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Professional photographer 2008 11

  1. 1. NOVEMBER 2008©Heather Smith
  2. 2. Isn’t it Time to Start Saving Money? “Received my prints today, and they are beau- tiful. Thank you, thank you.” — Lancaster, OH “I will never print locally again. Your work is fantastic. The photos are carefully packaged and color, exposure and clarity of the images astounds me.” — Wasilla, AK “Your company saved me time and money without sacrificing quality and my integrity! My customer loved his portraits. I look forward to a long relationship with Meridian, you truly are Pros!! Again Thank you.” — Lake Worth, FL “Just received my 2nd order and I am so pleased with the results. Simple to order, fast delivery and perfect prints! Thanks for doing things right.” — Blackwood, NJ “... another order from Meridian and I’ve This is just one example. We offer gotta tell you: excellence once again. I wish Iover 60 print sizes, up to 30x40, along had known about your company years ago, thewith professional mounting, texturing, quality, service and speed are second to none.” and a growing line of press printed — Frisco, TX cards, calendars, and books. Great Prints. Great Prices. Easy Ordering. It’s that Simple.
  3. 3. P RO F E S S I O NA LEDITORIAL director of publications CAMERON BISHOPP Questions answered senior editor JOAN SHERWOOD art director/production manager DEBBIE TODD A SPECIAL ISSUE DEVOTED TO BETTER BUSINESS manager, publications and The publication of this month’s Professional Photographer is truly features editor sales/strategic alliances LESLIE HUNT an event. We’re presenting a super special “How to Do Everything KARISA GILMER Better” section. editor-at-large sales and marketing assistant If you’re having trouble making sense of a particular matter, JEFF KENT CHERYL PEARSON more often than not, others are too. So we combed through our archives, pored over reader requests, and took note of PP’s most- technical editors circulation read online articles to gather a few of the ongoing questions ANDREW RODNEY, MOLLIE O’SHEA ELLIS VENER, DON CHICK everyone seems to be asking. In some instances we merely covered the basics, to help you bone director of sales and strategic alliances SCOTT HERSH up on the essentials, in others, we tackled more complicated questions, 610-966-2466; like how to land that first wedding assignment. It’s a question I’ve western region ad manager eastern region ad manager wondered about for years—as a bride, would I entrust my wedding BART ENGELS SHELLIE JOHNSON 847-854-8182; 404-522-8600, x279; images to someone who had never photographed an event before? How does a wedding photographer get his first break? We asked the editorial offices Professional Photographer talented David Jay, who launched his now booming career just a 229 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 2200, Atlanta, GA 30303-1608 U.S.A. few years ago; his answer finally helped us understand how it’s done. 404-522-8600; FAX: 404-614-6406 Professional Photographer (ISSN 1528-5286) is published monthly Turn to p. 35 and see if there aren’t a few things we can help you subscriptions do better. Have any suggestions for next year’s issue? E-mail me Professional Photographer your confounding questions and let’s see if we can find the answers. P.O. Box 2035, Skokie, IL 60076; 800-742-7468; FAX 404-614-6406; email:; Web site: member services AND THE WINNER IS… PPA - Professional Photographer 800-786-6277; FAX 301-953-2838; e-mail:; Our first-ever cover photo contest started simply enough. For three Send all advertising materials to: Debbie Todd, Professional Photographer, months last spring, we threw open our doors to host a sort of 5431 E. Garnet, Mesa, AZ 85206; 480-807-4391; FAX: 480-807-4509 open house, giving photographers at all skill levels a chance to Subscription rates/information: U.S.: $27, one year; $45, two years; $66, three years. Canada: $43, one year; $73, two years; $108, three years. see their work gracing the cover of Professional Photographer International: $39.95, one year digital subscription. magazine. As the entries rolled in, and the numbers mounted, we Back issues/Single copies $7 U.S.; $10 Canada; $15 International. realized just how many photographers were willing to line up for PPA membership includes $13.50 annual subscription. Subscription orders/changes: Send to Professional Photographer, Attn: Circulation that opportunity. More than 5,000 photographers entered more Dept., P.O. Box 2035, Skokie, IL 60076; 800-742-7468; than 50,000 images. FAX 404-614-6406; email:; Web site: Periodicals postage paid in Atlanta, Ga., and additional mailing offices. But this wasn’t a photo contest; it was a cover photo contest. We Postmaster: Send address changes to Professional Photographer magazine, held the entries to the high standards of our regular cover P.O. Box 2035, Skokie, IL 60076 selections, so we had to roll up our sleeves and get to work. The Copyright 2008, PPA Publications & Events, Inc. Printed in U.S.A. Article reprints: Contact Professional Photographer reprint coordinator at selection process took a full four months of careful deliberation. Wright’s Reprints; 1-877-652-5295. My absolute favorite part of the judging was working alongside our Microfilm copies: University Microfilms International, 300 North Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48106 guest judge, past PPA president Helen Yancy. Her photographic resume Professional Photographer (ISSN 1528-5286) is published monthly for $27 per year by PPA is legendary. Both Debbie Todd, the magazine’s art director, and I enjoyed Publications and Events, Inc., 229 Peachtree Street, NE, Suite 2200, International Tower, Atlanta, hearing Helen’s evaluations of the images, and having the opportunity GA 30303-1608. Periodicals postage paid at Atlanta, Ga., and additional mailing offices. Acceptance of advertising does not carry with it endorsement by the publisher. Opinions expressed by to see photography through her exceptionally gifted eyes. I Professional Photographer or any of its authors do not necessarily reflect positions of Professional Cameron Bishopp Photographers of America, Inc. Professional Photographer, official journal of the Professional Photographers of America, Inc., is the oldest exclusively professional photographic publication in the Western Hemisphere (founded 1907 by Charles Abel, Hon.M.Photog.), incorporating Abel’s Photo- Director of Publications graphic Weekly, St. Louis & Canadian Photographer, The Commercial Photog- rapher, The National Photographer, Professional Photographer, and Professional Photographer Storytellers. Circulation audited and verified by BPA Worldwide. 4
  4. 4. Introducing ROES and collagesColor TMMac and PC Photographers areNow Printing with PROFESSIONAL To celebrate this launch, we have two great offers for you: TM COLOR LAB 1. $25.00 worth of FREE prints $25 FREE PRINTS COUPON CODE: 27803DM EXPIRES: 12/31/08 2. FREE Premium Websites Spend $75.00 on printing in November, and get FREE Premium Websites in December! V 2.0 available with ROES Exceptional print quality Competitive pricing Best of all, you can use your free $25.00 print credit to get started. Rapid turnaround time Call (877) 638-7468 Extensive lab options Contact today (877) 638-7468 or customerservice@collages.netAlbums | Press Printed Books | Professional Printing | Online Presentation | High-End CardsCheck out’s comprehensive product line at ©2008 Inc. All rights reserved. Photos ©2008 Forever Photography.
