Aspects of body language ppt


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Aspects of body language ppt

  1. 1. Aspects of Body Language PowerPoint presentation by -Prof. Jadhav D.M.
  2. 2. Aspects of Body Language PowerPoint presentation by -Prof. Bagale B.S.
  3. 3. What is Body language? “There is language beyond verbal, linguistic and visual communication, which is expressive and is loaded with denotative & connotative meanings, it has come to be known as body language”
  4. 4. Aspects of Body Language Gestures “It is an expressive movements of of a part of a body especially hands or heads.” • It has vital effect or part in oral communication. • Gesture of a person convey much more than what he speaks. • Particularly deaf & dumb person depend upon gesture for communication.
  5. 5. Examples of gesture • Waving of hand to indicate good bye or draw the attention of a person
  6. 6. Shaking hands display the Friendship.
  7. 7. Shrugging of shoulders indicates indifference & unconcern.
  8. 8. Pointing index finger indicates allegation or charge.
  9. 9. Thumbs up sign indicates wishing “Good Luck”
  10. 10. Posture • Means “an attitude or position of body” • Each movement of body has expressive & defensive functions. • The way in which we sit or stand, walk in walk out tells a lot about us. • A good posture indicates confident attitude.
  11. 11. e.g. In the classroom teacher observes students interest by their sitting & attendance
  12. 12. 2)The postures of Indian Gods & Goddess have a special messages.
  13. 13. 3)Lazy people always sit idly & Active people always are energetic
  14. 14. Good Postures
  15. 15. Facial Expression • All facial organs on human face indicates facially expressive message. • These are hair, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, chin, nose, lips, ears, teeth, tongue etc. • Facial expressions comes naturally hence it is beyond the control of speaker. • It is easily visible when the speaker
  16. 16. Examples • A smile expresses friendliness & affection. • Raised eyebrows convey surprise.
  17. 17. Examples • Furrowed forehead expresses worries & anxiety. • Frown shows dislike or suspicion.
  18. 18. Dress & Appearance • The kind of dress we use & the way in which we groom ourselves shows our status & attitude. • We influenced how others look & clothes they wear. • Physical attractiveness plays an important role in our assessment of people. • A persons dress & physical appearance conveys a great deal of information about him.
  19. 19. Examples • • A black dress indicates a persons ill or cruel attitude. White dress stands for purity which indicates wearers pure sincere attitude.
  20. 20. Eye contact • Eye contact has very much in face to face communication. • Absence of eye contact shows lack of interest & understanding. • We look faster than listen or talk. • Eyes are human windows except them there is no life. • The speaker must look in to the eyes of the audience from right to left & left to right this will built up the confidence & eliminate the nervousness. • It build the rapport between the speaker & the listener.
  21. 21. Examples • Widely spread eyes. • Closed eyes. • Winking eyes. • Half closed eyes.
  22. 22. Silence • “Speech is silver but silence is golden.” • It establishes the relationship between the communicators. -either confused • Moments of silence-do not know how to continue -to stressing some points.
  23. 23. Voice Modulation • The speaker must use his voice effectively. • Someone wants to become a effective speaker, a good is must. • A good voice is natural gift. • One can take the training of Phonetics to improve his own voice.
  24. 24. Thank You