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Setting up context sensitive help in MadCap Flare (MadWorld 2018 presentation)


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When working in your MadCap Flare project, you know you want context-sensitive help (CSH) to assist your users, but maybe you are wondering how all the pieces come together to make the magic happen. In this session you'll learn about all the moving parts in a CSH implementation, including who is responsible for what, how to work with your development team to implement CSH calls, and how to manage skins and topic types to give your users the best possible CSH experience.

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Setting up context sensitive help in MadCap Flare (MadWorld 2018 presentation)

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY Setting up Context-Sensitive Help Paul Pehrson
  2. 2. • Using Flare since 2006 • Training on Flare since 2008 • Owner of DocGuy Training • Flare Forums: doc-guy • Twitter: @docguy • Web: This is Me!
  3. 3. • Overview of how it works • The Header file • The Alias file • Test it in Flare • Lets try it out What We’ll Cover
  4. 4. • Who creates it? • How do you make one, if you are the creator? • What is this file for? The header file
  5. 5. • How does this file get created? • How do you edit it? • What are identifiers? • Don’t forget to associate your alias with a target! The alias file
  6. 6. • Tools > Test CSH API Calls Test using Flare
  7. 7. {Live Demo} Lets try it out
  8. 8. • Visit my website: • This presentation (with updates) is available at: • Please fill out the feedback forms and rate this session Thank you!