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BamBam! Teamwork Academy: Project Management


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BamBam! Teamwork Academy is a new series by 84kids focusing on online collaboration, project management and Agile approach to software development.

Each presentation contains a number of useful tips that can be applied in practice to all kinds of development business, from small software houses to engineering companies running on workflows to large production ventures.

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BamBam! Teamwork Academy: Project Management

  1. 1. # Project Management
  2. 2. steps to successful # Project Management 10 Project Management
  3. 3. • What are the objectives? • What needs to be accomplished and when? • What is not included? # Project Management 1 Define the ScopeSTEP
  4. 4. • People STEP2 Determine Resources # Project Management • Money • Equipment
  5. 5. # Project Management STEP3 Specify the Deadline
  6. 6. # Project Management STEP4 Build your team
  7. 7. # Project Management • Define the major pieces STEP5 Make a list of tasks • List all small steps
  8. 8. # Project Management • What is the first step? • What happens next? • Who is going to do what? • How long will it take? STEP6 Plan your steps carefully
  9. 9. # Project Management • Adjust some points if needed but remember about the scope and resocures STEP7 Work the plan
  10. 10. # Project Management • Identify and sort out issuess before they grow big STEP8 Monitor the progress
  11. 11. # Project Management STEP9 Document the progress
  12. 12. # Project Management STEP10 Always value your team
  13. 13. Yes, let’s do this! Ready for some REAL Project Management?