  6. 6. CONTENTS 14 FOLIO 73 IMAGING USA 106 CALENDAR 111 PPA TODAY PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER | NOVEMBER 2008 | WWW.PPMAG.COM 130 GOOD WORKS©George Hurrell Norma Shearer in “The Divorcee” Departments C O N TA C T S H E E T 20 Profiles in history 22 The trial of the tilted tiara 24 David Hobby teaches small-flash lighting by Curtis Joe Walker 26 Green marketing 28 Getty, Time open Life Collection 30 Win a portfolio review with Anne Geddes C OV E R C O N T E ST 92 Talent Rising The 2008 Professional Photographer Cover Photo Contest draws talent from every corner of the world By Jeff Kent ON THE COVER: Heather Smith of Cumming, Ga., took first place in the 2008 Professional Photographer Cover Contest with our cover image, a portrait of her youngest daughter.20 This image was chosen from more than 50,000 entries. Says contest guest judge Helen Yancy, “It’s a studio shot that was executed perfectly with excellent lighting. The composition is per- fect.” In addition to the landing the cover, Smith was awarded a valuable prize package of products from Bogen Imaging, Canon, Millers Professional The vintage portrait above (of Norma Shearer by George Hurrell), recently Imaging, Kodak Professional and Microsoft. Smith has been a professional photographer sold at auction for $19,500. It’s part of a collection of historical images from the Golden Age for five years. She and her husband, Steve, of Hollywood that are being auctioned at record prices by art dealer Profiles in History. operate Smith Photo Design. See a collection of super entries in the feature beginning on p. 92. 8
  7. 7. ! N EWMamiya 645AFD III Designed for digital backs New, faster, quieter autofocus system Fast 2-fps frame advance rate The widest selection of lenses in the medium format world 2-year warranty 914-347-3300 Distributed by MAC Group
  8. 8. Mind. Body.
  9. 9. Photography.A Picture-Perfect Relationship
  10. 10. chairman of the board DOUG BOX SCOTT HERSH *JACK REZNICKI M.Photog.Cr., API Director of Sales & Cr.Photog., Hon.M.Photog., API Strategic Alliances DON MACGREGORProfessional Photographers M.Photog.Cr., API J. ALEXANDER HOPPER directors Director of Membership,of America DON DICKSON229 Peachtree St., NE, Suite 2200 M.Photog.Cr., CPP industry advisor Copyright and GovernmentAtlanta, GA 30303-1608 KEVIN CASEY Affairs404-522-8600; 800-786-6277 ahopper@ppa.comFAX: 404-614-6400 SANDY (SAM) PUC’ legal counsel WILDA OKEN M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI Howe and Hutton, Chicago Director of Administration spuc@ppa.com2008-2009 PPA board PPA staffpresident RALPH ROMAGUERA, SR. DAVID TRUST LENORE TAFFEL*DENNIS CRAFT M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API, F-ASP Chief Executive Officer Director of Events/EducationM.Photog.Cr., CPP, ltaffel@ppa.comAPI, CAROL ANDREWS SCOTT KURKIAN BING ZENG M.Photog.Cr., ABI Chief Financial Officer PPA China Managing Directorvice president*RON NICHOLS CAMERON BISHOPPM.Photog.Cr., API SUSAN MICHAL Director of Publications SANDRA M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI Executive Assistant slang@ppa.comtreasurer DANA GROVES*LOUIS TONSMEIRE TIMOTHY WALDEN Director of Marketing &Cr.Photog., API M.Photog.Cr., F-ASP Communications *Executive of the Board Professional Photographer Online’s exciting features At, we don’t simply recreate the magazine online. Professional Photographer Online goes far beyond that with loads of cool, useful and inspiring content. And it’s all yours free! Web Exclusives: Fresh stories, tutorials and reviews you’ll ONLY find online! Archived features,organized relevant to your specialty. Photo Gallery Profit Center An in-depth product review library Online Classifieds Buyer’s Gallery FREE E-MAIL NEWSLETTER: Want to see the latest news and exclusive product reviews you won’t see in the pages of the magazine? Sign up now for Professional Photographer’s free email newsletter:
  11. 11. folio| Comprising images selected from the files of the PPA Loan Collection, Folio is a monthly sample of award-winning photography by PPA members. The Loan Collection is a select group of some 500 photographs chosen annually by the PPA print judges from more than 5,000 entries.©Ray Haskell RAY HASKELL Fascinated by wildlife, Ray Haskell, CPP, of Perfect Image Photography in Jaffrey, N.H., captured these tom turkeys performing an age-old strutting ritual. With a Canon EOS 20D and Canon 75-300mm f/4-5.6 USM EF lens, Haskell exposed “Duel at Dawn” for 1/200 second at f/5.6, ISO 400. Post- capture, Haskell burned in the rump feathers of the bird seen from behind, and used a LucisArt filter for a painterly effect. “There’s a real challenge recording wildlife on its own terms,” says Haskell. “You have to be prepared, go unnoticed and anticipate their next move.” (
