Catalin Dobre Florin
                                        1 Subcetate Street, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
Duties included:
      Conducted research for faculty and assisted in research design and in writing project proposals
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Catalin Dobre Cv


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Catalin Dobre CV

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Catalin Dobre Cv

  1. 1. Catalin Dobre Florin 1 Subcetate Street, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania Mobile: +40724384600 Email: PROFESSIONAL PROFILE  Management professional with two years of experience. Analytical and logical thinker with a strong educational background  Effective communicator with excellent team-building and interpersonal skills  Quick learner with an ability to plan and execute innovative strategies  Excellent strategic planning, financial analysis, problem solving, organizational and leadership skills  Resourceful in resolving emerging problems EDUCATION August 2008- May 2010 Master in Business Administration, James Madison University, Virginia, U.S.A. Modules studied: Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Management of Innovation and Technology, Financial Theory and Analysis, Operations Management, Business Ethics, Quantitative Methods for Mgmt Skills gained:  High understanding of concepts, operation and techniques of modern business and solid quantitative skills  Written and verbal presentation and communication skills, time management. My degree course greatly enhanced my written and verbal communication skills due to the many presentations, assignments, essays and projects required, all within a given time frame  Teamwork and better leadership skills and methods to encourage and motivate a team  Ability to make decisions with imperfect information and enhanced negotiation skills  Heightened sense of ethics when making business considerations  Understanding of and ability to use technology as a tool of effective management  The know-how to align projects and procedures with business strategy Obtained a Graduate Assistant scholarship September 2006- March 2008 Master in International Marketing and Management, The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania Modules studied: Marketing Research, International Marketing and Euro-Marketing, Marketing and Management Simulations, Knowledge Management, International Human Resources Graduated in the top 25% of the class July 2002- July 2006 BA Economics and International Business, Romanian-American University, Bucharest Romania Modules studied: International Business, Marketing, International Management, Finance Obtained a scholarship and participated in a student exchange program at James Madison University, Virginia, U.S.A., in 2005- 2006. Participated in two courses held at the Romanian-American University:  Applied Organizational Behavior, lectured by Dr. Kent Zimmerman from James Madison University, U.S.A.  Project Management, lectured by Dr. James K. McCollum from University of Alabama, U.S.A. WORK EXPERIENCE December 2008- May 2010 Graduate Assistant-Management and Marketing Departments, James Madison University, Virginia, U.S.A.
  2. 2. Duties included:  Conducted research for faculty and assisted in research design and in writing project proposals  Conducted analysis of research data, prepared tables and wrote research reports  Maintained close communications with faculty so that their needs are fully met  Prepared course materials and exams, graded assignments and exams Skills developed:  Highly focused and results oriented in supporting deadline driven projects. Working as a Graduate Assistant I was mostly faced with projects given by professors and staff, projects that had to be completed within certain deadlines  Adaptable. I was also able to adapt and learn new skills required for different projects. One example is acquiring video editing skills for a project that I had to complete, where I had to compile different video footages into a movie  Flexible. I was flexible in adapting my schedule so that it matched the needs of the professors and staff  Oral and written communication skills. Oral communication skills expressed in research projects and in communicating with faculty and staff. Writing skills developed with essay and research projects writing  Analytical ability improved through working on database projects August 2008- December 2008 Office Assistant, Office of International Programs (OIP), James Madison University, Virginia, U.S.A. Duties included:  Organized and facilitated communication between international students and the staff of OIP  Participated in programs for international students, collaborated with James Madison University faculty and staff towards promoting them  Assisted with projects for international students to facilitate their transition to the American environment Skills developed:  Multinational mindset for projects  Promoting skills, as I was in charge of promoting and delivering flyers for different programs January 2006- July 2008 Manager, Conido Srl. (medium retail store), Bucharest, Romania Duties included:  Managed a staff of five and conducted regular team meetings for assessing the store’s progress  Handled staff issues, interviews and selection of staff  Networked with potential customers to promote the store's products.  Negotiated and maintained close business relationships with distributors  Made decisions on managing stock levels and cutting costs  Developed and executed local marketing campaigns to attain/retain market share position in the market Skills developed:  Leadership and entrepreneurial skills  Team management skills, including staff appraisals, salary reviews, recruitment and managing non performers  Product management and excellent problem solving skills  Excellent organizational and people management skills TECHNICAL SKILLS  Extensive knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access  A wide variety of operating systems –Windows and MacOS LANGUAGE SKILLS  Fluent in English, French and Romanian REFERENCES Available upon request