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Living things pedro

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Living things pedro

  2. 2. LIFE ON EARTH .BIOSPHERE: is the part of the Earth where we can find living organisms. .BASIC LIFE PROCESSES: Interaction: detect information and they also react Reproduction: can create new members of their own species Nutrition: take nutrients. These nutrients give energy
  3. 3. Human beings Interaction: Our senses to detect information about the world; communicate with other; move around and do many things Nutrition: breathe air; drink water and eat food; eliminate waste products Reproduction: born; have children; produce milk for their babies
  4. 4. CELLS: are living things because they perform the basic life processes of interaction, nutrition and reproduction. Animal Cell Nucleus: controls everything Cytoplasm: is a thick, clear liquid, inside the membrane Membrane: protects the cell
  5. 5. Plant Cell Nucleus Cytoplasm Membrane Chloroplast
  6. 6. How are cells organised? Cell System Tissue Organ
  7. 7. The five kingdoms Moneran kingdom: unicellular organisms, bacteria Protist kingdom: unicellular or multicellular, protozoans and algae (they make their own food)
  8. 8. Fungus kingdom: unicellular or multicellular, yeast and mushrooms Plant kingdom and Animal kingdom: multicellular. The plants make own food