  12. 12. 58: Number of lenses in the legendary NIKKOR family. 58: Number of legendary NIKKOR lenses you’ll want.Over 45 Million NIKKOR Lenses Produced. ®For more than 70 years, the NIKKOR family of lenses from Nikon has been recognized for itssuperb image quality and exacting standards. And it’s a tradition of excellence that continuestoday, with many of our lenses equipped with proprietary ED glass to help limit chromaticaberration. When you consider some of their other remarkable new features (see oppositepage), you’ll understand why all 58 of our NIKKOR lenses remain in such high demand.Learn more at ® Upload, organize and share your pictures online at mypicturetown.comNikon and NIKKOR are registered trademarks of Nikon Corporation. ©2008 Nikon Inc. ® ®
  13. 13. folio Decisions, decisions. The NIKKOR family of lenses from Nikon offers an astonishing range of creative options designed to fit your ©Jeff Williams photographic needs perfectly. These four lenses are a great example: A 14-24mm f/2.8, that sets a new standard for fast-aperture zoom performance. A 60mm AF-S Micro, engineered for close-up performance enhanced by Nikon’s exclusive, glare-reducing Nano Crystal Coat. A 16-85mm DX VR, remarkably compact with high-performance zoom and wide-to-portrait versatility. A 24mm PC-E, with creative tilt, shift, and rotation perspective. Now, for the tough part: Deciding which one you should get. Learn more about these and other legendary NIKKOR lenses at nikonusa.comJEFF WILLIAMSThis bridal portrait is all about the mood set by the abundant window light. Jeff Williams,CPP, of JS Photography in Gainesville, Fla., captured “Waiting for the Moment” with a NikonD2X and Nikkor 28-70mm f/2.8 D IF-ED AF-S Zoom lens, exposing the image for 1/30second at f/5.6, ISO 100. In Adobe Photoshop, Williams performed minor dodging andburning, and removed a distracting chair rail from the background. ( Nikon® and NIKKOR® are registered trademarks of Nikon Corporation. ©2008 Nikon Inc.
  14. 14. Cody Clinton & Mike Fulton | TriCoast Photography KODAK PHOTOGRAPHERS TO WATCH 2008
  15. 15. It takes two or three photographers to make one great image. We do not worry about who captured the image. We do not worry about who created the final product. When we and our clients are happy, then we have succeeded in doing our job and our art correctly. Teamwork is truly the foundation of TriCoast, just as it is with Miller’s. . Without a doubt, TriCoast is about color and unique angles. We LOVE color. When we see it, we grab it, absorb it, and create something out of it. We push every color to the point of breaking. . We try to create an enjoyable environment in everything we do and plan on making lifelong friends with our clients. Believing that the more information a client has about us, the better he or she can decide if we are the right artists for them. If TriCoast is not the “right” artist, we gladly share a cup of coffee and do everything in our power to find what is right. And that’s what is so great about Miller’s. They are doing the same thing. Always growing, always changing, always helping the professional photographer, even if they are not a client of Miller’s. By leading the market, in many aspects the other labs follow with the products which Miller’s develops, making the entire professional photography world stronger and better for everyone. Our lab is Miller’s Professional Imaging because we Expect More.To see how Cody & Mike use Miller’s to grow their studio, please visit
  16. 16. CONTACT SHEET What’s New, Events, Hot Products, Great Ideas, Etc.©Clarence Sinclair Bull “Five years ago, there was no such thing as a $5,000 photograph in this particular market. Now we sell $5,000 to $50,000 photographs by the hundreds.”Profiles in history Historical portraits sell at record prices BY JEFF KENT Jean Harlow
  17. 17. During the so-called Golden Age of Hollywood,roughly from the 1920s to the late 1950s,some of the nation’s leading portraitphotographers plied their trade among theHollywood royalty. While the movie studioscranked out copious machine-madecommercial prints, these photographerscreated commissioned portraits for privatedisplay. Long secluded in private collections,many of these portraits are now emerging,and selling at unprecedented prices. At a recent auction held by Profiles inHistory, a leading dealer in historical documentsand photographs, upwards of 100 prints fromthe early to mid-20th century sold for morethan $5,000 apiece, grossing a total of about$1.2 million. A George Hurrell portrait ofJohnny Weissmuller (the original Tarzan) wentfor $27,000, a record for a Hurrell photographsold at auction. Portraits by Otto Dyar, ErnestBachrach, Eugene Robert Richee and ClarenceSinclair Bull, depicting Carole Lombard, ©George Hurrell Johnny WeissmullerLouise Brooks, Norma Shearer, MarleneDietrich, Jean Harlow and other GoldenAge stars, sold in the high four-figure range. digital technology … you can’t copy those For Joseph Maddalena, Profiles president historical photographs. It’s an art form thatand CEO, these sales indicate a growing no longer exists. So many images are not goingappreciation for historical photographic to be saved. That’s why these are treasures.”portraits, fast approaching non-photo- This appreciation of historical portraits isgraphic fine art in value. “I’ve seen it change evidenced by Profiles’ sale of an 1858 