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The taiga


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The taiga

  1. 1. An Ecosystem includes all of the living elements and Non-livingelements in a particular place that exist between those things. Living Elements Non-Living Elements (Biocoenosis) (Biotope) Relationship
  2. 2. Living things in a EcosystemPopulation is a group of organisms that live together and are ofthe same speciesCommunity is a collection of different populations that livetogether in one place Population Community
  3. 3. Types of RelationshipsIntraspecific relationships exist between individual members ofthe same speciesInterspecific relationships exist between individual members ofdifferent species Intraspecific Interspecific
  4. 4. Trophic relationships and food chain In a Ecosystem we can group organisms by the things that they feed on. Each group forms a different trophic level. The interrelations between organism on different trophic levels represents the FOOD CHAIN
  5. 5. Food WebFood web represents all thedifferent food chains withinan ecosystem
  6. 6. Types of Ecosystems (Natural)Natural Ecosystem develop without human intervention.An oak forest is a natural ecosystem Natural EcosystemAquatic Terrestrial
  7. 7. Types of Ecosystems (Humanized)Humanized ecosystem exist because of human intervention.Cities, Towns and Farmers´ fields are humanized ecosystemCities Towns Farmers´ fields
  8. 8. Living Elements of the Taiga The taiga has these living elements Living elements
  9. 9. Non-living elements of the taiga The Taiga has these non –living elements Non-living elements
  10. 10. Populations and communities of the TaigaPopulations of the taiga Communities of the taiga
  11. 11. Trophic level of the taiga
  12. 12. Food chain of the taigaThis is a food chain of the taiga
  13. 13. Food web of the Taiga
  14. 14. Finish