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The edfu temple


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The video is about the temple of edfu

Published in: Technology
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The edfu temple

  1. 1. • Cut slab of sandstone.
  2. 2. Physical properties of sandstone • Very hard , resistant, compact, fine grained. • Equi-granular homogeneous rocks. Chemical properties of sandstone • Composed by silica. • Are highly resistant to acids and thermal impacts.
  3. 3. Towers that are massive structures Pillars (Tension) Beams (Bending)
  4. 4. Ptolemy III Ptolemy XII
  5. 5. Entrance Sanctuary zone Hypostyle room Pylon
  6. 6. • BY: • Sofia Colomina Lopez. • Ana Arevalo Ramos. • Pablo Aguado. • Carlos Cestelo.