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Health and illness inma

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Health and illness inma

  1. 1. Health and illness
  2. 2. health and illnessYour health is a state of physical,mental and social well-being illness are health problems that affetct your body´s organs.Health professionals and services can help us to stary healthy by treating and preventing illnesses.General practitioner: (or GP) is a doctor who treats everyday illnessesMedical specialist:people usually go to hospital if they have a mediacal emergency
  3. 3. Types of illnessesInfectious diseases:are illnesses that are caused by microorganisms examples influenza,measles and chicken poxNon-infectious diseases:aren´t caused by microorganisms example abesity,malnutrition,substances abuse and metal illness
  4. 4. Infectious diseaseBacteria,viruses,protozoans and fungi are common microorganisms.Some of them are not harmuf to humans,but others can cause infectious diseases.Bacteria:like tuberculosis,tetanus or salmonellosis.We can treat some bacteria infections with antibioticsViruses:are harmful to human beings.Like flu,measles,rubella and AIDS we can treat antiviral medicinesProtozoans:serious infections diseases,like malaria,choleraFungi:cause diseases of the skin,hair and nails.Antimycotic medicines
  5. 5. How are infectious diseases transmitted?By personal contactBy dropet contactBy contract with contaminated objectsBy animal carriers:some mosquitoes carry bacteria that cause malariaBy consumption of contaminate food:salmonellosisBy consumption of contaminated water:cholera,hepatitis by microorganisms
  6. 6. Preventing infectious diseasesWash your hands,brush your teeth,clean cuts,keep your pets healthy,wash raw fruits and vegetables,don´t walk barefoot.
  7. 7. VaccinesA vaccine is a substance that contains weak or dead microorganisms,but your body produces special sunstances called antibodies.The future,your body will produce the same antibodies again to defend itself.