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Super heros anglais


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Super heros anglais

  1. 1. TELEPORT-MANTeleport-man is a superhero. He is wearing an outfit wich is green and red. Hehave claw. He wears a green mask and green boots.Teleport-man has got black hair. He is blue eyed. It is a hero who is physicallystrong. He is serious, hard-working and clever.This real name is jack. He have twenty years old. He lives in a suburbanenvironment in Chicago. He is cook in Chicago.He has got any powers. He can fly and can teleport. He can see the future.Teleport-man is "indestructible man". He shows ones claws for to fight a evil.The most important day in her life was the day wen he rescued a woman in firein England.He have got a sight and he is teleporting in England. And the woman beenrescued .
  2. 2. REPTILARIUM My superhero is named Reptilarium. She wears bracelets in gold, claws on herhands, a panties in latex which contains pockets and tissue around her tight. green- Moreover, she is thin, green-skinned, she has scales. Consequently she is red-impermeable. She is red-eyed. Her eyes allows her to see very far away and clearly hearunder the water. She has palmate ears which allow her to hear at more of twokilometres, even underwater. Reptilarium has claws at her hands and her feet, for fightconfront the evil. Her tail allow her to swim very fast.Reptilarium doesnt have any parents, nobody knows where she from. She lives in a bigcave underwater, fill of computer for prevent her when somebody needs her help. A underwater,legend says that she is immortal. Besides, Reptilarium dont like talk of her. She is franc and loyal. Finally, she saved a little girl to the death lately. The poor child nearly drowned. nearly
  3. 3. John AnyoneDescription :John is black-haired , short-bearded and white-skinned . He is tallbut not skinny . He is thirty three years old and unmarried . He isjournalist and work for the New York Times . His work not preventhim to do sport . For protect his kinfolks because when ha wasyounger than now his sister was hit by a car , he do Karate and hasthe black belt .Thus he is stronger than onadinary people and he run very fast sincehe is sundays jogger .Despite that , John is an human , he do not have any abilities .
  4. 4. But John is a hero for the U.S.A. since the 09/30/12 .A sunday , on the way back of John, a shrill cry tears the morning .John alerted by the cry run at the place whence from the cry .A lady let her stroller roll on the road with her baby . John run asfast as he could for save the baby . When he finished to cross theroad with the baby a truck overwrites the stroller on the road .Barack Obama give the Honor medal but he refuse because for himit is normal to do what he did . Everybody Thanks him and his jobgive him a promotion . That day is special for John because he saveda baby the day of his birthday.Today John Anyone is still unmarried .
  5. 5. AQUAVENGER WOMANAlright guys , let me introduce you my favourite superheroe :Aquavenger Woman is a superheroe who was meant to be a heroefor the whole world to save peoples lives. As you can see it ,AVW is wearing a blue and black outfit and claws as shields toprotect herself . Also a black cap which is usable to fly . Then ,she is also tall , slim, blue-eyed , brown-haired and white-skinned . Besides , she is very well-behaved and nice witheveryone . However , if i had to describe her on a psychologicallevel , i would say that she is a very strong woman , whos
  6. 6. fearless and you cant imagine how much brave she is . Next ,let me tell you that AVW has a second personality in real life …Her name is Ellen Parker, she is only 25 , lives in New-Yorkwith her old brother and works as a writer .About her abilities ,Ellen may have some weaknesses . For instance , she is lessstronger than Superman but i can asssure you than she is moreintelligent , smarter and prettier than many other superheroes .Now , lets talk about her powers . AVW is able to hear all thepeople who are asking for help in the whole world . In otherwords ,she is ubiquitous . Secondly , because of her powerfulnecklace that gave her her mum when she was young , she isable to breathe under water . Thats why her name starts byAqua … which means water. And Thirdly , she is very strong forsure .Once , she saved a young teenager named Sarah , who was goingto die because a car pushed hers and she fell into the river .You wont believe what happened !! AVW heard her screamingand ran very fast to her city , Buenos Aires . That seems crazybut all of this is true . And OH ! Guess what ! Since that day ,Ellen ,well Aquavenger woman , received an award of bravery .I think she deserves it because she had saved so many lives andshe is a real heroe and hope that shell always be .See you soon .
  7. 7. NINJAGIRLNinjagirl is wearing a purple headband and a black and purple outfit.She isgreen eyed. She is also white skinned and dark haired.She is beautiful and she is physically fit.She is a superhero, she has many powers.Ninjagirl is able to run very fast, she can break walls with her stick and shecan fly, besides she is able to have visions of the future.When she was a child her parents were killed, therefore she is an orphan. Shewas nine when she was adopted by her new family.Now she lives in Las Vegas and she works in a casino.This superhero whose name is Ninjagirl rescued many people who weretrapped in casinos by bandit. She breaks the walls, takes the people and flieswith them to put them in security and the police arrests the bandits andemprisons them. And later she receives high honours because she is asuperhero very courageous and brave.