portrait ofdramatically just in last year,” he says. “Five Abraham Lincoln, at a record price for a printyears ago, there was no such thing as a of that particular signed Lincoln image. Created$5,000 photograph in this particular for Lincoln’s presidential campaign by photog-market. Now we sell $5,000 to $50,000 rapher Roderick Cole, the portrait is one of thephotographs by the hundreds.” best recognized images of the 16th U.S. presi- Maddalena asserts that the spike is due dent. Signed by Lincoln himself and in excellentto the realization that these portraits are condition, it fetched an astounding $209,000.true originals, unique in today’s world of Profiles in History hosts another auctiondigital imaging. “Take a negative from in December, during which the dealer will sell1930,” says Maddalena. “It was hand- an enormous trove of Hollywood memorabilia,touched. A contact print was made from the as well as a collection of high-end historicalnegative with perfect clarity. We can’t make photography. For more information, visitthat same print now. Even with our amazing ©Roderick Cole November 2008 Professional Photographer 21
  18. 18. CONTACT SHEET The trial of the tilted tiara Clients contended it was up to the photographer to correct a misaligned headdress The matter of a bride’s tilted tiara became a photographer’s nightmare when a PPA member in Texas became embroiled in a 15- month legal battle over an accessory mishap. “What am I supposed to know about tiaras? I’m a professional photographer, not a tiara expert,” says Dwayne Lee, M.Photog.Cr. Lee ©Dwayne Lee got a quick lesson in bridal jewelry when his wedding clients sued him for photographing the bride without correcting her skewed tiara. An expert witness stated that the placement of the Lee first saw the tiara in question on the day of the ceremony as the bride and her tiara can vary drastically based on the event, the attendants exited the limousine. Lee took brides hairstyle, ethnicity and personal preference. pre-ceremony photographs of the bridal party, friends and family, including one of the bride and her mother gazing at each another. protection program that helps PPA members in supporting evidence in the form of a The skewed tiara went unnoticed by all. cases of allegations of photographer negligence. wedding album filled with pictures of the Out of Lee’s sightline, as the bride was about The attorneys at Howe & Hutton offered bride in question, standing close to her to walk down the aisle, a family member Lee the option of settling the case with the mother and surrounded by her attendants. noticed the tilted tiara and straightened it. clients, with PPA covering the costs. Lee Last, the expert witness took the stand. Lee continued to document the day for the would pay only the Trust’s per-incident Rubin cited her 32 years of tiara experience. happy couple, never hearing a word about deductible of $200. Lee firmly turned the Under oath, she stated that the placement of the skewed headdress. offer down. He wasn’t willing to have this the tiara can vary drastically based on the Two weeks later, when the groom came customer tarnish his reputation further, or event, the bride’s hairstyle, her ethnicity, and to Lee’s studio for the previews, he imme- let someone else pick up the tab for an above all, her personal preference. For a diately pointed out the tilted tiara in the pre- unreasonable lawsuit. photographer to suggest repositioning a ceremony images. Then the bride and groom Representing themselves, the plaintiff ’s bride’s tiara, Rubin testified, would be sued Lee for $1,500, their reckoning of the sole witness was the bride. Lee came in with offensive to many women. price of those images. The bride and groom 10 witnesses, comprising photographers, The jury ruled in favor of the defendant contended that it was Lee’s responsibility to hairdressers, wedding consultants, and tiara after a 5-minute deliberation. correct the misaligned tiara before shooting. expert Cheri Rubin. After the groom “People started coming out of the wood- The small claims court date was set for questioned his witness, Lee called on his work to help me out,” Lee says, commenting September 15. As a PPA member, Lee called supporting witnesses, all of whom opined on PPA’s assistance throughout the ordeal. on the PPA Indemnification Trust, which that it was not the responsibility of the “I don’t see how photographers who aren’t provides legal counsel from the law firm of photographer to alter the placement of the members of PPA can sleep at night. It’s peace Howe & Hutton, specialists in legal matters tiara. That detail was in the purview of the of mind—and you can’t put a price on that.” concerning photographers. The hairdresser, the bridesmaids, and the —Anne Mahaffey, Indemnification Trust is a unique malpractice mother of the bride. Lee provided PPA Membership Coordinator 22
  19. 19. !"#$%&()*+,+-.(/+##( Mpix has partnered with Zenfolio! Mpix has partnered with Zenfolio to bring you the best in online hosting and e-commerce. Visit to see our full line of photographic and press products.
