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Health and illness

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Health and illness

  1. 1. Health and illness
  2. 2. A gereral practitioner : is a doctor who treats the most coomon illness A medical specialist:is a doctor who treats specific illness or parts of the body [dermatologist,cardiologist] People usually go to hospital if they have a medical emergency.They can also go there for test and medical treatments
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  4. 4. ébola We can treat the ebola whit a medical specialist If we have the ebola we go to hospital The ebola is a infectius diseases beacose are cause by microorganism The ebola is a viruse, we can treat ebola with antiviral medicines and vacines We can transmit ebola by personal contact
  5. 5. tuberculosis If we have the tuberculosis we must go to a medical specialist(PULMONARY DISEASES) The tuberculosis are a infeccius diseases The tuberculosis is an bacteria We can treat tuberculosis whit antibiotics We can trasmit tuberculosis by personal contact
  6. 6. malaria If we have the malaria we muat go to a medical specialist(LIVER DISEASES) The mosquitoes trasmit malaria so…(is an infectius diseases) The malaria is a protozoon We can treat malaria whit anti–protist medicines We can be infected of malaria by animal carries.(For example the mosquitoe)
  7. 7. Athlete´s foot If you have the athlete´s foot you must go to a general practitioner The athlete´foot is a infectious diseases,if you tauch this you can catch this fungi The athlete´s foot is a fungi We can treat fungi witch antifungal or antimycotic medicines We can be infected of the athlete´s foot by walking barefoot in public swimming pools,gyms,…
  8. 8. Preventing infectious diseases Wash your hands Brush your teeth Clean cuts Keep your pets healthy Wash raw fruit and vegetables Don´t walk barefoot
  9. 9. Preventing non–infectious diseases Eat a balanced diet Do regular exercise Get 8-10H of sleep every day Follow road safety rules Accep and respect yourselfand your body,express your feelings appropriately Accep and respect other people
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