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Living things maria moya

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Living things maria moya

  1. 1. Life on Earth  Our planet has qualities that are essencials for life.  It has lots of water.  The atmosphere also contains gases that are essentials for life on the Earth.  The sun provides our planet with light and heat.  The Biosphere is where living things live.
  2. 2. Basic life processes Interaction • Detect information about their enviroment they aloso react to the information. Nutrition • Take essential nutrients from their enviroment. This nutrients give them energy. Reproduction • Create new members of their own species.
  3. 3. Human beings Interaction Nutrition Reproduction
  4. 4. Cells  All living things are formed by cells. They are the basics unts of life.  Unicelular: 1 cell.  Multicelular: more than 1 cell.  They perform basic life processes.
  5. 5. Parts of a cell Membrane: surrounds and protects the cell. Membrane Nucleous: controls everything. Cytoplasm: thick, clear liquid inside the membrane. We find nucleous and organelles. Nucleous Cytoplasm
  6. 6. Animal cell Membrane Nucleous Cytoplasm
  7. 7. Plant cell Cell wall: extra protection. Membrane Nucleous Cytoplasm Chloroplasts
  8. 8. Cell´s organisation Tissue Organ System • Groups of cells that performs a specific function. • Combination of tissues that work together to perform an action. • Groups of organs that work together to perform an action.
  9. 9. The 5 kingdoms  We can clasify living things into 5 kingdoms. Moneran kingdom • Unicellullar. • Bacteria. Protist kingdom • Unicellular-multicellular. • Protozoans and algae. Fungus kingdom • Unicellular-multicellular. • Yeast and mushrooms.
  10. 10. The 5 kingdoms • Plant kingdom • Multicellular • Own food • Animal kingdom • Multicellular


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