  8. 8. CHITOU Diana Super feline ladys story Super feline lady is blue-eyed and cyan-skinned. She is also black-haired. She is wearing a black mask to protect her true identity. She wears a gold crown on his long curly hair. She is hard-working, very bright and well-off. Her real name is clara benot but since she discovered her powers she is called super feline lady. At the age of four years, she lost her parents because a car accident. At the beginning of her adolescence, she noticed that she could press a blade in the stomach without feeling anything. Other similar events are past and thus she realized she was indestructible! Besides that claws have grown on his left hand and also a cat tail. Now, she is eighteen years old and lives in New York. She belongs to a middle class family. She is a model in a great american agency. When she was sixteen, When she was 16 she rescued an old lady at the edge of discomfort who had almost fell into a river. Super feline lady is eighteen year old woman who was rewarded.
  9. 9. FRENCHORMANThe name of my hero is FrenchorMan. My hero is who is physicallystrong or fit and is not outfit just pants. He is wearing a pantswhich a gray. He has got short-hair. His hair is black. He is nice, itsaves lives and he fight against crime daily. He uses a hummer asgadget. He has twenty years ago. In real life, it is a mechanic. Helives in New York in the suburbs. It features several powers. He isable to fly, it is bipolar, and it is more faster than lightning. Oneday he saved a young girl who was in the process of beingmugged. It happened in an alley when suddenly two men frombehind a are arisen poubelle. Their heads were hidden by a mask.They had a knife in his hand. They had white-skinned. He took risksby saving. He came over them and hit it with a hammer on the twopersons. The woman was saved. Frenchorman is a Hero !
  10. 10. My superheroOn this image you can see my superhero Devil Hell. Physical Description:-Devil Hell is a female, her skin is very white as snow. Her eyes are also white,Devil Hells hair is black and mid-long and she is tall and thin. Her lips are redblood, she has large black wings and a black devil tail with a black eye. She iswearing a red top short sleeve and for the bottom that hides her anatomy it isa red loincloth accompanied by a kind of black belt.-She wears black boot, necklace with spikes and a black metal bracelet on eachwrist. You can see her hand a kind of power emerge burgundy color.And finally she is on a black ground, which is called “The land of superhero”.
  11. 11. History:-Devil Hell was born in a volcano created by an old sorcerer who called Ralph sothat she can protect all the people on this planet called demons. This planet iscalled “earth demons”. Devil Hell is immortal, intelligent, helpful and kind withprotect. The heroine lives in a giant cave comfortable with her creator so hecould watch over her. Devil Hell knows how to fight and fly with wings but it isnot all she has super powers. She is able to change her enemies into rock orinflame.-One day there was a large army of monsters who appoints choukas, they aremuscular, disgusting khaki. They had captured the sorcerer Ralph into a slave,a person who has for. Devil Hell has found and fought with all his heart for thesorcerer and succeeded. Devil Hell was awarded the world. Now you now who is Devil Hell.
  12. 12. WIND MANWind Man is a superhero who lives in WashingtonD.C.He wears a mask and a blue outfit to hide his trueidentity : Aaron Smith a policeman ,he is 27 years old.He is dark-haired ,he is blue-eyed, he is white- skinned . He is very brave,nice and modest .He is able to create a wind wall and tornados ,he can fly.He is faster than Superman ,he is as clever as Batman but he is strongless than Hulk .One day Wind man got saved a young girl from a crash carwith a wind wall and he projected the car with atornado .For his bravery the mayor rewarded Windman
  13. 13. HEROES AND SUPERHEROES Black QueenKrystal Harrison was a young girl who has sixteen years old. She is white-skinned and brown-haired. She is physically a little bit slender and tall. She rarely smiles and speaks with otherpeople, because she became shy and mysterious since the death of her parents. But in realityshe is the superhero of her city. The people call her Black Queen. When she wearing hercostume, she is being able to fly and she have a great flexibility. Black Queen wearing a blackskirt with a white, bleu and black polo-neck. Her outfit adapts to her powers. One day, after arescue, she returns to her home when she sees a man. This man was be attacked by two evilme, with arms. The scene took place in a little street and when she saw it, she flies to themand she caught their arms by extending his arms. She threw both arms and she put the victimin security. One of two men got angry and pulled a gun from his pocket and he fired in herdirection. She flew to avoid the ball. Finally, the two men have been in prison because of her.After that, the man that has been saving by Black Queen adopted her and he has the only onewho knows the secret of Krystal. She became friendly, sociable, less shy and more smiling. Inher new school she was able to make new friends and they very pleased together.
  14. 14. LAWSONEEDYLawsoneedy lives in New york but he works in Manhattan as businessman. He is 32 yearsold.When he becomes a superhero, he wears a red tee-shirt, a black jeans, a black tie andblacks shoes.Lawsoneedy is very courageous , valiant and intelligent .Moreover he is a black-haired.He is white-skinned . He is brown-eyed . He is court-haired . Else, he can fly . He is able toteleport himself . He can see futur. He has great strength. He can see thourgh walls. Withits claws, he is able to kill anyone. Indeed , Lawsoneedy is nicer than other super hero. Heis cleverer other than super hero . He is smarter than other super hero and , he is astuterthan other super hero.On of the largest rescue was when he saved a man from a fire. The man is sixty and hecried I am burning ! I am burning . Indeed , he was emprisoned in circle of fire of the6th floor of building. Then, Lawsoneedy deployes its wings et and flew to his secour. Heextinguished the fire and took the man in his arms. They flew away from flames. Theman thanked Lawsoneedy . It was a rescue very dangerous ! But Lawsoneedy is notafraid of anything. The mayor of New york him gave a price of bravest man.