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Internal marketing


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Internal marketing

  1. 1. Internal MarketingCustomer Relationship Management
  2. 2. Internal Marketing (AMA) Marketing to employees of an organization to ensure that they are effectively carrying out desired programs and policies.
  3. 3. Internal Marketing Treating employees as customers and developing systems and benefits that satisfy their needs. Staff trainingWhile the intranet is built using standard web technology, and accessed via a web browser, this does not eliminate the need for training.Depending on the nature of the organisation, many staff may be unfamiliar with the web, or with computers in general.Providing end-user training has been demonstrated to increase the usage and effectiveness of the intranet.Quote of the dayAny daily-changing information on the intranet, that is of broad interest, is a good way of promoting the intranet.One organisation uses a humorous or controversial ‘quote of the day’ feature on the intranet to generate increased usage.Staff profilesEach week, some intranet teams post a profile of a staff member, selected from across the organisation. This may
  4. 4. Internal Marketing Activities StressingCompeting Offering Teamwork for Talent Training a Vision (nhấn mạnh(cạnh tranh Employees tinh thần tài năng) đồng đội) Empowerment Rewarding Knowing (trao quyền Performance Employees’ cho) Needs Internal Marketing Activities
  5. 5. Most internal marketing activities exhibita singular lack of imagination includingdull staff meetingsBoring, self-serving managementnewsletters, crowded, unattractivenotice- board announcements.Memos from department heads writtenwith all the empathy of an applianceinstruction manual
  6. 6. AdvertisingReplace the boring, printed bulletin/newsletterwith sophisticated e-mail version (in htmlformat) and even slickly produced videomessages that are sent to the home for after-hours viewing.
  7. 7. PromotionChristmas parties and Friday afternoon beerbashes serve their purpose, but smartmanagement appreciates the value of internalpromotion as a communications tool. Specialevents and off-the-clock activities are some ofthe most effective techniques for promotinginternal communication and arousing companyspirit.
  8. 8. Direct MailInstead of a jargon-laden memo handed downfrom the hierarchical heights, consider apersonalized letter conveying the appropriatecorporate message sent directly to theemployees home, where it will encounter amore receptive frame-of-mind. (Its also agreat way to secure the support of the rest ofthe family.)
  9. 9. ResearchMost employees are too scared to fill outsurveys and questionnaires.Consider internal focus groups moderated byoutside facilitators with a guarantee of strictconfidentiality. This qualitative diagnostic tool isguaranteed to unearth latent concerns anddiscontent and can provide effective feedbackfor the development of new corporateprograms.
  10. 10. Common CourtesyAll too often, employee morale and jobsatisfaction fall victim to managements failureto deliver on its obligations and commitments.Long-overdue job performance appraisals andlack of formal career planning are but twocommon examples of the condition.
  11. 11. Next TuesdayGroups 5&6 Article Presentations