization today, you will be soon. Or, you won’t be here long. • TCO and “Value at Risk” are CRITICAL elements of the digital organization. • This is critically more important as software, AI and autonomy push deeper into the fabric of society.
  3. 3. A New Category There is nothing wrong with the standards. • CMMI • SSAE 16/18 • Configuration Management • But, there are many, many good standards
  4. 4. A New Category So then, what’s going so wrong?? • Decentralization of IT; Shadow App Dev. • Ever more abstraction; Code schools. • The tech is getting “bigger” and “faster”. • Number of tools is EXPLODING. • A “waterfall” interpretation of the guidance. • CM is not ubiquitous. • CM is a specialized skill. • CM is too manual at present. • SOFTWARE DECAY
  5. 5. A New Category What you can do NOW • Software Governance • Better tooling; build CM in. • Better guidance. • Focus on support for execution. Need to sell MORE than the CIO. • Product Managers & Product Owners • Stop telling me how wrong I am, and start telling me how to be more right. • Leverage the DevOps mindset. • Lead with “Value-at-Risk”. • Theory of Constraints
  6. 6. A New Category The continued evolution of CM • Improve decision making over controlling decision making. • Embrace the early phases to asses the CM needs of a product. • POC > Beta > MVP > v1.0 • Evolutionary CM over Prescriptive CM. • Guidance must be TANGINTIAL! • As a community, we must do better partnering with the current “State of the Art”.
  7. 7. CMISACHIEVED,NOTIMPOSED. Contact us today to become your organization's Digital Docent —