  20. 20. CONTACT SHEET not to dissuade photographers from using professional gear, but to free them to experiment with new techniques economically. Certainly it’s inadvisable to David Hobby teaches small-flash lighting and inspires photographers position clients who pay hundreds for a BY CURTIS JOE WALKER portrait session in front of gear cobbled from tinfoil and cardboard, but using that homemade gear to pull off an excellent portfolio image is another story. It might help you land a job that will pay for the professional version, or at least a rental. In 2007, Hobby produced a set of eight instructional DVDs, which sells for $139. In keeping with the spirit of Strobist, the self- funded production favors content over polished production values. Hobby has also begun teaching lighting seminars. Despite these various Strobist projects, Hobby finds time to shoot for and give private instruction to clients such as the U.S. Military Defense Information School. Local Flickr Strobist groups are springing up in metropolitan areas, meeting to share their knowledge and collaborate on projects. Find links to Strobist projects mentioned in Professional Photographer’s Web Exclusives at Curtis Joe Walker is aAll images ©David Hobby freelance writer and photographer in Las Vegas. David Hobby’s has demystified Hobby uses his own real-world experience, off-camera flash for seasoned pros and and also keeps a close eye on what other ambitious amateurs alike. The Strobist’s pros and up-and-comers are doing. primary tool is the versatile yet unsung hot- is his best friend in this endeavor. shoe flash, a relatively low-cost, portable and The Strobist group on Flickr is bursting flexible location lighting solution. with photos and discussions of new gear and Strobist started as a hobby in April 2006. how-tos. Hobby culls the best and posts them After 20 years as a newspaper photographer, on his site. One of the hottest recent topics Hobby was able to retire from his day job at is a do-it-yourself beauty dish to replace a The Baltimore Sun thanks to income from the costly ready-made light modifier. Enterprising site. Despite its tiny budget, the site has become Strobists have devised a DIY version that successful with a readership of around 200,000. takes less than $20-worth of supplies. With Explaining and illustrating the techniques, an assemblage of a plastic flower pot, CD equipment, and principles of photographic spindle, a length of rain gutter, a convex mirror lighting through photographs, videos and and spray paint, you can achieve top-notch diagrams is nothing new. What’s novel is doing results. Made with care, this sturdy beauty so for free with a focus on getting professional dish won’t even look homemade. results without huge gear expenditures. The underlying goal of is 24
  21. 21. CONTACT SHEET Green marketing empty claims of big business, so you have to put your biodegradable packing peanuts where your Styrofoam used to be. Let the Show clients you care about the earth other guys hand out plastic-coated junk- Consumers the world over want to do your business policies are genuinely green drawer stuffers, while you imprint your something to heal our ravaged ecosystem spirited, by all means, trumpet the fact in message on items that won’t contribute to even if it’s simply patronizing businesses your marketing. the wasteful overuse of natural resources. that are environmentally conscientious. If Consumers have been inundated by the Make your studio’s imprint on one of these environmentally conscious items: Re-usable shopping bags made of polypropylene cloth or recycled materials. Mars M&M candies with custom Hurricane, flooding, torrential rains... words, photo images, logos and colors, packaged in tins, wedding-worthy organdy gift bags, and more. DriveSavers to the rescue! We can save it! What’s the number one fear of professional photographers around the world? The unexpected, sudden Herb, vegetable or flower seeds in loss of irreplaceable images due to a crashed or damaged packets made of recycled paper and tied with camera, computer or other digital device. ribbon or herb seed bookmarks. DriveSavers understands, and we know how to help. Dove chocolates in custom imprinted We’ve recovered more data for photographers and other mini-boxes tied with ribbon. creative professionals than any other company in the world. We offer special benefits to PPA members plus free Water bottles made of recycled materials return shipping and direct access to our data recovery or metal. Matchbook forget-me-not seed sticks, engineers. And, if we don’t retrieve the data, you don’t pay. 866-661-9696. So, what’s our advice for getting rid of that fear? Visit for Easy. Back up today...or call us tomorrow. more ways that you can consider the environment in your business and connect 800.440.1904 with other like-minded photographers. ©2007 DriveSavers, Inc. DriveSavers Data Recovery, We can save it! and the life-ring logo are registered trademarks of DriveSavers, Inc. 26
  22. 22. CONTACT SHEET Getty, Time open Life Collection Photo by: Margaret Bourke-White ©Time Inc. 2008 Time Inc. and Getty Images are jointly preparing for the early 2009 official launch of, giving public access to the largest collection of images in the world. In addition to the vast collection of historic images from the Getty archive—which are pouring onto the new site at the rate of 3,000 images daily—the site is acquiring new images daily, in the realms of news, entertainment, sports, celebrities, travel animals and more. will also feature millions of images from Life magazine, many of them previously unavailable for public viewing. Consumers will be able to search and view the image bank as well as print select images and share them with friends and family. They can also create personal image collections based on their interests, and purchase albums of their selections. 28 26
  23. 23. PICTORICO GEKKO ENGINEERED FOR BLACK & WHITE PRINTING The new Pictorico GEKKO is a distinctive line of inkjet media with four different textures, all specifically designed for printing digital black and white images. Offering outstanding grayscale performance with deep blacks and high D-Max, GEKKO inkjet media will meet your highest standards. Experience Pictorico GEKKO for yourself. GEKKO Green has the look and feel of traditional Baryta black and white photo paper and was the winner of the 2008 DIMA Award for best black and white print from a color inkjet printer. GEKKO Red is a 100% cotton paper with a distinct, textured surface. GEKKO Black has a unique matte surface finish on traditional resin coated photo base paper. GEKKO Blue has a unique luster surface finish on traditional resin coated photo base paper. Learn more about the complete line of Pictorico inkjet media by visiting Use promo code PPMAG to receive 20% off your online purchase. Valid until December 31, 2008. Distributed in the Americas exclusively Winner of the 2008 DIMA Award through Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc. for best black and white printfrom a color inkjet printer.
