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Big Data Analytics for Software Development & Governance | Docio


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In the digital age, software dependent organizations need a modern tool to manage the business of software. And as business models continue to be eaten by software, where everyone is learning to code and anyone with a laptop can create notable innovations — a Software Governance Platform™ providing integrated software business management, application portfolio intelligence, and software development analytics is critical for modern business execution.

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Big Data Analytics for Software Development & Governance | Docio

  1. 1. #DigitalTransformation
  2. 2. If you are using modern practices to manage your software portfolios, you are already at risk.
  3. 3. WE WANTTO SURVIVEAND PROSPER, BUTSAFELY Software Governance Risk Management Compliance Vendor Vetting Productivity & Benchmarking
  4. 4. WEARE COMPETING IN ADIFFERENT ERA Portfolio Analysis 1.0: Portfolio Analysis 2.0: IT & Project Management Software & Product Development A New Category Assesses IT investments, IT programs and projects, and IT assets. Very manual data entry in many cases. Real-time software analysis, governance on programs, products, projects, and people. Automated process improvements.
  5. 5. Solution Docio Product Docio is a “SaaS” based analytics tool connecting your products, teams, code, and services by mining data, in REAL-TIME, to visualize actionable insights in one place providing a framework of operational best practices that can be leveraged immediately. Docio Program Docio works in conjunction with your Software BusinessManagement program, designed to leverage existing systems and automate manual processes from standard development, management, maintenance, and quality disciplines that span most mature software organizations.
  6. 6. Sources: Accenture Institute, OxfordEconomics, McKinsey, Gartner, and General Electric $40 Billion By 2020, at least $40 Bn estimated tool expenditure in the U.S. to manage the business of software. $365 Billion By 2020, U.S. companies alone will drive $365 Billion in annual software development.
  7. 7. THE SOFTWARE ECONOMY IS HERE The way we manage software in our business has fundamentally changed.