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Comparing e-Reader devices


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Let me help you to choos an eReader

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Comparing e-Reader devices

  1. 1. ==== ====Let me help you to choose the best e-Reader ====When shopping for an eReader on the web, reading product summaries or user reviews just isntenough. This is because these user reviews focus solely on one product. In addition to reviewarticles, it is best to do additional research by also reading eReader comparison articles or bylooking at an eReader comparison chart. This is going to enable you to view eReading devicesside-by-side so you can compare similar features. This way when you spend $125 or more on aneReader, you know it was definitely the best device to fulfill your needs.Presented below is a list of features that you ought to compare before purchasing an eReaderonline. From experience, these are the features that will make a difference most over time.5 Important eReader Qualities You should CompareHere are the five most important features that all eReaders have. These features you will want tocompare from one eReader to the next to find the best device for your needs.1. The Size of the eReaderSize is going to consist of the dimensions and weight of the eReader. This should be important toyou because youre going to want to hold the device in 1 (or two) hands. So the size is going toimpact how comfortable it is to hold the device for long periods of time.The most significant variable will be the weight. Most eReaders weight will range anywhere fromseven ounces (half a pound) to sixteen or more ounces (1+ lb). For me personally, 12 ounces istoo heavy for extended reading sessions.The dimensions ought to be compared as well. The larger the eReader (height, width, depth), thetougher the device will be to hold in one hand - especially when you factor in weight. Also, dontforget to think about the size of the screen. The overall dimensions will impact how big, or howsmall, the screen is on the device.2. Battery and MemoryThe battery life ought to play a part in your decision considering that it has an affect on just howlong you are able to use your eReader device between charges. Battery lives vary; youll seemthem range from as little as a couple of hours to as long as 30 days.The memory of an eReader is going to determine how many books youll be able to store on yourdevice. eReaders will come with built-in memory ranging from 500 MB to as much as 4GB. This isthe equivalent to storing 1,000 to 4,000 ebooks. Many devices allow you to increase the memory
  2. 2. to as many 32GB - this is about 50,000 ebooks!3. Supported FilesSupported files are files that the eReader is capable of analyzing and displaying. This will varyfrom device to device. Common files include: AZW, TXT, PDF, AA, AAX, EPUB, PDB, JPG, GIF,PNG, BMP and MP3.4. InternetYoull want to decide if you want to be able to access the web or not. If you do, you will have tochoose between a device with Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi+3G. If you want wi-fi only, youll need to be neara wireless connection like at your home or perhaps a cafe to access the net. Devices with wi-fi+3Gwill allow you to access the net from just about anywhere, much like your cellphone.5. FeatureseReaders can include many features. Here are just a few:• You can lend ebooks from one device to another (identical) device.• Touch and/or color screen.• Build in bookmarking, Wikipedia and dictionaries.• Games• Some devices can read aloud to you.Deciding What eReader Features Matter MostIts very unlikely that you will find the "perfect" eReader. So to help pick one out, youll want todecide what features matter most to you and go from there. For instance, you might determine thatsize is most important followed by a color screen then games and so on. Youll make your choiceusing that criteria.Then when you make your decision, just find a good deal, purchase your eReader and enjoy yourfavorite book.If you found this information on eReaders useful, more of it can be found Our site is dedicated to providing accurate user reviews,eReader comparison charts and details on different accessories and apps.
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