  24. 24. CONTACT SHEET ©Anne Geddes, 2008. All rights reserved. Win a portfolio review with Anne Geddes Interested in having your work critiqued by a legendary photographer? The Anne Geddes Portfolio Review Contest, international audiences, and revolutionized sponsored by Epson America, has just been children’s portraiture. announced. Sign up at to win To enter the contest, you’ll be asked for a the chance at a one-on-one portfolio review link to an online portfolio containing 10 or with legendary photographer Anne Geddes more of your images. In addition to artistic at Imaging USA 2009. and technical excellence, your body of work New York Times best-selling author and should include a majority of portraits or photographer Geddes will be speaking at images featuring people. Imaging USA, being held this year in Epson America will choose randomly Phoenix, January 11 to 13. 300 Web sites from the total pool of The Australian photographer became qualified entrants. Once 300 finalists have WORDS OF WISDOM an international phenomenon in the 1990s been drawn, image collections will be judged What judges are looking for with her remarkable images of babies. based on both technical and artistic merit. 1. The best you: Your collection should Geddes’ latest book, “A Labor of Love” Judges are seeking images that exhibit exhibit your own singular style. (Andrews McMeel Publishing), is a proficiency in professional photographic 2. Keep it photographic: Your body of personal account of her life. lighting, composition and portrayal of work should not be dependent upon A Geddes photograph is instantly recog- subject matter. heavy post-production techniques, but nizable. Her unique perspective enthralled Go to for information. photographic excellence. 30
  25. 25. TRAVEL LIGHT, EVEN WHEN YOU’RE ON ASSIGNMENT My photographer friends were camera and the attached lens snug- spare battery amazed to hear my husband and I ly, providing protection within my and a small case were heading to Europe for three lightweight day bag, and adding holding a polariz- weeks of travel photography with almost no weight. ing filter. Another no checked baggage. Each of us I was worried about neck strain zippered pocket held took just one carry-on suitcase and after hours of carrying the camera two extra memory cards a small day bag. Here’s how we around my neck. I needed some- and a lens-cleaning cloth. did it: thing to help support the weight, With the pack around my We made a packing list and did yet allow me to be quick on the waist and the camera a practice pack to see what fit. draw. I envisioned something like a strapped around my neck, I The tripod had to go—our travel front-loading baby carrier, but had everything I needed for a style doesn’t allow time to set it up couldn’t find such a product for day of shooting. every time I want to shoot some- photographers. (Manufacturers, For flash on this trip, I used my thing anyway. take note!) D200’s onboard flash. Next time I’ll I took only one lens, a Nikon 18- My solution was a small nylon take my Nikon SB-400 flash. It’s 200mm, which covers most of the waistpack worn unzipped. I placed small and lightweight, and it will tag on my cam- focal range I’d need and has built-in the camera lens down into the pack, improve my indoor shots. era strap in case vibration reduction—a good feature and handily pulled it out when I Another necessity was my cam- I misplaced the camera. In three to have sans tripod. needed to shoot. The long lens hood era’s battery charger and a plug-in languages, the tag said thered be The next consideration was stor- and a UV filter protected the lens, adapter for European outlets. I car- a reward for the finder if hed ing, viewing and sorting 21 days- even when I didn’t replace ried them in a plastic bag in leave it with the local police for worth of images. In lieu of a laptop, the cap. The camera my suitcase, along with owner pickup. I took an 80GB Epson P-4000 body itself stuck up MAKE the Epson viewer and As for how my husband and I Multimedia Storage Viewer, which above the waist- A DETAILED adapter. With two packed our clothes and daily neces- comes with a snug-fitting neoprene pack, and tended PACKING LIST & adapters, I could sities, that’s another article. case. The P-4000 has more than to flop around a DO A PRACTICE have a battery is a terrific resource. enough space for the estimated little, but with PACK TO BE SURE charging while I Our trip to Italy, Switzerland 3,000 raw + JPEG images Id cap- the camera strap downloaded images and Austria was full of amazing IT ALL FITS. ture with my Nikon D200. around my neck, in the evening. photo ops (examples at www.four- I didn’t want the weight and there was no danger of I took along two feath-, and I bulk of a typical camera bag or case. its falling out. erweight necessities, a sturdy had no occasion to make good on An Op-Tech neoprene pouch was The waistpack had a small zip- plastic bag to protect the camera that reward. the perfect solution. It held my pered pouch in front that held a from rain, and a laminated luggage —Elaine McDonaldI understand. m 2. Learn about your subject MANAGE THE BARGAIN HUNTER: AVOID NEGOTIATING before the day of the session. m 1. Listen carefully and quietly WITH YOUR CLIENTS m 3. Be enthusiastic about to the request. what you’re creating. Clients who m 2. Cushion your reply, “I NO-HAGGLING GROUND RULES: feel your excitement are less likely understand exactly how you feel.” m 1. Do not lower your fees or give to haggle. m 3. Look the person in the eye away photography for free. It will only m 4. As soon as the session’s and inform him you just can’t do damage your business in the long run. over, book a viewing session for what he asks right away. m 2. Not everyone who tries to the following week. You need m 4. Tell a little story or use get something for free actually time to narrow the selection to 15 an example from the client’s expects to get it. or fewer perfect images. The fewer line of work to illustrate the images you show, the better your sale. outrageousness of his request. LAY THE GROUNDWORK: m 5. Present images in an emo- m 5. Redirect the negotiation m 1. Build rapport. Ask emotion- tional way. Clients’ emotions are conversation to an emotional dis- al questions; listen to the answers. strongest when they first see images. cussion about the photographs, 36
  26. 26. $ PET PHOTOGRAPHY KEEP THE FUR FLYING Even if you have experience handlinganimals, it’s wise to learn all you can froman animal obedience trainer, even toattend classes. Animal shows—dog, cat,horse—are a fine place to observe howvarious animals are handled, and tobecome familiar with the breeds. COMMERCIAL PRICING Make your camera room animalfriendly. Indoor-outdoor carpeting saves PROTECTflooring and is easy to clean up. YOUR VALUE The animal should be allowed to Never sell a photo-roam the camera room and become graph—sell usage rights,familiar with the surroundings. based on the time span You’ll need a main light, a fill light, of the usage, how, where ©Keith A. Howea hair light, and sometimes a reflector. and for what purposeMy lights are mounted on stands with the image will be used.casters, so if an animal bumps into one, There are two parts BE A DIAMOND PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEARthe light will roll instead of falling over. to any estimate: the WITH FOUR IMAGES IN THE PPA LOAN COLLECTION To market your animal portraitservices, post display ads in veterinarian creative fee (depending 1. Practice, practice, practice. No one way unique. It could be an extraordi-offices, pet stores, grooming shops and on the photographer and performs at the top of his game with a once- nary subject, or an ordinary subjectanimal events. the advertisement in-awhile effort, so photograph voraciously. rendered extraordinarily well. Different involved), and the produc- 2. Enter every print competition