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By emilio

Sea Animals

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By emilio

  1. 1. The sharks live around the world. Their mouth has got a lot of teeth. The sharks can be very dangerous.
  2. 2. The dolphin is a mammal, they are very friendly. The dolphins sometimes go to the coast line near the boats. They talk each other by singing.
  3. 3. The whale is the biggest mammal. Its is a protected animal. Its very big and long.
  4. 4. They need oxygen for living, for that they go out the sea and jump. They travel by group. They eat dolphins and sea lions.
  5. 5. The albatross has the longest feathers. They move around the world. They eat fish.
  6. 6. The sea horse is an endangered animal. 20 years ago you can find them in the Mar menor in Murcia. They are lovely.
  7. 7. It has got 8 tentacles. It has not got a shell. It is an invertebrate animal
  8. 8. They have a mouth . They are invertebrates and they live in the coral reef. They haven’t got eyes.
  9. 9. It is an invertebrate animal. It has a shell. They live abaut 20-70 metres from the sea level People fish lobster for preparing rice
  10. 10. They are invertebrates without shell. The Caravela Portuguesa is the most dangerous. Sometimes you can find them in the Mediterranean sea. In Japan they eat them at the restaurant.
  11. 11. They live in the coast near the harbour. With their beak they fish and they transform salad water into fresh water.
  12. 12. They are mammals . They live in families all around the world. They eat fish, mollusc,and penguins.
  13. 13. They are also mammal and they live in families too. They live in the north pole and it is a carnivore animal.
  14. 14. It is a vertebrate animal they got a long beak made of bone . They use it to attack another fishes. They belong to the tuna family.