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The modern age

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The modern age

  1. 1. The Modern Age By : Mariano García Serrano
  2. 2. Economy and society  The began of The Modern Age.  The ended of The Modern Age.
  3. 3. Economic transformation
  4. 4. Society Society was divided into three groups. They were the nobility, clergy and commoners. Nobility Clergy Commoners
  5. 5. Politics ,religion and scienceEuropean monarchiesReligious conflicts.The Modern Age was a timeof religious intolerance.
  6. 6. The origin of modern scienceCopernicus Leonardo Da Vinci
  7. 7. The Spanish monarchy The Catholics Kings
  8. 8. Habsburg dynastyFirst kings: Felipe II Carlos INext Kings:Felipe III Felipe IV Carlos II
  9. 9. Bourbon dynasty The fist Bourbon Kings was Felipe V. The next kings were Fernando VI and carlos III.
  10. 10. Art and culturerenaissance style 16 century neoclassical styel 18 century baroque style 17 century
  11. 11. Art and Literature in Spain At the biginning of the 16 century , the most important painter was El Greco. In Spanish literature Santa Teresa de Jesús and Garcilaso de la Vega. The 17 century is called the Golden Age of Spanish art and literature. There were great painters , like Ribera, Murillo and Velázquez. In literature Quevedo, Gongora, Lope de Vega etc…. During the 18 century Goya.
  12. 12. The end