that for the sake of being different is not tion expenses (time, sets, yields constructive feedback. Ask the enough. Past Loan Collection books can travel, etc.). Don’t scare judges to be specific about how they arrived inspire, but don’t copy the images. away buyers by pricing at your score. The judges’ critiques in Review the 12 elements of PPA’s print below their expectations. national print competitions are a tremen- merit criteria (go to dous resource. Be a print monitor at 5. Everything about your images Buyers are well aware of Imaging USA and keep your ears open. should contribute to the message you’re the costs involved in 3. Before you enter, ask photographers conveying. shooting high-end and whose skills you admire to comment on 6. Don’t stop working until every- low-end jobs. your prints. Be judicious about whom thing about the image is excellent. With —Jack Reznicki, Cr.Photog., you ask—too many cooks spoil the broth, that and a little luck, you’re in! —Debrah H. Muska, Hon.M.Photog., API, “A Bid for Success,” too many opinions sully artistic vision. —2008 Diamond Photographer M.Photog.Cr., “Animal Pet Photography,” PP Archive PP Archive 4. Choose images that are in some Keith A. Howe, M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr. ©Juli Cialonehow beautiful they are, how much of having these beautiful portraits in size, as long as they order the addi- on a six-month payment plan.they’ll mean to the family through your home for years to come!” tional print the same day as the rest No extra charge at all. Is thatthe years. of their order. fair enough?” EXAMPLE 2: Dad says, “If we Let him know the only way heEXAMPLE 1: Mom clearly loves your buy these, will you throw in two EXAMPLE 3: You’ve totaled up the can lower the investment is to elimi-images but Dr. Dad says, “What are 8x10s as gifts for our parents? order, and the dad says, “I’ll tell you nate something he truly wants. Iyou really going to charge us? What It would cost you hardly anything what. I’ll give you $X for all of the would rather get the sale that day,deal can you make me?” to do that.” photographs,” a figure well below even if it’s less than we anticipated, You: “I understand exactly how You: “As much as I’d love to, I what you’d actually charge. than risk losing the sale feel, but there’s nothing I can just can’t. Here’s what I can do: I’ll You: “I understand exactly how And we don’t want the client to losedo about the price. It’d be like include them for 20 percent less you feel, but I can’t lower the out by not going home with portraitsasking you to discount your surgery than if you purchased them sepa- investment for you. But just look they simply love.fee. Of course you wouldn’t. You rately. How does that sound?” how terrific everyone in your familylove these photographs! Think We do that for clients who looks in this portrait. It’s wonderful! —Charles J. Lewis,how much enjoyment you’ll get out invest in a portrait of a particular I’ll tell you what. Let’s put this M.Photog.Cr. November 2008 Professional Photographer 37
  27. 27. REGISTER A COPYRIGHT WITH THE U.S. COPYRIGHT4 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE WITH WORKFLOW AND IMAGING SOFTWARE OFFICE1. PORTRAITURE PLUG-IN BY 2. PROSELECT BY TIME EXPOSURE 3. LUCISART BY IMAGE CONTENTIMAGENOMIC The secret is finally out about this Photographers have been using 1. Visit www.copy-This easy-to-use Photoshop or Aperture easy-to-use presentation and slide- LucisArt for years to jazz up prints smooths out smile lines, small show making software. If learning one for competition, shows and sales. 2. Select a methodblemishes and other imperfections more piece of software is likely to LucisArt can turn an ordinary image of registration: online,without altering the contrast or high- make your head explode, make just a into something that makes photogra- Form eCO; by mail,contrast areas of your image, as other little room in your brain for this one, phers look twice and clients say things Form CO or Form VAfilters do. Particularly good on acne, even if you have to jettison valuable like, “That looks like a painting!” 3. Complete the appli-the plug-in has several sliders to control celebrity trivia. If you dial back the controls a bit, cation online or on paper.the application of the filter. For even ProSelect lets you make slideshows LucisArt works as an everyday appli- 4. Upload yourmore precise control, make the alter- with dissolves and music, in literally cation. In moderate amounts, the filter images or burn a CD ofations on a separate layer in Photoshop, just a couple of clicks, and it uses very makes portraits that appeal to awere you can adjust the opacity. little memory and hard drive space. younger generation looking for some- your images and mail This is a fine finishing tool to use That alone would justify the cost, thing new. Light application of a filter with application to theafter doing basic touch-ups with the but there are plenty of other excep- such as Sculpture can add just enough Copyright Office.Healing Brush or any of your preferred tional features. You can show clients sharpness or contrast or texture to 5. Pay the applicationPhotoshop tools. It will also help those projections at exact sizes and crop the make a wedding candid pop or add a fee: $35 for eCO, $45 forwith less than perfect technique. projected images. You can instantly nice feel to a studio portrait, especially Form CO or Form VA.Portrait photographers will recoup the make composites and framing exam- a black-and-white image. 6. Look for thecost in just a few sessions. ples with the built-in templates, or With such a range of control for arrival of your Certificate Price: $169.95; free demo at make your own. If you need printed each filter, the possibilities for practi- of proofs, one click and a simple slider cal use are endless. adjustment Price: $595; upgrade $100 at let you create custom labeled proof 4. TIME MACHINE BY APPLE. sheets. Time Machine is built into the latest When the Mac operating system, 10.5, a.k.a., client is ready, Leopard. It makes backing up your ProSelect files simple as can be, with one click, allows you to performed one time. Connect an enter the external drive to your Mac, and you’ll order infor- get a prompt asking if you want to mation, then make it your backup drive. When you How to take a computes the click yes, Time Machine takes over. bill. You can Every hour, it makes an incremen- picture? “You even print the tal backup of your entire machine. It look through invoice with a saves the hourly backups over the past the viewfinder, thumbnail of 24 hours, daily backups for the and when your each image month, and weekly backups for every- ordered. thing older. You can return to any of mouth drops Price: those states to see how your machine open in awe, $362; free looked on a particular day. you click the demo avail- Price: $129 for Mac OS 10.5, shutter.” able at including 299 other new features. — Harold Feinstein, www.time- —Michael Brantley, “Urgent Purpose,” M.Photog.Cr, CPP PP Archive38
  28. 28. “How can we make your life easier?” It’s the busiest time of the year. Are your vendors making your life easier? If you’re working with, the answer is yes. Our knowledgeable customer service team has been trained extensively in every aspect of our product lines. We can help with your workflow. Most of all, we can offer live, friendly assistance when you need it most. Don’t get lost in the shuffle this season. Call today, and we’ll have you smiling in no time. Contact at (877) 638-7468 or to experience the industry’s premier one-stop solution. You’ll quickly see why 98% of our customers would recommend to another professional photographer. Albums | Press Printed Books | Professional Printing | Online Presentation | High-End Cards Check out’s comprehensive product line at ©2008 Inc. All rights reserved. Photos ©2008 Stephanie Post.
  29. 29. LAND YOUR VERY FIRST WEDDING JOB EMBRACE THE LIGHT Embrace the lighting conditions you find.“Yeah! I’ll shoot it!” I screamed, whenmy friend Deyl Kearin asked if I ‘d Look for opportunities rather than situations.shoot a wedding on a day he’d I look for areas with backlighting. I look foralready booked. I’d just reflected light. I look for how I can manipulatedropped out of college the existing light. I look to discover areas thatand the $1,000 I’d makesounded like a jackpot. I’d can make a portrait work. I look atnever even assisted a pho- unique situations. Most important, I looktographer at a wedding for a fresh way to use light.before, and had no idea —Michael Glen Taylor, M.Photog.Cr.,what to do. But this was my Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API, F-ASP,start, my first big job. “All the World’s a Studio,” PP Archive Since then I’ve shot morethan 100 weddings, and my prices have THE BABY PLANrisen to more than $15,000 per job. I’ve CASH IN ON THE FACTS OF LIFEdone no advertising, never gone to a Babies go through so many changes in just one year. When you market tobridal show, displayed no sample mate- that check? It isn’t great wedding families with new babies, you can have year-round business. Our Marklerial other than on my business card and pictures—you haven’t shot their wed- Studio plan offers four portraits over baby’s first year—3 months old, 6my unique Web site. What I do have is ding yet. The only thing you give them months old, 9 months old, and baby’s first birthday. Mom can be includedan army of customer-evangelists. You at that moment is a promise, a com- in one of these sessions. At the conclusion of the series, the client getscan get your business rocking, too, with mitment, a feeling of security that a custom photo mat with openings for one portrait from each session.four simple steps. their wedding will be captured in 1. FOCUS. Before you do anything else, incredible photographs. You are the Get creative with variations on the plan, like adding special albumchoose a specialty and believe whole- source of their feeling of security. Sales packages. Our plan requires a payment up front that covers all four portraitheartedly that you can actually do it. in wedding photography are the trans- sessions plus the panel composite at a discount on our studio’s regular 2. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. Take fer of emotion. pricing. We also offer packages from each session at a discount. The discountadvantage of word-of-mouth marketing 4. INVEST IN OTHERS. The busi- is a reward to our clients for repeat visits and loyalty to our studio.and get the message spreading through- ness of wedding photography is a lot —Valerie Markle, M.Photog.Cr.,out your immediate network. Stop sit- like high school—the most popular kids “Growing Babies: Year-Round Cash Flow,” PP Archiveting behind your computer editing your win. The people with the most friendspictures and get out there and meet and biggest networks usually come outpeople! on top, so spend time getting to know Build a relationship with other wed- people. As Dale Carnegie wrote, “You’llding photographers. Photographers have go further in two months by becomingbeen my largest source of referrals. Other genuinely interested in just two otherphotographers aren’t your competition, people than you will in two years of try-they’re your colleagues, and the biggest ing to get other people interested in you.”pipeline to your first clients. Right now, visit the Web site of a 3. MAKE AN EMOTIONAL photographer in your area, find some-CONNECTION. Emotion is a magic potion. thing you like about him or her, and thenWe do everything for one reason—the let that person know it . Bestow somefeeling it gives us. It’s true of the restau- encouragement and start a relationship.rants we choose, the clothes we buy, and Join professional groups like PPA andthe people we hire to perform such your local affiliate, and hop on freeservices as photographing our wedding. forums like andWhat are your clients really buying It’s business and pleasure.when they book your services and sign —David Jay ©Richard Marchisotto Continued on p. 4840
  30. 30. Why am I passionate about my pen?This may sound crazy, but the pen allows me to achieve perfection.What can I say? I’m a perfectionist. I like things to be exact.I’m Alex. I’m a Photo Retoucher. I’m all about the details. It’s myduty. People come to me and ask: “Can you just Photoshopthis?” And I know they don’t have a clue what that means.Their eyes don’t see the details the way mine do. Do they evenknow what dodging, burning, cloning and healing mean? Andthen there’s compositing…Small details are huge things. With my pen, I can work at thepixel level, creating masks and selections with speed and control.Making everything just right.At the Pen Collective, I’ve found people who understand my obsession.Listen. Share. Learn.Come to Grips with Your Pen © 2008 Wacom Technology Corporation. Wacom is a trademark of Wacom Company, Ltd. All other references to third-party software are recognized as trademarked property of their respective owners and used with their permission.
  31. 31. All images ©Ellis Vener read a HOW TOhistogram Demystifying a challenging tool BY ELLIS VENER